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I blinked as I returned to the present. Jackson and Lenete were staring at me and I soon realised that they had just watched my flash back with me probably due to the fact I didn’t answer their questions; I smiled a weak smile at them.
“It’s okay Daisi, nothing is going to happen” Lenete whispered as she hugged me.
I rolled my eye’s at Jackson as she hugged me and I was instantly ロスト in his purple eyes.
“Daisi Rose Hethford!” Lenete all but screeched at me a 分 later.
I snapped out of Jackson’s eyes again for the 秒 time this morning and stared at Lenete as everyone looked at us again. People only used my full name when I was in trouble または they wanted something and that something most of the time was my undivided attention Pfft like they’ll get that with Jackson around I snorted at my silent joke and Lenete glared at me. Jackson threw his head back and laughed at my silent joke, as well his laughter was heavenly, it was a laughed I’d walk across glass to hear.

“I don’t understand what’s so funny” Lenete whinged “ あなた know Dis if あなた could stop gibbering alphabets in your head maybe Jackson would finally be able to talk to あなた via ‘mind phone’—she played around with the words— but nope not you, あなた just keep gibbering the alphabets of all the languages あなた know of—“
“Lenete” I interrupted knowing fully well Jackson and I could communicate “if あなた keep gibbering about my gibber were going to be late”
She glanced around and sure enough there were only two people left outside the school.
“We’ll see あなた after class” Jackson finally 発言しました in his usual cool, calm and collected voice as he tugged on my shirt.
“See あなた Lenny,” I giggled as Jackson pulled me along behind him.
“See あなた Dissy,” She laughed back eyeing us curiously.

Modern History was mine and Jackson’s first subject. But we mostly sat on the floor with our laptops in front of us pretending to work whenever a teacher would peek in to check. Jackson’s keen eye for detail and perfect recall of everything he heard saw または 発言しました made schooling a lot easier for me. Also Jackson’s been through grade 10-12 at least eight times already so that made it easier too because he knows もっと見る than the teachers most of the time. The longest I’ve ever spent actually paying attention to a teacher was around ten 分 out of our hour-long lessons.

We sat silently in the small handkerchief sized room, communicating only through Jackson’s ‘mind phone’ as Lenete referred to it as. As ヴァンパイア some of the Greene's were lucky enough to have some form of extra sense. Lenete was one way mind 読書 または mind trespassing, as I liked to call it because she went through my memories at whatever chance she was 与えられた but I rarely gave her that chance. Jackson is able to talk to a person of his choice both ways and Lilly had a physical gift she was able to make any person that she wanted to feel the withering pain of 火災, 火 all over their body –I’d know, I’ve experienced it, によって stupidly asking her to 表示する me and she did against everyone else’s wishes. Nafron was able to see the near future but small decisions changed the future so he was constantly checking my future via hugs または hand shakes または just touching the back hand –it was weird at first but I got used to it and he never told me about anything bad that was going to happen I was always told “We don’t want あなた to worry over things あなた don’t need to worry over”. Also in the two centuries Lilly and himself had been married he self sacrificed and he is now a nurse he works at the school and the blood doesn’t bother him. I asked Jackson many time’s how their gifts worked but he only ever 発言しました it was because before Lilly changed him he was easy to talk to and that Lenete can only listen to peoples thoughts and rummage through peoples memories because she understood body language easily before Lilly changed her and he had no idea how Lilly’s または Nafron’s gifts was past on to their vampire bodies. To this 日 I still hadn’t heard the rest of the families’ stories because I was either to scared to ask them または it just didn’t seem like the right time. And I still hadn’t met Aurelia, Jasper, Dimytri and Heidi
“Jackson” I thought
“Yes Dissy love” he replied in the voice that made my ハート, 心 stop.
“My mum’s out of town for the night and—“
“Yeah sure hold on a sec, I’ll tell Lilly you’ll be over for a couple of nights”
I had to wait a whole five-minute’s for him to think to me again.
“Lilly is fine with あなた being over she’s just unsure why あなた still ask if your allowed, she 発言しました your family, Your welcome anytime of the 日 または night for that matter, she also wants to know how your packing is going and if あなた will need help?”
“I have two words for you, not sure, but I’ll bring the boxes I’ve packed already over tonight”
“Yea that’s great I’ll be round at say four to help あなた pack some もっと見る things, is that ok?”
“Yea that’s great”
I heard him chuckle as he switched from thinking to me to thinking to his mum, I didn’t have to wait as long this time.
“Do あなた remember what 日 it is?”
“Yeah ‘course I do I was just waiting to be out of Lenete’s reach”
I paused and waited for him to say something, anything. Time ticked によって slowly as his eye’s remained unfocused on the laptop screen. I saw his lips twitch and a chuckle escaped from his mouth.
“Sorry I was talking to Nafron” he 発言しました calmly as usual.
“Happy anniversary” I whispered
“One whole year, can あなた believe I haven’t tried to kill あなた once in that whole entire year, Talk about control” he 発言しました chuckling
“Actually I’m surprised あなた can’t remember”
“Oh that” he 発言しました as his smile disappeared

I was quite surprised he forgot about the first time my blood became too much for him.
He leaned in slowly shutting his laptop at the same time. His cool breath raised ガチョウ bumps on my arms as he exhaled slowly on my neck. His eye’s flicked to the left as he caught a strand of hair that twisted loose from my off centre bun and twisted it back in. I could hear my ハート, 心 in my ears as it thudded like a jackhammer in my chest, so there was no doubt he could hear it too. He smiled flashing his teeth. He rested his head on my chest as I stroked his hair. The same strand of long black hair fell out of the bun again and landed softly on my shoulder. I felt him sigh into my chest as he gently pulled the elastic band out of my hair without moving his cheek from my chest. In the one quick gentle motion he had all my hair in a neat but messy bun. His ice-cold fingertips travelled along my jaw-line and down my throat to the exact point at which my ハート, 心 was thudding crazily behind my shirt. He tapped my chest softly once then pulled his whole body away from me leaving nothing but his hand on my heart.

“That Dis is not a thing to remember. あなた know I haven’t ワカサギ, 錬金術 blood as good as yours in my whole 361 years, But I’m in total control now” he 発言しました キス my forehead and tapped my chest in time with my ハート, 心 beat “see in total control”
“Yeah I do know that, your middle name is control these days” I 発言しました smiling.
I pushed his first attack on me out of my mind, if I forgot it now I wouldn’t remember it when I turned.
“Happy anniversary Dis” he thought as he kissed me again.
“Yes, love”
“What did Nafron want?”
“He reminded me to pick up 食 for everyone if you’re going to be over” He thought as a smile crossed his face. ヴァンパイア could eat 食 but blood was an essential to keep up their strength. Every time I stayed at the Greene’s they would eat every meal I ate with me and hunted for their blood intake before my visits. It became routine for the family and me.
“Oh ok”
He was still smiling as he put both hands on the sides of my face and kissed me; as usual I shivered as his cold lips touched mine.
“I 愛 you,” he whispered
“I 愛 あなた more,” I mumbled back
“I honestly don’t understand how あなた get that” he 発言しました pulling away “I mean you’re not giving up anything to be with me, but I on the other hand” I pressed a finger to his lips.
“Are not giving up anything either” I 発言しました as I kissed his forehead.
The high-pitched squeal of the ベル interrupted us.
“Well I’ll see あなた after あなた and Lenete have finished my lunch”
“And I’ll see あなた when あなた finish gym” I smiled as he hooked his arms underneath me and pulled myself, my laptop and bag and his laptop and bag off the floor in one 迅速, スウィフト gentle motion. He placed my feet back on the floor and held my elbow so I wouldn’t fall over.
I stood up on tiptoes and as usual he made up the distance によって lowering his head and kissed him gently as I grabbed my belonging out of his arms. I smiled and headed off in the direction of the Cookery building. I glanced over my shoulder and saw he was walking a little to fast in the direction of the gym. I caught one last glimpse of his deep purple eyes and his white straight teeth that were showing, because his face was pulled into my favourite smile.

* * *

“Hay Dissy, where have あなた been?” I heard Lenete ask as soon as I walked through the door.
“Um...Modern history, where else”
“Oh ok well we’re cooking French today—she smiled—Yeah I know finally,” she 発言しました ecstatically
I washed my hands and turned around and found Lenete’s face inches from mine staring at me. Her cool breath tickled my face but didn’t send ガチョウ bumps up my arms like Jackson’s did.
I hesitated “what?”
“Who put your hair up?”
“Jackson Why?” I answered pulling an エプロン over my head.
“Why did he do that?”
“Because my hair fell out of the bun and he put it back up for me, what’s wrong with that?”
“Oh nothing” she turned to look at the bowl where she had started making a sauce. She frequently threw glances in my direction. I paid no attention to her glances, as I was being very careful not to cut myself. I jumped at least a foot in the air went she slapped the spoon down on the counter, sending sauce in every direction.
“You’re hiding something” she glared at me
“Am not” I suppressed a giggle that would only make things worse.

At this point I felt the pain in my finger. I looked down to see that I cut my hand and it was bleeding pretty heavily.
“Lenny” I whispered “Hold your breath and leave the room”
“Why what did あなた do—she inhaled a long breath I cringed waiting for her to attack me as she did so—oh ok um I’ll be right back” she 発言しました I could see a faint red tinge around the pupils of her eyes.
“Ok” I turned to run my finger under the tap as Lenete left the room in a slight jog. I wrapped a band-aid around my finger and sighed as I realised Lenete would not be able to come back in to the classroom because the smell of my blood would be in the air for hours. I sighed again and went back to work.
“Miss Hethford” it was Miss King the cooking teacher “would あなた care to explain why Miss Greene left the room?”
“Um… yes Miss, I cut my finger and she saw the blood and felt sick so she went to the bathroom”
“Oh well in that case—she smiled— 表示する me your finger,” she 発言しました holding out her hand.
I held out mine the band-aid was already coming off, I took the band-aid off and Miss King looked at it.
“This is pretty deep, I think maybe あなた should find Miss Greene and the two of あなた can go to the office”
I smiled “Ok Miss, Um what do I do with our cooking?”
“Oh あなた leave that I’ll finish it for you; あなた and Lenete just worry about feeling better” she smiled
“Thanks miss, see あなた 次 lesson” I grabbed Lenete’s 本 and mine and headed to the girls bathroom. I’d always liked Miss King, she let Lenete and me out of class a lot もっと見る than we deserved but she never marked our leaving class on the rolls.

I knew Lenete was always trying to trespass into my mind so I sent her a mind message.
“Lenny meet me at the girls bathroom, I don’t know where あなた are, I’ll see あなた soon”
The girls bathroom was always plain and boring, Three cubicles, three sinks, two soap dispensers, a paper towel dispenser, a bin and a boring poster about why school is cool.

I sat on the steps and waited for Lenete, Sure enough there she was a few minute’s later right in front of me –I must’ve blinked—I stared at her. The red tinge of her beautiful Purple eyes had gotten darker since she left the room—The Greene’s eyes were a Beautiful purple from there diet of animal blood and human food, if they ワカサギ, 錬金術 human blood their eyes would tinge red, But if they drank human blood their eyes turned a bright Crimson, Also if they didn’t get blood for some time their eye’s would turn black, I knew when their eyes were this colour to not bleed in anyway または it’s a shoe in for death—I looked at her hair, it was messy, she had ran somewhere to get away from the smell of my blood. Where she ran I wasn’t sure but によって the looks of the debris in her blonde hair it might have been the forest just out side the school.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled
“Sorry for what? It’s not your fault I cut myself, it’s not mine either, あなた know how dangerous I am in the kitchen” I smiled
She laughed and took a hesitant step towards me smelling the air as she did. She smiled and held out her hand, I took it with my uncut hand.
“We have to go to the office”
“For your hand?”
“Yeah apparently it’s really bad” I wrinkled my nose
“That’s ok, just keep your hand in your pocket and I should be fine”
“Hay あなた heard me”
“‘Course I did –she laughed— I can’t miss your chatter”
“No… I mean my message to tell あなた where I would be”
“Oh that yea I think there’s something about my mind 読書 that Lilly and I need to research, we’ll do that tonight”
“Speaking of tonight I’ll be at your place for a couple of nights, mum’s outta town for the night and I’m staying at your place”
“Really?” she squealed that high I had to cover my ears.
“Turn it down a dozen octaves” I laughed “and yes really I’m dropping my car off at mums then Jackson’s picking me up”
“Oh I’ll pick あなた up if you—“
“I’m bringing a couple of boxes over to start unpacking, so I’ll need your brother’s car space”
“Oh ok, Oh-My-God this is so exciting your gonna be living with us, I’ll sing to あなた while あなた sleep don’t worry I got that covered” She giggled at her joke. It took me a little longer than it should have to remember that ヴァンパイア didn’t sleep. Due to my moving in, Lilly jumped at the chance to renovate their already huge house. She was apparently going to add another room to house for me. I haven’t seen it yet as Lenete didn’t want me to see it unfinished; she literally guarded the door, so tonight would be the grand opening.

“Yeah exciting hay” I tried to sound excited, but she caught me out.
“Dissy what’s wrong? Is your mum still trying to get あなた to stay?”
“Nothing’s wrong and yes she is, She broke into the whole I’m your mother it’s what I’m here for speech this morning, Oh which reminds me thanks for the Volvo” I 発言しました smiling at the last sentence.
“Um Dis… Jackson and I gave あなた that car a 年 ago, why are あなた still thanking us for it, we get the point, your happy we bought あなた a car”
“Yeah I know but if あなた didn’t buy me the car I wouldn’t have been able to escape this morning, so thank you”
“D-i-s” She stretched my name out to at least three syllables “if あなた thank me again, I’ll get Jackson to total it, so help me I will”
“Now what あなた do if he gets hurt totalling the car for you?” I asked worryingly.
Lenete stared at me like I just answered a two plus two 質問 with three.
“Are あなた sure your okay I think I’ll put Lilly on your case when あなた and Jackson get home”
“What do あなた mean? ... Oh” I suddenly remembered the extraordinary strength, speed, agility and senses that ヴァンパイア had and not to mention the soft but hard as rock body. I used to worry all the time about Lenete and her unbelievably fast driving especially on a motorbike. I constantly told her to slow it down 500 k’s but she constantly reminded me that her sharp senses and wicked fast reflexes stopped her being in crashes または causing them, The Greene’s had never received a ticket in their vampire life because their speeds made them practically invisible. Lenete is the Family mechanic, she regularly fined tuned the family Vehicles, but spent most of the time on her motorbike to keep them up to the dangerous vampire speeds. Jackson on the other hand built vehicle bodies then handed them on to Lenete to do the mechanics. I was told that on of the empty spots in the ガレージ was for my Vampire car i just had to wait a few もっと見る weeks for it to arrive.

“So あなた remember why I can have Jackson total your car if あなた apologise again?”
“Yea I do, sorry about that I’m forgetting things like crazy”
“Well don’t forget too much または you’ll have to wait longer for us to –“she paused as we walked into the office.

I walked up to the counter and smiled at Mr Cutler—the office man—and he smiled back. Mr cutler was 35, he was slim but not skinny, his long messy brown hair—that looked like it hadn’t been brushed for quite sometime—was tucked behind his ears.
He stared at me with his brown eyes and I watched his freckles rise higher on his face as his cheeks pulled up for a smile.

“Ah hello Daisi, Miss King called. Take a シート, 座席 the nurse will be with あなた soon” he 発言しました with another smile.
“Thanks” I grinned back.

Lenete was already in a シート, 座席 when I turned around. She smiled and patted the シート, 座席 次 to her. I giggled as I walked over very slowly to annoy her. She glared at me, sighed and stood up; she grabbed my arm and yanked me a bit too hard into the シート, 座席 where she was seated just moments ago. The cream walls of the office were spinning. I clutched the arms of the chair until the walls stayed where they were supposed to be. I heard Lenete laugh as she saw the look on my face.

“Hay what happened with our cooking?” She asked when my face went back to Normal.
“Miss King is finishing it”
“Oh ok, so how many boxes do あなた have packed?”
“About three but I’ll have about five this afternoon, your brother is going to help me pack some more”
“Awesome あなた know I can help pack too I’m not total useless” she stated with a smile growing on her face.

“Miss Hethford, the nurse will see あなた now” Mr Cutler called before I could retaliate to her statement.
I saw a green looking Ashley Monroe leave the nurses office and wobble into the sick bay. I glanced at Lenete, she wasn’t breathing but she moved her shoulders slightly so make it seems as though she was. I had known the Greene’s long enough to know these types of things. She smiled at me.
“I’ll be fine” she smiled slightly and went back to her fake breathing. I stood up, patted her hand and walked to the nurse’s office, I sighed as I saw that it wasn’t Nafron working at the school today.

“So Miss Hethford” Miss Black smiled at me. Her bright red lips made her white teeth look whiter. Her bright red hair was in a very neat ponytail. She had bright red earrings that just touched her shoulders. I suppressed a giggle how can anyone wear so much red?

“Miss King tells me you’ve cut your hand, can I take a look?”
I pulled my finger out of my pocket it wasn’t bleeding anymore. I cringed as I saw the dried blood around the cut. Miss Black looked at my cut for a few 秒 then stood up from her seat, walked over to a cupboard and grabbed a few things. She walked over to a small 表, テーブル 次 to an examination bed, she patted the ベッド and I walked over to sit on the bed. She worked quickly over my hand.
“So what were あなた doing that caused a cut like this?”
“Cooking, Lenete tripped and grabbed my シャツ to stop from falling and I grabbed the ナイフ and cut my hand” I was surprised at how easy the lie came out of my mouth.
“Is Miss Greene hurt?”
“I don’t think so she went whiter after seeing the blood went to the bathroom she’s in the office if you—“I cut off remembering Lenete’s アナと雪の女王 you-should-be-dead body temperature.
“I’ll ask her if she wants to see me when I finish with you” she smiled

I sat in silence while Miss Black worked silently over my hand, I felt slight tugs now and then but I dared not look at what she was doing –heaving was the last thing I wanted to do. She patted my hand a short time later.
“There あなた go Miss Hethford, take Panadol for any pain, あなた know the drill, you’ll have to come back in about two weeks”
“Thanks Miss” I smiled as I walked out the door of her office. Miss Black was a qualified doctor, as was Nafron. They worked at Treshone high because the closest hospital was 2 hours out of Treshone. I couldn’t feel my finger so I figured she had numbed it. I look at it and sure enough it was orange, which meant I had received stitches. That must be what she meant によって me having to come back. I sighed great stiches this is going to be helpful with my packing I sighed again.

I saw Lenete leaning over the counter talking to Mr Cutler. I moved to her side.
“It’s ok we only have gym and science I don’t think Mr Young will mind”
“Are あなた sure I can give him a call now if あなた want me to”
“If あなた want too” she looked at me and smiled I then realised what she was doing, trying to get us out of the rest of the school day.
Mr Cutler picked up the phone and dialled a number.
“ Richard I’ve got two girls down here who are heading ホーム – Mr Cutler smiled at us—they just wanted me to call あなた and tell you” there was pause.
“Miss Hethford and Miss Greene –he paused again—hold on I’ll ask them”
He covered the receiver with his hand.
“Miss Greene your brother is in gym now would あなた like him to leave with you?”
“If possible” Lenete 発言しました in a calm voice, Mr Cutler smiled and lifted the phone back to his ear.
“Send Mr Greene to the office –he paused again— no that won’t be necessary thank あなた Richard, ok goodbye” he hung the phone up, smiled at us and motioned for us to leave.
“You’d better sneak off now while everyone else is still in class”
Lenete smiled, grabbed my arm again –much gentler this time—and waved to Mr Cutler. I waved as I passed him, he waved back. Lenete dragged me along behind her. I saw Jackson leaning casually on his car when we arrived at the parking lot. He smiled when he saw me, I felt the blood rush to my face and not 秒 later Lenete yanked on my arm.

We reached the cars—motorbike in Lenete’s case—she chucked her stuff into the compartment under her seat.
“Well I’ll see あなた soon I’m gonna get ホーム to start researching okay”
“Yea that’s fine I’ll see あなた this afternoon”
Lenete hugged me and walked –or danced in her case—up to her brother and 発言しました something to low for me to hear. She danced back, hugged me again and walked to her bike. It started and she was gone.
I sighed and Jackson’s hands were around my waist before I could finish. He turned me so I was facing him; I felt his cool breath on my face and his sweet scent on my tongue.
“This changes our plans doesn’t it, at least I get もっと見る time with あなた now –he laughed— I’ll see あなた when あなた get home” he 発言しました smiling
“Okay I’ll see あなた then”
He was still smiling when I stood on my tiptoes to try and キッス him, he laughed when I couldn’t reach. He ran his hands done my ribs to my waist and locked his hands gently –careful not to hurt me— around my waist he pulled me off the ground until we were at eye level, I could no longer feel the ground underneath my feet, his purple eye’s stared into my green and he kissed me long enough to make me flush red, I slide my hands up his chest feeling every plane of his chest through his シャツ and over his shoulders, I twisted my fingers into his hair. I felt one of his fingers tapping along with my heartbeat again. For the first time in our relationship it was me who pushed away. Jackson stared at me like I was crazy.
“We’d better go before Lenete gets suspicious,” I 発言しました breathlessly.

Jackson ran a hand over my cheek that I guessed was still red from my lack of breathing, He smiled and I felt my cheeks get hotter. He laughed as he kissed my forehead and left for his car. I stared after him as he stuck to the speed until he hit the main road. I walked to my car knowing that Jackson would probably already be cooking our early lunch in my キッチン によって the time I had the car on the main road. I started my car and turn the air conditioning on and the 音楽 up loud so that Jackson would hear it as soon as I crossed his five kilometre-hearing radius. I put on the CD of Jackson and me 歌う to the newest song we made and I began 歌う along.

I knew I didn’t sound as good as Lilly または Lenete’s tinkling soprano voices but I sounded okay. I also knew that when I crossed the five kilometre hearing radius Jackson would hear me 歌う and he would start 歌う too and I would walk into the キッチン and we would find each other still 歌う even though the song wasn’t playing anymore. Jackson with his low ベース voice and I with my flat tone made a perfect duet. Whenever I stayed over Jackson would start playing the song just as I walk into the door and I would hum along. Lenete was totally oblivious to the fact that this was our song it showed our 愛 for each other, I wrote the lyrics and he wrote the music.

The song was on its fifth time playing when I knew I was in his hearing distance. I could picture him leaning against the キッチン cupboard, 歌う with my favourite smile on his face, waiting for me to walk through the door so he could scoop me up and キッス me. I could also hear his laughter when the song started again. I giggled at the thought.
I turned onto my 通り, ストリート after the song played another two times. I turned the 音楽 and air con off. I saw Jackson’s Car parked in its usual spot on my front lawn. I pulled into the driveway, pulled my car into the spot my mum’s usually went, I idled for a second, cut the engine, grabbed my 本 and headed inside.
I heard Jackson 歌う in the キッチン and the smell coming from the same spot was absolutely mouth watering, I picked up my 歌う again from where he was as I walked to the kitchen. I stopped in the doorway. Jackson glanced over his shoulder; he put the wooden spoon on the bench and was in front of me before I could blink.
“Gah! Would あなた stop doing that?” I asked rocking back onto my heels.
“Sorry” he smiled as his leg hit the back of knees and I fell to the floor but he caught me before I hit the floor.
“And stop that too” I complained, “It gives me bruises—” I was cut short によって his lips on mine.
I threw my arms around his neck and twisted my fingers into his hair. I sighed as he moved his kisses from my lips to my jaw, from my temple to my chin.
“Hello gorgeous, feels like forever since I’ve seen あなた last”
“Yeah I feel the same” was all I could manage my brain to say
The smell of burning 食 replaced the mouth-watering smell. Without putting me down Jackson ran to the stove and saved our 食 just in time. He had saved the ご飯, 米 from burning to the bottom of the pan. He スプリット, 分割 the ご飯, 米 on to two plates and poured a sauce over the top. I didn’t know what it was just that it ワカサギ, 錬金術 absolutely delicious. Not once in his entire 食 rescue mission did he put me down and his face never showed any signs of irritation. He bolted up the stairs with our meals and set me on my ベッド he jumped on to the ベッド 次 to me –Incredibly the 食 didn’t spill all over my bed. He placed one plate on my lap and the other on his.
“So what exactly did あなた do that caused use to leave school?”
“And what exactly made あなた think it was my fault?” I questioned before I shoved a fork full of ご飯, 米 into my mouth.
“Because I know you, plus あなた smell like anaesthetic and Lenete cannot get hurt または sick enough to leave school,” he 発言しました smiling.
I told him the story and the whole time he held his poker face as he stared at my hand. I started picking at my 食 until I realised I was not as hungry as I thought so I put it on my bedside 表, テーブル to wash later Jackson did the same. In the corner of my tiny room, I saw the three boxes I had already packed stacked up in the corner and three empty boxes sat in front of them. I kissed Jackson lightly, went over to my bookshelf and started packing the 本 into boxes with my good hand. I had half of one shelf done when I felt myself flying across the room and out of the window. The clouds were still covering the sun so I had no worries there; my major worry was that someone saw us flying out of the window. I looked around there was no one on the street, in fact the 通り, ストリート look too deserted.
“Where are we going?” I whispered into his ear as he shifted me on to his back.
“You’ll see, just hold on, we’ll be there soon” he lightly ran the back of his hand over my cheek. I had become so used to his body temperature I hardly noticed it except when it was unseasonably hot または he was weirdly colder. I kissed his throat and tucked my head into his shoulder to cool down from the heat.
I hadn’t realised we’d stopped until he shifted my weight again so he was cradling me into his chest. His lips found mine only briefly and I felt his cold fingertips on my lips as he traced them.

I fluttered my eyes open to find we were in a small clearing.
“Where are we?” I asked
“This is where I come to think, I’ve been here a lot lately, so I figured it would be the perfect place to tell あなた something” he smiled as he kissed me again and set me on my feet.
“Wow” That was the only word to describe the clearing we now stood in.
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its been a long wait but the 秒 book has started. Please enjoy the premier of Killer to Lover book 2. Hope あなた like it! :D

I had to find Alex; he was the only thing keeping me alive. I convinced myself that if I never found someone to fill my heart, patch up the holes id end everything. Instead I found Alex and I started remembering things I hadn’t before, I was sleeping and my wounds took longer to heal. I was becoming もっと見る and もっと見る human. The longer I was away from him the もっと見る monsters would emerge.

Chapter 1: One 秒 I was pinned underneath Strygoi, the 次 I was being dragged around...
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"M-M-Marie,what are doing here,Vampire Council has strict rules over Stirgoi returning to unfinish business."Her smile widen,exposing her teeth:some white,thanks to our amazing hygiene,and some stained red;apparently Marie was waking up for MidNights snacks."Since when do I abide the rules?"Her voice made the sound of a bully mocking a terrified nerd."When あなた were- YOU!"I couldn't look at her eyes,they were so red,full of hate and the desire for blood."Stirgoi go によって their own drift,my Ms.Perfect look can wear away now."Her eyes scanned my face,my features,by her thick look,I would've thought...
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Vampirates (humans used as ヴァンパイア but I'll count it anyway)
Vampets (humans used as vampaneeze but I'll count it)
Alchemist (A human actually, but has some Moroi traits and what not)
Red Fledgling
Blue Fledgling
Blue Vampyre
Red Vampyre
Tradtional Vampire
Modern Vampire
Baohan Sith
Royal Vampire

House Of Night:
Vampyre (maybe)
Red Fledgling
Blue Fledgling
Red Vampyre
Blue Vampyre

Cirque Du Freak:
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    Chapter 8 - Complicated
    That night, after Stefan drove me home, I felt extremely alone and afraid. I decided to call him. He picked up on the first ring and when I told him a was afraid, he 発言しました he would be right there. It was only two 分 before I heard a knock on my window and I ran to open it. He stepped in, threw his arms around my waist and leapt out the third story window.
    He ran and ran, much faster than your average car, until we came to a large lake that I had never known was there, and from there he loaded...
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Chapter 7 - Different
    “Never mind. Its not important.” he 発言しました regretfully.
    I was slightly crushed that something so unimportant is something he wouldn’t share with me. If it wasn’t important then why be so secretive?
“ Please tell me. あなた can trust me.” I 発言しました convincingly, または so I thought.
“ I know that I can trust あなた but I am still not sure if I should tell あなた または not. I don’t know if it is the right time but I don’t know any better time, either.” he 発言しました seeming torn between something that was way もっと見る than what he was telling...
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Chapter 6 - Date

    When I pulled into the parking lot at school, I saw the icy Volvo parked six spots down. I stepped out of the truck and slipped. I fell but-first in a mud puddle. How embarrassing. Out of nowhere, Colleen and Stefan were both helping me up and Colleen rushing me to the girls bathroom. She had an extra pair of jeans that looked exactly like the ones I’d worn before.
“ Thank あなた so very much! I don’t know what I would do without you.” I said, truly grateful. My outfit had almost been ruined.
“ Don’t mention it, Wendi. You’re the only friend...
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