Tyler and Caroline Which TVD couples do あなた ship ? :)

Vanii_TVD posted on Oct 06, 2011 at 05:01PM
This is my curiosity, so just answers this question (:
In The Vampire Diaries there are another couples do you love/ship?
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Tyler and Caroline 5 返信

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1年以上前 Vanii_TVD said…
I have ... a lots!

Delena, Steferine, Stebeckah, Jeranna and Klatherine (:
1年以上前 Appley said…
Bamon and Forwood
1年以上前 amshafe said…
Delena and Forwood. That's really it for right now. I loved Jeremy/Anna in season one but that's obviously done.
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1年以上前 el0508 said…
Stelena, Bamon & Forwood
1年以上前 cristyy227 said…
Delena,Mabeckah(matt and rebeckah),and of corse Forwood