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added by eminemgaga17
So just to get あなた guys started off with my new club what its all about.My club is about how people that 愛 ディズニー I can share what I have found.I have done several reports about ディズニー in school.Yes just to tell あなた I am very smart but I talk to my フレンズ during school.Well enough about me!If any of あなた have any 質問 just post them and i will get back to u.I hope あなた enjoy the club and I will try to post pictures!I hope I have at least 10 ファン but if I don't then who really cares.The Walt ディズニー club is a fun club that everyone should be a ファン of.I just wanna tell あなた a little bit about myself.I 愛 to dance i am not even kidding!I am fun,coo,sweet,boss and many more.If none of あなた know what boss is is means あなた got a lot of swagg like me!