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posted by LastKing_Mezzy
 Fat daddy miss u
Fat daddy miss u
Hi Tylor, U got swag. I have known u since we were fucking born. Cameron and Micah are the best brothers that people could have cause they 愛 u. Bye Babyt. ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

My family 発言しました こんにちは こんにちは こんにちは we 愛 u

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 Jordyn 発言しました wazzup 雌犬
Jordyn said wazzup bitch
 McKenzie 発言しました 雌犬 u owe me 50 cent
McKenzie said bitch u owe me 50 cent
 Jamiyah 発言しました I know u pregnant
Jamiyah said I know u pregnant
 Joseph 発言しました my nigga my nigga
Joseph said my nigga my nigga
 Josiah 発言しました こんにちは baby mama
Josiah said hey baby mama