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posted by edward-lover456
sorry if it sucks tell me what あなた think please rate and comment!

I smiled at him. He looked at me and smiled his crocked smile. I got dressed fast and when I looked out the window he wasn't there. i looked to my side and there he was. Charlie must have left. "you ready?" he asked me "almost" I 発言しました I ran over to my room and got my book bag. "lets go" I said. We got to the school he steel did not say happy birthday. every body was staring at us again not that I can blame them I mean average old me with an Angel. He walked me over to the door were Alice and Jasper were waiting on us. "happy Birthday" they all yelled "thanks guys" we walked in and my エンジェル and I had to separate tell lunch "see あなた then" I 発言しました then Alice and I were off to class. "I have a surprise for you" she said......
posted by fanpire39
for those who have reead my fanfiction あなた know that i have't wrote for awhie that's because i'm stuck and i have no good ideas' so if あなた would like to help me with my brain freeze send your idea's to my 受信箱 and then i'll write もっと見る if あなた have'nt read my story please read then if あなた have ideas send them to me as well. o

Thanks!! fanpire39
the computer 発言しました it was to short so I'm gonna tpye a buch of ランダム stuff.mlikejgoisjfv oisjdvoidjbounvlnsoiv jejkfvndofijgejrgoiffjflkweefoisufjn3roi9isoigjqeprigpeofjblkefnjoiejfgklenglkisjblenojboirngoidvbjenfbdnbednbaoeffboierngoifjboaenfbofdbuaefnhboidnbjnbuhdnfkjbnaifbjlafbnmolimilkey wainhbchjvnbhvfnhfjdjsmcjvjcvikvjijiviovvfirnvnr8cnuhe7ccejuvcrbbvwwhfvwbhbyvwbvqiebbh ibjhwrbkhcivubriuhuhsfgbeiybsdkjfbsiuvhswjbkjbkjxvb fuxkjv bvhohgiuefknvkjewrngfikuhvrnscn usffhrgi7hvlwrnoihfurwjkcbdvkjfbvugnbeuihu4buf
I could feel no pain what so ever, I couldn’t talk または move, though I could hear ever thing being said. “Her ハート, 心 rate is dropping!” and then I heard a long buzz. “We have to get her ハート, 心 beating again または she’s going to die.” I could hear my grandfather panicking because it was me his first grandchild, here dieing. I could feel Jacob’s tension. He wouldn’t let go of my hand unless my grandfather asked for something then he grabbed it again.
    I could feel seven pare of eyes on me. I could hear crying not dry crying but from my babies. It was weird I didn’t...
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posted by Rob_patt_fan
hey guys...
So... this is my new story... Hope Y'all like it... Don't forget 2 コメント and rate guys! 愛 ya'll!

Edward's POV

It was time for going to school. I don't know why I even had to go there, after all these years? I was truly getting tired of school, with all those girls staring at me like they haven't seen a boy または all the guys trying to get close to me so they can get girls they want!

Alice was sitting beside me in the car and she was wearing a stylish dress, like always!

"Let's go"

Alice 発言しました while she was fixing her hair in the mirror. I narrowed my eyes and started the car and without...
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posted by BiteMeCullen107
“Jacob!” I was yelling from the bath room. I was in もっと見る pain than I ever thought was possible. It felt like something was clawing its way out of my stomach. This couldn’t be possible I’d been pregnant for only a couple of months. “JACOB BLACK GET あなた 尻, お尻 UP HERE!” I was screaming so loud I thought Jacob would go def. He ran into the bath room and kneeled down beside me. “What’s wrong?” “I need to get to grandpa.” He picked me up and drove me to the house and carried me in.

“What’s wrong with her?” My mother came rushing to my side. “Mom stop just get grandpa.”...
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SORRY I MISSED 日 ONE.On Newmoonmovie.org they are 読書 new moon all over again.In order to help pass the time while we wait for New Moon to be released, today marks the start of a brand new feature: the New Moon Community Re-Read.

Every day, we’ll post a thread for each chapter in the book, counting down the days until the official release of the film on November 20th.

To get started, dig out your old copy of New Moon (or buy one of the swank new movie editions of the book), read the chapter together with us, and discuss anything あなた find of interest that あなた might have missed the first...
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posted by lollipopszx3
Some words may not be suitable for kids and people who hate swearing.



When I got into the Cullen house I was amazed. The house was mansion-like. Especially just being in my own crappy house I didn't think a house so beautiful was possible.

"Mom! We're home!" screamed Emmett when we got home. Wow he was loud.

"Welcome back sweethearts! I'm in the kitchen!"

We walked into the キッチン and a sweet smell instantly hit my nose.

"Why hello. Who is your friend?" asked Edward's mom. I, of course, didn't reply because I was too busy looking at whatever was on the stove. Plain vegetables and soup...
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posted by twilightGGlost
Bella's POV

I looked up from the ソファー, ソファ where Edward held me and ran out of his arms.

"Alice!" I cried as I squeezed her small frame that would probably ed up giving me bruises. "Edward why didn't あなた say anything?"

"Sorry love, I was a little...preoccupied." Edward suddenly whispered in my ear. It was a reunion for Edward and Alice too. The two of them hugged each other gently because I was still sandwiched between them. Alice kissed my check gently.

"I saw あなた returning and making up! I told Esme and Carlisle and they're already packing.." She 発言しました with exuberance before Edward interrupted.

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posted by edward-lover456
sorry if this sucks I'm trying this for the first time.

I herd a knock at my window. "Edward, Charlie is asleep." he came in anyway. I was happy he did. I was all alone. "you should be in bed" he 発言しました to me. "yeah and あなた should be hunting." I 発言しました with a laugh "I've already been" he sighed. I saw the longing in his eyes to be human but I wanted so desperately to be a vampire. "Bella go to sleep I'll sing to you" his velvet voice filled my ears. and I then I was asleep I woke to the ice touching my arm. "Bella, Charlie is up I'll see あなた later My love" I woke to see him jump out off the window. "what あなた looking at Bells?" Charlie asked "nothing Dad, I have to get ready. Did mom call?" Rena had been on my case after the accident with James. "no she didn't, hurry up your late" I got up and walked to the bathroom I looked out the window Edward was there waiting on the tree...
continueing on from the last article
enjoy =]

“Right class.”-he looked at his watch- “I‘m late.”
Mr Bammer closed the classroom door, and started pacing フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして and backwards. “Right, em. 本 out. Now we were looking at poems’ about life, and for your homework I asked if あなた could write your own, so can あなた bring out your homework please.”
Everyone brought out their homework. I forgot mine.
“You didn’t do あなた homework?.” Sarah whispered surprised.
“Forgot to bring it,” I replied.
“You totally gonna get a shouting from Mr Bumster.” that was our nick name for Mr Bammer....
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posted by House_Of_Night_
This is the start of chaper 1.

hope u enjoy, i dont think the start is that good but when i get all of chapter one put up, you'll understand it more.

New Life

I wasn’t sure, how my life was going to turn out. Whether I was going to become the actress, I always wanted to be, または whether I was going to live on the 通り, ストリート and root away. But I was not expecting to be apart of a deadly gang, not just any ordinary gang, but a blood sucking vampire gang. Erik came over and took my hand. I cringed away. We were in a dark ally way. Erik’s friends, Laurent, Emmet, Janelle and Victoria were putting...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
end of chap3
The ベル rang then I saw Edward waiting for me in front of the office
-there u are I thought あなた were going to ditch me
-whenever I make a promise I will always keep it!
Specially the one that includes: killing Damien and his mother
-so who was he?
He asked a little angry
-no one
I sighed
-I won’t push it if u don’t want to talk about it
-that's a good idea
We reached the biology class I sat beside the window again and edward sat beside me like jasper
The teacher came in the class and told everyone to welcome edward and blah blah blah
In the biology class I wasn’t as tired as before so...
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Okay, I think it's so unfair that Emmett gets no attention!

Jasper- gets attention because of his power people are always making fun of him

Edward- Hello of course he'll get attention i mean HE is like the MAIN character other then Bella.

Alice- All people feel bad for her. She doesn't no were shes from and she has all her hair cut off so yeah we feel bad for her.

Rosalie- She is PRETTY so almost all boys ファン 愛 HER

BELLA-I mean come on SHE IS THE MAIN character!!!

Jacob-WHO doesn't 愛 Jacob?

and LASTLY we have Emmett

Emmett- あなた never find a Team Emmett thing anywhere. He is THE 愛 OF Rosalie so most boy ファン Hate him. and Most girl ファン are all over Edward または Jacob.

don't get me wrong I 愛 Edward and Jacob it's just that Emmett hardly has any fans!

so come on girls lets 表示する our spirit for THE HOT AND MUSCULAR GUYS!!!!

posted by bella01
[still BPOV]

he leaned closer to me.his face was only a few centimeters from mine.when i realized what he is trying to do.so i tried to fight him.when he is about to キッス me,i moved my head which made him キッス my neck not my lips.i immediately regret that because he is opening his mouth now preparing to bite.i tried to fight but he is too strong for me.i do not want to give up but i have no other choice so i just decided to wait for the pain to start.i closed my eyes and pressed my lips together.i waited but there is no pain.i opened my eyes and saw darius staring at me.then someone pulled him...
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posted by Rob_patt_fan
Hey guyZ! I was sooo busy with school and stuff... So I'm really sorry for being late! I have 2 tests tomorrow! So... Hope U like it... And don't forget 2 コメント and rate!

“Our fight will be tomorrow… Meet us in the equinox…Hope to see あなた there in the woods!”

I could feel the pain in my whole body. It wasn’t a human pain. It was something new… like I was having a ナイフ in my brain.


I choked out the word and knelt on my knees. This was all because of MY existence?

Edward was holding me with his hands. I was shaking of the idea of Cullens and Jacob fighting.

"No...No... This...
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posted by demilovatirocks
Ok I'm back on and ready to put up some stories.So here goes nothing.

I am skipping to when the Cullens arrive.
BTW Edward and Tanya are together now and the Denali Clan is with them.

at the Jonas house
The everyone except Demi is there.

Tanya:Where is this girl?(fustrated)
Joe's P.O.V

Tanya has been asking that since the 分 they got here.I turn to ashley and ask her where Demi is.

Ashley's P.O.V
Joe asked me where Demi is.Then it came to me."Oh shot I 発言しました i just remembered she had an interview.I guess it's only us that will have to do it."

With Demi

Taking pictures with a fan."Like OMGLJ!!!!{Oh...
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posted by twilight_fan_8
Five 分 that gives me 300 秒 to get control of my emotions. Not enough time. I don't know who to feel for. Jacob? Because he is only doing this unreasonable thing for me? または Edward? Because he didn't do anything. I'm the problem here. Both boys would be better off without me in their life. I wish I never moved to Forks. I left my normal life back at my moms house. If I stayed there neither Jacob nor Edward's life would be in danger. But I'm too selfish to actually want that. I have my best friend here, Alice. And I have my boyfriend, Jacob. And, hopefully, another friend, Edward....
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Chapter 2: the Cullen’s
When I entered, the club my fave song was on so I went and joined the crowed and started dancing with a really cute guy he had blond hair and dark blue eyes that u could swim in them like, forever! We started talking about our past and figured out his name is tom and has two sisters. then I made one up as I did for my school and then he bought me a few dinks after an 時 I found myself making out with him I really didn’t like him I just like to spend my time with someone until I break the damn curse and find the one for me, the one that will be my moon and light...
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投稿されました によって Twilight_News - 23/10/09 at 12:10 am

Rolling Stone of all places “gets it”. In our opinion, so many media folks don’t understand the appeal, または only get it in the most cursory of ways. Check out what Rolling Stone had to say:

It's a shame John Hughes didn't live to hear the New Moon soundtrack — it's a Pretty in ピンク for our vampire-crazed times. Indeed, if Hughes were making a Breakfast Club 2010, Molly Ringwald's detention buddies would have to include a vampire, a zombie, a werewolf and whatever Judd Nelson was. As any goth girl can tell you, undead dudes are way クーラー than...
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Bellas pov.

    *''Whats the matter love" Edward asked me as we were walking back home.

    *Nothing much dear. I have just been thinking about Nahuel and how sad he was the frist and last time we saw him. Just how he never had his time with his mom like Nessie has. She is so lucky that あなた were there to save me. To keep me alive.I can just imagin how he feels just so alone wiht no one to 愛 and may never find anyone to love.

* He may find someone. Just don't know when but he will soon.

* Yah I hope your right.

* Let's go ホーム and find somthing to do. Like...
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