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posted by SGTBrown
After i woke up I found myself in the covanent Phantom going to their base. I had a jet pack on so I had a way of getting down soft so I had to get out without any covanent catch me wandering around. so i was walking around being as careful as I could and this grunt decides to walk infront of me and just stands like a statue. so i decapitate him and, THEY SONDED THE ALARM! sniper ready, shotgun reloaded .45 in reach, grenades in reach, i was ready "BRING IT ON COVANANT SCUM!" i shouted, i was being all boss like shooting em' from bottom to 上, ページのトップへ with my SMG. I found the way out in the back. I jumped off but there was a ペリカン ready to pick me up I i thought' why did not they contact me, and tell me they were going to pick me up?' anyways i was dropped off at anchor 9 and i took a nap on my computadora. for like the rest of the day
posted by SGTBrown
日 1, June 9, 2011...
"yes" I said, "This is the 日 I can finaly be a unsc soldier. XBOX TURN ON!" and so it did. "thats okward, whatever." I started playing my fav game halo reach. I went to campagin mode, but something wierd happened, when the count down started, I STARTED PIXELIZING!!!! I thought to my self 'Is this the end?' when it reached 0:00, I was sucked into my XBOX! I fell down so far, I probably fractured my pinky, so yea it was only a 1 foot drop but, I did not brace myself, but THATS NOT THE POINT! I was inside my fricking XBOX360! but when i looked around a bit I figured out...
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WARNING: strong language