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posted by jacob_is_amazin
I'm 書く this because I feel the need to defend Jacob Black. I would like to make it very clear that I adore Edward but I am Team Jacob, though I knew she would choose Edward.

Okay, so Jacob is extremely mistaken によって a lot of Twilight fans(the Team Edward ones). I understand あなた guys all have your reasons for hating Jacob...things such as he's a douchebag, he trys to steal Bella, he's a jerk to the Cullens.

I really don't think Jacob is as much of a douche as everyone makes him out to be. Girls just automatically label him as that because compared to Edward he's just a normal guy. He's funny...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
by: BuffyFaithfan1
Chapter Five: Making A Run For It! Part One...
Mandy came to my bedside and smiled an evil smile at me. I studied her face to remember and descript when I get to the police. She had curly, shoulder lengthed, redis-orangy hair (like Victoria from the Twilight saga!) and I saw the clear butter-like skin she has. She wore leather pants and a short sleeved シャツ with a thin see through over-jacket. I kicked Mile a little telling him to make a run for it to go get help but he was solid. And Mandy sort of saw me do it....
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posted by Leightonfan
How can I decide what's right
When you're clouding up my mind?
I can't win your losing fight
All the time.

How can I ever own what's mine
When you're always taking sides?
But あなた won't take away my pride.
No, not this time.
Not this time.

How did we get here?
I used to know あなた so well.
How did we get here?
Well, I think I know.

The truth is hiding in your eyes
And it's hanging on your tongue.
Just boiling in my blood.
But あなた think that I can't see
What kind of man that あなた are,
If you're a man at all.
Well, I will figure this one out
On my own.
(I'm screaming, "I 愛 あなた so.")
On my own.
(My thoughts あなた can't...
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Hey, Twilighter's, this 記事 is going to be a 一覧 of Fanpop's お気に入り Twilight quotes. To 表示する あなた what I mean I thought I might start あなた off. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to あなた the first twilight quote:

1) "Your hair looks like a haystack.......I like it." Edward,Twilght
2) "It's a good thing your bulletproof." Bella,Eclipse
3)"None of those freaky vigos here." Jacob, Eclipse
4)"Well at least "someone's" scoring today!" Emmett,Breaking Dawn
5)"What a stupid lamb." Bella,Twilight
6)"It was down hill, あなた coasted the whole way." Jacob,Breaking dawn

Please put your quote in your comment. As soon as I read it I will add it to the list. With your quote please put the book its from and who says it. This will be interesting for not just me but other twilighter's too. Please help me make this work!

Your friend Rachel7373!!!( Enjoy Breaking Dawn. I know I am!!) Enjoy!!!
1) Bella, I imprinted on Leah.
2) I'm not a werewolf, I'm a vampire!
3) Bella, please don't ever come here again and I don't 愛 you, I never have!
4) I 愛 Edward, もっと見る that you, Bella!
5) Bella I'm secretly 20 years old.
6) Me and Victoria are getting married!
7) The treaty is fake.
8) Alice is dumping Jasper and Alice and I are getting married!
9) Edward and I are the same person, Bella.
10) Bella, you've been PUNK'D!!
11) Bella, is it just me または is it really cold?
12)Bella, me and Edward and getting married. If あなた think there's something in here that Jacob Black would say PLEASE comment! Also if あなた have something else that Jacob wouldn't say please add that to your comment!

Thank You. Enjoy!!!
posted by JacobBlackFever
Twilight Fan-Fiction

Cake scene

~Bella's Point of view~
I felt my ハート, 心 pumping,My lovely daughter was getting married to jake it's like my whole life was turned around,Renesmee with jake I so happy when I see Jacob with a suit he reminds me of my dance with him at my wedding

~Edward's point of view~
"Bella,I'm so happy our daughters getting married"
I saw Jacob walking towards us with a happy smile

~Jacob's point of view~
'Hey Bella,Edward I can't believe that it's me and renesmee's wedding"
I was so scared inside and happy on the outside,Everytime I see Nessie with the Beautiful Wedding ガウン I feel so happy and exciting, I over Heard Edward calling my name over the loud. Music,I bet it won't be good........TO BE CONTINUED;)
7:00 AM
Renesme's eyes slowly opened, she looked around her room, Her eyes set lock on something on her desk. She threw the covers off her and got up. Once she reached the 机, デスク the gasped and laughed a little. It was a plush russet red wolf, It had a tag on it saying: Renesme, This is for you, 愛 ya-Jacob She picked it up and squeezed it inhaling the strong sweet smell of her lover. Then she proceeded to put it down and take a hot shower, after she brushed her hair and Threw on A brown sweater and some jeans. Lightly she walked down stairs hoping not to wake her parents. She got out eggs,...
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3 months later
Jacob's POV
I stood outside the cullens house waiting for Renesme, We had been dating for 3 months and madly in love. Bella and Edward knew already we told them on Renesme 12th birthday, sure it might seem weird to others that me a 17 年 old is dating a 12 年 old but Renesme looked my age and she was beautiful. A 分 later the door cracked open and out walked Renesme, She was wearing a floral green tank with denim shorts and converse. I smiled walked up to her and grabbed her hand. She blushed and turned away. "What? No need to be shy Ness" I said. "I know I know, It's just...
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posted by laureng114
Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse are already in the works, but what about Breaking Dawn? Unlike the first three books, this one may pose a problem. In this book (spoiler!) Bella goes through a transformation that makes her inhumanly beautiful like the rest of the Cullens and she has a beautiful girl that grows at an alarmingly fast rate. The 質問 is, can they really film these things? In my opinion, Kristen Stewart is just as pretty as Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed. Not only that, when she is standing 次 to Robert Pattinson あなた do not notice a huge difference between the two like in the books. Another problem would be Renesmee. How are they going to cast a girl that grows that fast without using any type of アニメーション または graphics? Well this is just an opinion from a concerned twilighter and i hope that others feel the same way.
posted by ebcullen4ever
Now that the Twilight saga has ended,I thought I would write an 記事 about my fave Twilight movie moments.I am saddened that the saga is over,but the 映画 and especially the characters will forever be in my hearts.

It all started on Nov.21,2008 when Twilight was released in theaters.If only we can rewind time and go back to that day.Well in a way we can,by watching the saga over and over again through the dvd または on our computers,whatever the case may be.We can relive our fave Twilight saga moments over and over again.

These are my fave moments from Twilight:

-when Bella first saw Edward enter...
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posted by ebcullen4ever
If あなた were to ask me what I 愛 about the Twilight saga,it would take me a week to tell あなた what I 愛 about it.There are a lot of things to 愛 about it,but here are the 上, ページのトップへ 5 things I 愛 about the Twilight Saga...

1)The 愛 story of Edward and Bella.It's not often that あなた read about a vampire falling in 愛 with a human.Stephenie made us fall in 愛 with ヴァンパイア with the Twilight books,but もっと見る importantly she made us fall in 愛 with Edward and Bella as they fell in 愛 with each other.We became enraptured with their 愛 story and eagerly anticipated the continuing 愛 story...
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Jasper's POV.

He came out with the blonde girls in his arms.

The girl had bite marks on her neck , wrists, arms , legs....everywhere. Why didn't Alice see this coming? She was bruised and lied there in his arms lifelessly. Her face was the image of a perfect beauty, even among ヴァンパイア like us.Divine and complete. Edward placed her on a flat rock and cleared her face from the water he had got from the river.All that the poor girl could whisper was.... Emmett why??
The look on his face spoke volumes about his feelings.He...
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posted by cheerathlete08
      No sense in a real introduction so here's part six:

         Once I got back to the school I was very disappointed. I didn't want to leave again. I sighed knowing the chances of me killing her if I didn't go hunting and took off. I quickly put the note in her car and then ran. When I ran this time I felt like there were bricks tied to my feet, and they were slowing me down. Making me feel like I wasn't running fast enough. But I eventually met Alice at a nearby forest. She looked at me, her eyes hesitant. She knew the pain it was for me to leave Bella, "it's for the best" she...
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posted by LexisFaith
Voices were far and fuzzy, but I could hear the bickering and yelling. I could also hear laughing, but the mistakeable スマック on the face I could feel easily.
"Hey." Smack, smack, smack. "Wakey wakey." It was a girls voice. Not my mothers. Grams? Oh, god I was dead. Dad is going to be pissed! Crap!
"Edward? Hey, Buddy!" Smack, smack, smack.
I groaned and opened my eyes, squinting through the painful light.
"There he is."
I came face to face with the biggest, most freaking beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen. "What the hell?" I asked.
Not surprisingly, a bellous, tinkering laugh filtered through...
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posted by LexisFaith
I never thought I would be the family man. I would have been fine with just neices and nephews. Being just an uncle would have been fine, until I met Bella. Mason was the best son a man could ask for. He was smart, funny, and just a beautiful little boy. Then, this morning, Bella told me she was- could be- pregnant. I had never wanted my own child in my entire life until now. If Bella was not pregnant. . . I didn't even want to think about it.

I asked Alecs to help me clean up the キッチン from breakfast, and sent Mason and Bella into the living room.

"I would like to talk to あなた if that's alright?"...
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posted by runlikeawolf
It had been two weeks since Charlie's death.Surprisingly,Mom seemed to have gotten over it.She was busy fussing over me as Jake and I tried to have some alone time on the chouch in our living room.Mom's back turned for a 秒 and Jake rolled his eyes.I sighed,"Mom.I'm fine.Can I please take care of myself?"
She turned around,"But what if the baby comes while I'm a-"Jake interrupted her."If she goes into labor,I'm sure あなた all would her me calling.She'll be fine!You need to give it a rest.Besides,"he laughed."she's only three weeks pregnant."She raised her hands in protest,but Jake pointed...
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posted by Angrykittykj
]A/N: This chapter is where the M rating really starts to kick in. Just thought I’d give a little warning.

Chapter Three: Needs

We ran through the woods, the springy forest floor making it easier to launch ourselves through the dense underbrush. I heard Edward’s even breathing beside me and pushed myself harder. If I concentrated on racing him ホーム I wouldn’t be so fixated on getting him naked. At least I hoped so.

“Bella, slow down,” Edward called from behind me. I stopped mid-stride and turned to see my husband standing about fifty feet behind me.

“What? We are almost home,” I...
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posted by shelly_fanpire
Inspired from the MTV 表示する – Moving In.
Warning rated – M.

Edward POV
We keep キス till Charlie and Renee came in. *ok, relax a bit* Charlie of course. I stoped キス Bella, but she keep holding me close to her. Charlie couldn't stop looking at us huging. *well, I see we did the right decision* I smiled at Renee when she 発言しました that. *now, Edward あなた have to key to the house あなた can come when ever あなた want. and I think we did right that we gave あなた the key* *thank you, I promise Bella will be happy with me. I really really 愛 her* I looked at Bella that looked like she was about to cry....
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Jacob pov

What did the vamp want now?god couldn't he ever get leave anything that happened alone?I heard him laugh stay out of my head I thought hoping he would listen. Once we where outside I deside to ask"what the he'll do want?"spite in his face"well I was just going warn あなた about something"he 発言しました now what was this about?"about Nahuel"he 発言しました which made me hiss god did I hate Nahuel."easy"Edward wound me"what about him"I ask once I was settled down" he in 愛 with renesmee" he told me.now I just want to kill him. "easy"he told me again.that was what made me notice that I was thinking...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
“    the new beginning ”

As days passed it got worse. I couldn't take it anymore, we were growing apart, barely even talking.
Anything I talked about doing, Edward would disagree または say its not safe.
Once, I was going to the toilet and Edward asked Alice to go with me!. To the toilet!
That led to a 日 of me ignoring him. That taught him a lesson to shut his mouth and stop making decision for me…..well for about 24 hours. Then it starts again.
“Bells….your getting so boring! Talk a little…oh! I have a better idea lets play” Emmett grinned.
“Emmett, cant あなた see...
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