So I'm 書く this hopefully to help people who are newer to the fandom and don't really know all of the vocabulary a person may drop when talking about vocaloids. I'm going to try and include as many words as I can and make the definitions as clear as possible, please コメント if there's a word you'd like to see on this 一覧 または needs a better definition ^^.

Vocaloid1 (V1)- refers to the first group of ボーカロイド to be released, using early, now primitive V1 technology (basically they don't sound as clear/realistic as ボーカロイド from later series) includes ボーカロイド such as LEON, LOLA, Miriam, kaito, and meiko.

Vocaloid2 (V2) -refers to 秒 group of ボーカロイド to be released all using what I'll leave as saying "V2 technology" basically meaning they sound clearer than V1, but not as much as a V3 may sound. Includes ボーカロイド such as Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, Gumi, Gackupo, Lily, Piko, VY2, etc.

Vocaloid3 (V3) - refers to third and most current group of ボーカロイド being released. All using the latest technology in hopes of sounding even clearer and もっと見る realistic than past vocaloids. Includes ボーカロイド such as SeeU, Oliver, Merli, Maikia, YOHIOloid, Avanna, Mayu, IA, Cul, etc.


Voicebank (VB) - Every vocaloid has a voicebank, literally their voice. When a person says a vocaloid has multiple voicebanks it means the vocaloid is capable of もっと見る than one language. For example "Luka was the first vocaloid to have separate voicebanks for English and Japanese" Also can refer to a vocaloid in production. "Upcoming voicebanks"

UTAU/UTAUloid - A UTAU is a fanmade vocaloid that was 与えられた it's own voice using the UTAU program. A program that allows a person to manipulate their own voice into one working like a vocaloids. See link

fanloid - Like an original character based off of vocaloids. While they have their own designs and characters they DO NOT HAVE ORIGINAL VOICEBANKS. See link

Utaite - A person (human) who sings covers of vocaloid songs usually on Nico Nico Douga または Youtube. Some 人気 ones include 96Neko, Ashe, Kradness, and Miku-tan. See link

Voiceroid - A program currently being used in some V3 ボーカロイド to improve TALKING clarity. See Yuzuki Yukari または Tohoku Zunko

Derivative - A ファン made character based of an official character. Examples include Yowane Haku, Akita Neru, Sakine Meiko, Hachune Miku, and gender bends.

Pitchloid - A fanloid who's voice is made from pitching a current ボーカロイド voicebank up または down, can be illegal.

So these 次 3 definitions are confusing, I'm trying my best to define them, if someone else has a better definition please comment.

VIPPERloid - VIPPERloids are ボーカロイド companies create as April Fools jokes saying they are going to release them (perceived as real ボーカロイド in production) Teto Kansane is the most 人気 example. See link

Boukaloid - roughly translates to "so-and-so-caloid" (fake vocaloid). 人気 example being Akita Neru. See link

Voyakiloid - Fanmade ボーカロイド that are portrayed as being depressed または grumpy due to their lack of 歌う talent. Literally translates to "Grouchloid" A 人気 example being Yowane Haku. See link