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posted by twilight-7
“What?!” Charlie was looking from me to Gabriel to me to Tess over and over again. He finally caught on to what I had 発言しました five minutes. I had a hand on Gabriel’s shoulder as a soothing gesture and to restrain him. Instinct had completely taken over him, I saw that when I read his mind. If he ロスト control now, especially when he hadn’t fed, it could be catastrophic.
I could see Charlie’s mind working hard to figure out why I wasn’t defending Tess. Hadn’t I 発言しました just five 分 前 how much I trusted and liked her? Well, that was before I knew. I looked at Lexi for confirmation...
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posted by twilight-7
Thirsty. So thirsty. I clawed at my neck, wishing I could rip out my throat and stop the burning. If I wasn’t careful, if I let my thoughts stray for even a second, the burn would control me. I’d turn into the monster I was trying to prove I wasn’t. I wouldn’t be that again. I couldn’t. Not since I had seen another life. Another way.
I looked around me, taking in the tranquillity of the trees. I was 安全, 安全です here. People would be 安全, 安全です from me. I couldn’t harm anything here but 動物 that dared to come too close. No one should be in here. Not at this time anyway. Far too late. No moonlight...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*


As I sat in my room, trying to concentrate on the third act of Macbeth, I was really listening for my truck. I would have though, even over the pounding rain, I could have heard the engine's roar. But when I went to peek out the curtain - again - it was suddenly there.
I wasn't looking フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして to Friday, and it もっと見る than lived up to my non-expectations.
Of course there were the fainting comments. Jessica especially seemed to get a kick out of that story. Luckily Mike had kept his mouth shut, and no one seemed to know about Edward's involvement....
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posted by sami1002
Remesee's pov.(she's 16)

I walked down the dimly lit halls to enduer another 年 of 9th grade . Somethims never growing up has it's dis-advanages." Remesee Cullen pay attention" Mrs.Zedong yelled to me as I stared out the window. I wandered into my room after school and waited till my parents came ホーム from collage."Nessie, wanna go hunting with your anut Roselie and me" mom asked from down stairs. "Sure" I called back coming down the stairs. We ran into the forest ,jumped over the river and stated hunting .

When we got hom Jacob was talking to dad ,mom ran to talk to grandma, and aunt Roslie and uncle Emett whent in to their room . "Nessie wanna go down to La Push with me" Jacob called when he saw me walking into the house. "Can I" I asked dad " be back によって 7:30 no later " he agreed . Yes !! Now i dodn't have to lisen to mom and dad doing it today
 Robert Pattinson has a hair cut
Robert Pattinson has a hair cut
I really don't think anything is wrong with it. I think he looks great both ways. I hope people don't get mad at him または anything because after all it is his hair. haha :) He also did a great job in Twilight considering how much pressure ファン can put on actors. Team Edward!!! Not to betray what i just 発言しました but I also think that they should keep Jacob for the part in New Moon Taylor did a good job in the movie as well and i think that it is really unfair to just cut him out of the series like that. I also think that the actor considering the part is very arrogant on how he is もっと見る buff than...
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posted by chltjdgh86
 I got Bella
I got Bella
Came across this quiz. Pretty fun to play. Find out which Twilight character あなた are! It will ask あなた series of 質問 to tell あなた which twilight character your personality matches the most.

Takes about 1 分 to complete and あなた can take it as many times as あなた want.


I took the クイズ and I got Bella, but retaking it got me Edward. It was somewhat predictable, but still awesome.

twilight, kristen stewart, robert pattinson, edward, bella, breaking dawn, twilightguy, kaleb nation
posted by 2468244
Sellotape an end to
Sellotape an end to
Sellotape an end to
Sellotape an end

Sitting pretty, uptightly
The knots keep あなた at my side
Upstairs in corners eyes blink for the call
Up and out, my beacon
Will choke, if yours is taken
I'd have four もっと見る lines
Four もっと見る lines

Sellotape an end to
Sellotape an end to
Sellotape an end to
Sellotape an end

Harder thoughts, mosquito
Right down my fickle hands
Machine surprises meant for me
Up and out, my beacon
Will choke, if yours is taken
I'd have four もっと見る lines
Four もっと見る lines

(Sellotape an end to)
It was broken way
(Sellotape an end to)
So we’re on the pages first
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posted by 2468244
It's all hats off now, all drum rolls and applause
によって slight of the hand あなた will turn them into dust
A face to face あなた will lead them によって the fall

A track fiend and the saw dust
You're allowed to stare it out

It’s all good luck charms
All trying to understand
Indeed inside me will always hope for worse
あなた say あなた keep them close by
They're closer than あなた think

A track fiend and the saw dust
You're allowed to stare it out

次 spring will bring あなた back again
You'll sigh and crack the whip for us
And maybe あなた will be the one
Who'll draw the line in the sand
For us to crawl

It's all past bats now
All painting gorgeous time
And maybe when the night comes
You'll open up the cage
You'll open up the cage
posted by 2468244
My love
Leave yourself behind
Beat inside me
Leave あなた blind

My love
You have found peace
You were searching
For release

You gave it all
Into the call
You took a chance and
You took the fall for us

You came thoughtfully
Loved me faithfully
You taught me honor
You did it for me

You will sleep for good
You will wait
For me my love

Now I am strong
You gave me all
You gave all あなた had
And now I am home

My love
Leave yourself behind
Beat inside me
Leave あなた blind

My love
Look what あなた can do
I am mending
I’ll be with you

You took my hand
Added a plan
You gave me your heart
I asked あなた to dance with me

You loved honestly
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posted by LexisFaith
Sarah called me this moring waking me up.
"Happy Birthday Momma!"
"Thanks you, sweetie." I smiled. "Did あなた have fun last night?"
"Uh hu. Uncle Emmett, Aunt Rose, Uncle Jasper, Gran Bella, Grandpa Edward, Gradma Esme and Grandpa Carlise, and I went to the creek. It was fun! Uncle Emmett jumped in and scared me and I hit him in the head with a stick. Only I didn't mean to." She giggled.
"Well," I laughed. "It sounds like あなた had a full 日 yesterday. Daddy and I will pick あなた up after dinner."
"Okay. I miss you."
"I miss あなた too, sweetie."
"Bye, Momma. I 愛 you."
"I 愛 あなた to."
I hung up the phone...
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posted by melikhan
Twilight is a series of four vampire-based ファンタジー romance novels によって American 作者 Stephenie Meyer. It charts a period in the life of Isabella "Bella" Swan, a teenage girl who moves to Forks, Washington, and falls in 愛 with a 104-year-old vampire named Edward Cullen. The series is told primarily from Bella's point of view, with the epilogue of Eclipse and Part II of Breaking Dawn being told from the viewpoint of character Jacob Black, a werewolf. The unpublished Midnight Sun is a retelling of the first book, Twilight, from Edward Cullen's point of view.
Since the release of the first novel,...
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posted by gossipgirlstar2
Last 年 the Twilight cast went on a nationwide Hot Topic tour to help promote the release of the film and this 年 they are following suit. The cast is set to appear at 15 different Nordstrom department stores around the nation in the coming weeks. For those that want to get up close and personal with RPattz, Tay-Tay, and KStew, your chance comes this Friday.

As we all remember from last year, the cast went on a nationwide Hot Topic tour hitting up malls across the nation. As the film grew in popularity, the cast appearances became unruly as thousands of people waited to catch a glimpse of the brooding Pattinson. So keep in mind, that New Moon is ten times もっと見る 人気 than Twilight was last year, so be prepared and forewarned!
nessie's pov

noah wasn't here ........
pain in my ハート, 心 was horrible
how many days have i been in our room crying ???
but now i was so hungry i needed to eat noah wouldn't like that i starve myself...
i went downstairs everybody had a pain look in there faces
jake had come the 30 日 but he went back to la push he has extremley surprized when he found me crying so hard , he thought it was just a crush with noah ....
i went to the キッチン i eat everything from the frige and the donated blood they had
"honey i know it's hard but you'll see things will get better" my granma 発言しました hugging me

but i fetl...
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hello everyone just to say that im sorry if my stories are not not that good as they were at the 1st one but im trying hope あなた enjoy XxX

Chapter 4 (mission)

Woke up in a daze, wherever I was it was cold. I bolted up right “Hannah?” I yelled I had a very slight stinging pain in the back of my head. “ouch” it was tender.
“Ah your awake” I was getting really sick and tired of people knocking me out then talking out of nowhere.
“Hello James” I answered, “Where Hannah? I heard her before-” I chocked on my words.
“Hmm Luke shh あなた talk to much” James hair flickered like a flame...
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posted by Alice_Cullen_
Summit Entertainment announced early this morning that actress Rachelle Lefevre would not be continuing on to play bad vampire Victoria in the third installment of the Twilight Saga. Instead, actress Bryce Dallas Howard (seen in The Village and ターミネーター Salvation) will be replacing Rachelle in Eclipse, the third film to be directed によって David Slade. Summit announced this:

Summit Entertainment announced today that Bryce Dallas Howard will take over the role of “Victoria” in the studio’s upcoming production of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE. Actress, Rachelle Lefevre, who portrayed the character...
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Ok, so it like anyother day. Rainy. When all of a sudden Edward pops though my window. He had rain drops in his hair. Edward was at my side in a second, he picked me up and we flew out the window. I didn't know what was happing. I knew it was raining, but I felt nothing, not one drop. I looked up at Edwards face, he looked angry. Before I knew it we where in the middle of the forest. We where at our medow.
"What was that all about. Edward what's wrong?"
"It's nothing あなた need to worry about, love." He must have saw the worry in my eyes. He took my hand and pulled it to his face. I didn't know...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*

NEW MOON - chapter 1 - PARTY

The sight of Alice there - her tawny eyes brilliant with excitement, and a smel silver-wrapped quare in her hands - made me frown. I'd told Alice I didn't want anything, anything, not gifts または even attention, for my birthday. Obviously, my wishes were being ignored.
I slammed the door of my '53 Chevy truck - a シャワー of rust specks fluttered down to the wet blacktop - and walked slowly toward where they waited. Alice skipped フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして to me, her pixie face glowing under her spiky black hair.
"Happy birthday, Bella!"
"Shh!" I hissed, glancing around...
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posted by Andressa_Weld
*Your hair looks like hay!
*You're a little fat!
*Every boy in the school prefer Bella than you!
*If あなた look in the mirror it breaks!
*Emmett is cheating あなた with Jessica!
*Emmett told me that you're so worthless that! doesn't serve either to have a child!
*Carlisle told me that he saved あなた because あなた were ruining the beauty of the streets!
*Edward prefer Bella because she's human!
*Emmett 発言しました he is dating あなた because he feels sorry for you!
*I think あなた 愛 Jacob Black!
*I think emmett is too beautiful for you!
*You look like a transvestite!
*You are the worse baseball player in the world!
*You are smelling like a dog! I think あなた had sex with jacob!
*You are just a pretty face, but あなた are so dumb!
posted by Alice_Cullen_
The Character

Name: Royce King

Type: Human

Special Ability: None

About Them: Royce King's family was one of the richest in town because his father owned a bank. Royce courted Rosalie and gave her bouquets of flowers-violets because he thought they matched her eyes and バラ for her name, Rosalie. Without delay, Royce proposed to Rosalie and she accepted due to her vanity not knowing Royce only loved her for he
r beauty. Royce bragged to his フレンズ about how beautiful Rosalie was and so naturally they wanted him to 表示する them. So when Rosalie was returning ホーム one night after visiting her friend...
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posted by just_bella
Ok I hope あなた guys are enjoying this, because it's kind of fun to write. :)

Here's a quick flash back to remember the story up to this point.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

We all broke into our smaller groups and waved/smacked the others as we made our way into the woods.

"All right Emmett, 1 weeks worth of mucking the stalls is the bet that I find the beast before you." Aaron 発言しました as he walked into the woods.

"Oh, that's a bet that I want a part of." John laughed as he followed Aaron in.

"OK, but remember that あなた are the one who made the bet Aaron. No whining when I win."...
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