Project DIVA can be a little hard to play for beginners. Here is some of my tips and アドバイス from experiance to anyone who has never tried it before but wants to start.

Now that Project DIVA F and Project DIVA F 2nd has english versions. I suggest that あなた make one of these your first try so あなた don't have to pay a large amount of money for an imported game from Japan.

There are other games in the series but あなた will have to import them. If あなた would like to do that instead of going to your local game store または to PSN to get an English version of PD F then I would recommend アマゾン to buy an import. (that's where I got my Project DIVA 2nd for PSP)

Make sure to pick a PD game that has the songs that あなた like and are もっと見る familiar with.

If あなた get an imported game, keep in mind that the プレイステーション buttons O and X are switched around. X is the no and O is the yes. If あなた decide to start with an English version then あなた will not have that problem.

When あなた start the game, make sure あなた play the rhythm game on easy so あなた can get the hang of it. (PD is possibly the hardest rhythm game I have ever experienced)

Do not try any songs on extreme mode until あなた feel あなた have played it enough that あなた think あなた can beat it.

Try to play the songs that あなた know first before あなた try to beat a song あなた have never heard before. (that makes the game at least a little easier for me)

If none of the songs that あなた are familiar with have not been unlocked yet then try starting with a song that has a low difficulty level.

In most PD games, there is an option where あなた can change sung to not sung and the other way around. Except for the first PD. That changes weather あなた want the words to be sung または not if あなた miss notes. I would recommend checking your options to make sure it's set to 'sung'.

That's all I can think of. I hope this will help for those of あなた who have never played the games before.