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warriors. ネコ
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This Warriors (Novel Series) 写真 might contain トム, tomcatの, tom, tomcat, 猫, 真の猫, 真の猫猫, 子猫, and キティ.

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Sex: Tom

Current City: Whats a city?

Hometown: A Kittypet ホーム :D

Parents: Nutmeg & Jake :D

Siblings: Princess & Other ネコ I really don't care about :P

Relationship: Single. I'm a Bachelor baby! :D

Language: Cat Talk!


Fireheart: Yea well stupid foxfaced Tigerclaw found out about Meebo so we've moved to Facebook! :D He he
March 24 at 9:05pm

Graystripe: WAZZUP?! :D
March 24 at 9:07pm

Fireheart: DUDE!You got your warrior name?!
March 24 at 9:07pm

Graystripe: Umm yes! Rememeber? We got または names together!
March 24 at 9:08pm

Fireheart: Oh...
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The ニュームーン(トワイライト) was supposed to be at its highest. Stars were

shining bright, the forest was lit faintly as the lake reflected the


あなた could slightly hear the purrs of ネコ sleeping. The peaceful

hums of ネコ resting filled the air as two ネコ sneak out of

RiverClan camp.

a black tom walked into a small clearing, looking around

immpatiently. A quiet ruffle of ferns sounded as the tom

twitched his ears and sat down.

Slowly, a tabby she-cat walked into the clearing. She spotted

the tom and trotted towards him.

"Hello," meowed the tom, " Took あなた a while, but you're here, so...
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posted by Destinystar123
I definetely think that Breezepelt's gonna take Heathertail for his mate. In Sunrise, it says he was standing close to Heathertail at the Gathering and his eyes were like saying (i)She's all mine now(/i). And why he acted mean to Lionblaze in the first 2 本 is probably because he was jealous of Lionblaze when he was with Heathertail. I think Breezepelt loved Heathertail since they became apprentices. And I think Heathertail now has feelings and affection toward him. Then, I think he's gonna wait untill she's totally in 愛 with him. What do あなた think?
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