Piya goes looking for Alina. In the meanwhile Maithili captures her. Jeh and Maithili connect and need to meet since he has the magic potion. The vampire council try to revive Abhay. Alina doesn't let Jeh and Maithili access the magic potion. Hasina is restless about leaving Abhay alone with the vampires. They realise that they are performing black magic on him. Piya reaches in time to get the magic potion. Arnab tells Chand and Hasina that the sign made around Abhay is used to take charge of a soul. Episode : 315 Arnab tells Chand and Hasina that they should 登録する the group and recite the chants in reverse and that it is the only way to save Abhay's soul from the vampire council. Piya tries to explain to Jeh that Maithili is selfish and he shouldn't trust her. She tries to awaken his conscience. Maithili and Jeh get into a scuffle. Piya and Alina escape and try to revive Abhay. Piya fools the vampire council in to believing that she is Maithili and asks them to leave her alone with Abhay. Episode : 316 Abhay's body begins to respond to the magic potion. Jeh and Maithili reach the Raichand house. The council realises that Piya is inside. The council and Maithili break in and capture Alina and Piya. Jeh decides to go inside with his clan when Maithili doesn't come out after ten minutes. The council decides to make Arnab a vampire. Abhay wakes up and the council tries to kill him. Jeh finds Chand and Hasina and they decide to work together. Abhay wonders why he is unable to fight the ヴァンパイア and finds out that he has infact become a mortal