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Firestar: Courage to make the hardest decisions
Goldenflower: Understanding the 愛 of a mother
Bluestar: Clear judgement of character
Mousefur: Listening to elders
Lionheart: Greatest pride in ThunderClan
Ferncloud: Understanding that not only warriors play a role in protecting the Clan
Cinderpelt: Offering 秒 chances
Feathertail: Exploring beyond the borders of the Clan
Ravenpaw: Speaking out against injustice, pursuing the truth above all else


Firestar:    Welcome to StarClan, Brambleclaw!

Firestar:    I give あなた a life with the courage to make...
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Fireheart and Graystripe slid quietly through the weeds, trying to be as quiet as they could so they would not be followed. No one could find out where they were going. They would be scraping bedding for a moon. So Fireheart slunk along soundlessly with Graystripe によって his side.
"We should bring some prey back so no one gets suspicious," Graystripe meowed.
"I am sure there will be leftovers," Fireheart answered. "They can spare some."
"Right. One sniff of that and everyone will know where we went!"
Fireheart felt so stupid right now. He knew that! All the better reason to let Graystripe tag along....
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posted by akatsuki_lover9
The death combo
chapter 1

It was just a normal 日 for Scourge. Taking care of Bloodclan. “i think I'll go hunt” mewed scourge. He walked in twolegplace, searching for something edible. When he was about to give up he saw it, a plump リス on an empty thunderpath. He stalked it slowly. Right before he could pounce the a shadow fell on the リス and it ran away. Scourge turned over to the one who cast the shadow. 'hey you, I was about to catch that!” but when scourge saw the one who did it he froze. It was no cat who scared off his prey. It was a strange creature. A cat sized green...
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(Tigerstar walks into the library)

Leafpool: Welcome to the first and only Warrior ネコ library! We have every book あなた will ever need!

Squirrelflight: And we mean it!!!

Tigerstar: Do あなた have any 本 on how to rip Firestar's pelt off?

Leafpool: Actually, we have several 本 on the subject! Would あなた like 101 Ways to Rip Firestar's Pelt Off によって Brokenstar, 62 and One Half ways to Claw Firestar's eyes out, によって Darkstripe, または would あなた like 738 ways to kill Firestar and then some, written によって Mousefur!

Mousefur: (shifty eyes)

Tigerstar: I'll take all three!

Squirrelflight: (Checks out books) Thank...
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posted by Rapidtail
"Come on, Bouncepaw!" yelled Falconfur. The kit was only 3 moons old, but Smokestar insisted on
starting training early, but no battles until they were really old enough, he sent them into their first battle as close as he could to 8 moons. One day,their deputy, Birchheight, brought back the bodys of Bouncepaw`s only sister, Summerflame,and his mother, Sweetwish. Bouncepaw`s father was killed によって a 狸, アナグマ before he was born, and his mother sister reeked of 狸, アナグマ and death. Bouncepaw`s whole family was murdered によって the same badger. " I`ll flay that badger", and he ran out to do just that. He came back with the badgers body. "He killed my family,I made him pay!". He was 与えられた his warrior name, Bounceflame,in memory of his sister.
"But he`s not old enough" protested a few other cats.
"He went out to tackle that 狸, アナグマ alone ,even though he is too young, he deserves it.
posted by wolfcat47

T- Tigerstar
G- Graystripe
M- Mousefur
S- Sandstorm
J- Jayfeather
B- Blackstar

T- welcome back
Today is.... * drumroll * Jayfeather vs Blackstar! Thank あなた to LaughingHyena for the request.

J- can we come out now?

T- fine


B- okay

T- あなた know the rules and agenda. If not, go to episode 1.
Jay, if あなた win, stick alive. Black, if あなた win, stick die. DRINK!!!!!

J- I smell water

T- >:|

10 分 LATER

J- :(

B- >:(

T- let's go to the dp


T- start!!!

J- :p

B- ( / ^.^ / ) _ |__|



T- so smily war?

J- yah

T- first, to stare at water

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posted by akatsuki_lover9
 flippy burying firestar
flippy burying firestar
Chapter 3
it's been one sunrise since I killed tigerstar. I can still feel his blood between my claws. I wonder if the rest of the clan ネコ are thinking about my warning. I hope they are. If they aren't then let them be fools. That will just make it even もっと見る fun to decide their fate. “how did I do scourge?” flippy's voice brings my attention back to the present. “you scared the fleas off their mangy pelts.” scourge replied. “with あなた here they'll have to give us the forest.”
days passed by. Nothing exiting happened. Then it was the 日 the clan ネコ had to make their decision....
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posted by bloodpool
Well, to start I have read all the 本 and I'm starting Forgotten Warrior. I type about spoilers and other warriors stuff. First there is もっと見る then one Erin Hunter there about 4. Also the movie everyone is talking about, the Erins haven't say anything about it so no movie yet. On YouTube there are the best trailers and other stuff.
Ok spoilers~ there are some things that are super.

Jayfeather, Lionblaze, HollyLeaf are Leafpool and Crowfeather's kits. HollyLeaf tells everyone at the gathering.
Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight are no longer mates.
HollyLeaf killed Ashfur then ran into the tunnels....
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 Sometimes pride is all あなた have left.
Sometimes pride is all you have left.
Rose waited in the loft of an old barn, awaiting her mate, Darkclaw to return. The dark warrior was out hunting, and would return によって twilight. Rose layed in the warmth of the sunset rays that spread across the loft floor. The she-cat snuggled with her newborn litter under the last warmth before nightfall.
Rose thought of her mate, Darkclaw out in the forest, and hoped he would make it back to her safely.
Right then a pair of glowing amber eyes shown in through the darkness. Darkclaw stepped into the light. His lovely dark tabby pelt was covered in dirt, and a tick crawled behind his ear. His...
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posted by Lpsyoutubefan
 The front cover to Miststar's story. Jane isn't my name. I don't want to reveal my name.
The front cover to Miststar's story. Jane isn't my name. I don't want to reveal my name.
Yup! As あなた know I'm making my own super edition called "Miststar's story"! 11 chapters are done already! :3 If あなた want to know who's in this book, here's the cats!
Leader: Hopestar- Beautiful ゴールド and white she-cat with blue eyes
Deputy: Harefur- Tan tom with brown stripes and sharp yellow eyes
Medicine cat: Wetnose- Blue-gray she-cat with amber eyes
(toms and she-cats without kits)
Blacktooth- White tom with one black tooth
Apprentice, Lionpaw
Graynose- Gray she-cat
Apprentice, Icepaw
Jaggedflight- handsome ginger tom
Nightpool- Black and white she-cat
Apprentice, Greenpaw
Redfur- Red...
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Based on Real Recordings

Bramblestar: I meow Teolegs and Twolegettes Bramblestar and Squrrielflight here.

Squrrielflight: Yes!

Bramblestar: Here we are in my wonder デン and Camp with balloons and decoration everywhere why あなた meow because we found out the the first two true stories we made where on the 人気 content.

Squrrielflight: Oh yes yes yes it was wonder infact il put some wonderful TNT Down.


Squrrielflight: Well ok then.

Bramblestar: Now as a reward we are going to make two もっと見る real stories today and Squrrielflight will 表示する あなた her virtual inventory...
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posted by katetekiku
Fire_dude has logged on

SPBH has logged on

Fire_dude:What did あなた do to graypaw?!
SPBH:lol youll never know あなた shoulda seen his face XD

ikilledmydad360 has logged on

Fire_dude:Who is ikilledmydad360? O.o
SPBH:OMG Brokenstar あなた got a chat room account?!
ikilledmydad360: こんにちは Sandpaw. あなた finished that plot to kill Firepaw?
SPBH:Yeah, he's online, Brokenstar.
ikilledmydad360:Oh. Brb.

ikilledmydad360 has logged off

SPBH has logged off

Fire_dude: ok...
anyone there?

Spot_greencough has logged on

Spot_greencough: Hey, Firepaw!
Spot_greencough:heard sandpaw...
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posted by prim17luvr101
Reduces swelling and prevents infection when chewed and applied to a wound. May also be chewed によって a cat with a toothache to reduce pain, swelling, and aid in preventing complications.

Used to prevent tooth decay.

Use the gel inside of leaves to cure skin problems または burns.

New shoots are to be eaten, and chewed and applied to the bit of an Adder または まむし, バイパー to stave off the effects of its poisoned bite.
Keys (seeds) of the Ash 木, ツリー may also be consumed to fight the pain caused によって a stitch in the side.

Apply to the paw to treat any paw problems.

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posted by Rapidtail
Three Riverclan ネコ are patrolling when they hear a splash. They notice one of their ネコ is missing. "Skyglance ,where are you?" calls a cat named Willowblaze. " Do あなた think he heard us? " asked Rapidpaw. "I dont know:" Willowblaze replied. " There he is!!!!!!!" cried Rapidpaw excitedly. " Rapidpaw, I need to fetch Hailstar, I need あなた to stay here."Okay" he mumbled. As soon as she got back with Hailstar, Rapidpaw saw his chance and SPLASH!!!, he jumped in after Skyglance. The wooshing water kept throwing Rapidpaw around, until he finally reached Skyglance. When he got him out, he ran back to see that his mentor was very angry with him. "But I got him." Rapidpaw replied. " あなた could`ve-" " Willowblaze, he save Skyglances life, We`ll give him his warrior name when we get back to camp.

And Hailstar gave me my warrior name, Rapidtail.
posted by Rainstrike
Rainpaw awoke in her nest to feel thorn-sharp claws raking down her pelt. She spun around, knocking away the enemy, to see Darkshade, the medicine-cat apprentice, on the ground. "What were あなた doing?" Rainpaw asked, her voice rising with horror. Darkshade scrambled to his paws, shooting her a panicked look, and ran away out of camp. Rainpaw chased after him, but her paws felt heavy and clumsy with tiredness. "Darkshade!" She yowled. Her clanmate, Duskfall, raced over to her and skidded to a halt. "What's wrong?" He asked. Rainpaw narrowed her eyes into the thick layer of pine trees. "Its Darkshade....
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posted by orkneymatrix
Ok, so the first two bits of my version of Into the Wild are done, and here's Chapter Two, though its not as long as the others.

“Wait!” Rusty gasped.
Bluestar looked at him.
“What if I… considered it? What would happen?” Rusty couldn’t help asking.
“We would meet あなた here at sunhigh tomorrow. We would take あなた back to our camp and if あなた still wish, あなた will get your apprentice name and stay in the apprentice den, along with Graypaw.”
Upon this, Graypaw perked up. “No! No, no, no! Kittypets can’t be warriors; they don’t have it in their blood, in their soul…”
Bluestar intervened....
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Battle cries raged across the clearing.Cat were yowling biting and spitting.A オレンジ tom was fighting a black she-cat."Hollowstar!Timeclan is finnished!"The オレンジ tom yowled."We will not fall yet,Flamestar!"Hollowstar started fighting even harder now.A white she-cat swayed torwd hollowstar."Hollowstar!We have to leave!"Hollowstar got up and let Flarestar go."Why?We cant give in now!"the rhite she-cat eyes grew huge with worie."Petaldawn's kits are coming!"Hollowstar eyes grew wide.We have to go!She ran up to the highest rock."Retreat,Timeclan!Retreat!"The Timeclan ネコ were running towrd there camp.Hollowstar looked to the sky."The battle of the raging stars has begun."
posted by puffer_fish
 NORMAL Mary sue.
NORMAL Mary sue.
Hello everybody! Okay, so in this first OC Making 101 Article... Mary sues. Now, most of あなた know what i'm talking about. Rainbows, un-natural colors, neon. BUT, that's SO stereotypical! Most NORMAL Mary sue's, Like IceTalon here, Look normal and have something wrong with it. (The base was made によって WarriorCatkittyclaws on deviantart! ) Then... On the other hand... Stereotypical Mary sue's, like クイーン 虹 step over there at the bottom of the page... Is actually kinda scary. Now. if your a beginner, at least TRY? G'night! See あなた on the 次 episode of.. OC making 101!
 Stereotypical Mary sue.
Stereotypical Mary sue.
Ever wonder how many combinations of Warrior names there are? Well, あなた came to the wrong place.(If あなた want to know, there're well over 50,000) Here I'll tell あなた ALL of the FIRST parts of the warrior names and all the last. There’s a lot of them! Here they are:


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posted by bubble_babe
About 3 moons after Firepaw come to the forest

Fire_dude has logged on

Gray_man has logged on

Firedude: Yo Graypaw whats up?
Gray_dude: I just nocked Sandpaw, so i'm hiding
Fire_dude: How mad is she?
Gray_dude: I'm hiding in a rabbit hole
Fire_dude: :O wow, that sucks.....Dude she just came into camp....DUDE SHES RED!!
Gray_dude: i'm not here i'm not here
Fire_dude: Brb, she wants to talk to me....
Gary_dude: ok.....
its really loney now.....
あなた back yet?

Bluestars_dead has logged on

Bluestars_dead has logged off

Gary_dude: ooooookkkkkkk

Fire_dude has logged off

Gray_dude: great

SPBH had logged on

Gray_dude: SPBH?


Gray_dude: マウス DUNG!



SPBH has logged off

Gray_dude: cool she bought it!

Gray_dude has been hacked, and can no longer chat 4 Gray_dude has been deleted

(PLZ! feel graypaws pain! AMEN!)