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 "The Lipstick Liberal Show"
"The Lipstick Liberal Show"
While exploring online for any signs of wisdom during this chaotic election season, I was thrilled to discover the politically inspired and increasingly 人気 comedic series, “THE LIPSTICK LIBERAL SHOW,” on the You-Tube channel LipstickLiberalNet.

Show creator/writer/performer NICOLE MYRICK appears as the Lipstick Liberal, a sexy and soulful lipstick wearing mouthpiece for injustice, using her comedic wit, intellectual prowess, and sassy seductive appeal, to reveal the ‘dirty deeds’ she believes our Republican Leaders are really up too.

Throughout the episodes, the Lipstick Liberal...
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posted by HeitsiTsegin
Democracy is common and somewhat 人気 among many people all over the world, yet people give it too much credit.

The one who can delude the people best is the one that gets most of the votes, weather または not he is really a good leader. A charismatic leader such as Adolf Hitler または Josef Stalin might have used their charisma to win over voters in a democracy assuming they had not already made a reputation for themselves as an evil dictator. Imagine also Oprah whatsherlastname running for president, she probably has little to no political experience and yet, she can win over voters によって pure popularity...
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posted by TangoThang
Extremists are usually very vocal in their demands and beliefs while the moderates seem to sort of just stay in the background. Most of the time primaries are dominated によって the extremist factions of either party. Candidates have to tout their conservative または liberal credentials because it's usually the really conservative または really liberal who vote in the primaries.

So in that sense they do dominate the parties. Obama was もっと見る liberal in the primaries than in the general election and certainly while in the office. Giuliani ロスト a lot of support because he was twice divorced, pro-choice, and...
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