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posted by karpach_13
Chapter 2
In the morning my aunt came in all happy and started dressing me
But I didn’t feel happy または excited to go to school. My aunt dressed me up into a beautiful dress and high high heels
I arrived at school and everyone was looking at me. I hate d the attention. Eric walked up to me. I tried to ignore him, but he grabbed my hand and held me tight and closae to him.
“let go” I told him calmly.
“ I 愛 you” he said
“and I cant do anything about it now let go” I told him still calmly. He stopped and I had to stop too cuz he was holding my hand really tight. “renesmee” he said...
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posted by karpach_13
When I was entering my school. In every single conversation my name was repeated. Some of the people 発言しました ‘I don’t mind going out with her’ with a evil smile and the others were usual. Like ‘ who is she’ and ‘I can’t believe she is going to be at this school’ and ‘you don’t even know her’. I kept on walking without talking to someone または not paying anymore attention to what people were saying. I got to say couple 分 in this school and I’m already annoyed. i went to ,y first period class which was language arts with Ms.Barr-Smith. He was sort of a magic teacher and...
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posted by jacob_lover5253
Here is the end of Jacob's POV then to Edward's POV.

Chapter 9. (Jacob)

Billy handed me the phone. "Hello?" I asked. Who is it? "Hey, um, Jacob. It's Edward. I need you." Edward 発言しました awkwardly. "What do あなた want? Why should I help you?" "Because Bella is gone." He 発言しました sadly. "No, duh? She left you." I laughed. "No, Jacob. あなた need to take this seriously. Bella left Charlie!" Edward screamed at me. She did what now!

I dropped the phone and headed full speed to the woods. I'm gonna help Edward find her. But maybe she won't go back to him and she'll come running into my arms! I smiled my wolfy...
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posted by jacob_lover5253
Sorry i didn't post. Tuseday I went out and then Wednesday my family and I went to see Eclipse then yesterday my cousin got two tickets for Eclipse and offered to take me so being the nice cousin I am I went with her. I do say I'm impressed with David Slade...he did great! Enjoy reading. Here's Bella POV! -Kayla

Chapter 10. (Bella)

I can't believe I did this. I thought as I drove away from Forks. Charlie will be devistated. I looked at my phone. I know Charlie または Edward または possibly Jacob will call me. What will I tell Jacob? Would he come after me? I looked at the houses as I drove. Looking back...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
 Bella in her dress
Bella in her dress
have a lot of time on my hands. so i hope to do a chapter once a 日 :P
this is too Moolah , for あなた kind words!

Bella's POV.

"Bella, look at me, あなた know all the words, あなた have got it perfected, all be fine, they just kids" Phil said.
After Phil baseball career went down the drown he soon took the offer to be my manger and to a good surprise he was a good one.
Just kids, they were Seniors. I was one not so long ago. And i diddnt really enjoy it.
My ハート, 心 beating rapidly.
I still dont why im still doing this, i still hadnt caught edward's attention.
Damm i dont even dance with the songs,...
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 "This was never going to end was it?"-This story takes during Eclipse
"This was never going to end was it?"-This story takes during Eclipse
True Lies, Teen Girls:
Alice’s P.O.V:
“Umm, Mr.?” I asked the man upfront. He kept driving, “Yes?” “Can I talk…to my brother?” I asked. He grumbled then finally sighed, “I guess.” “Thanks.” “Whatever.” I sighed and looked over at Edward, “I didn’t do this.” He rolled his eyes, “Alice! When are あなた gonna realize that Charlie hates me.” I looked at him. “I’m never gonna get out. And I’ll NEVER see Bella again.” I shook my head, “Carlisle’s gonna bail us out, Ed.” Edward looked down, “Look, Ali. I 愛 you. あなた know that. I always will...but…just...
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posted by Tatti
Thanks to all of あなた who reads, コメント and supports my fanfic, I really hope it's not boring and worth your time :D

8th chapter Missing


OK, finding three half-vampire 赤ちゃん on the doorstep was pretty awesome. The fact that we could keep them was even もっと見る amazing. The girl whom we adopted, Emi, outrunning Edward - totally unexpected (the same goes to Carlisle and Esme's son Nick being as strong as me). But the eldest girl having this freaky ability to control people - that is fucking fabulous!
I can see that Bella and Edward are totally freaked out about these, I don't know how to...
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posted by groovychicklisa
Chapter 1
Cuddled up in my ベッド I remember the better days when Edward and I could tell each other everything. But how could I tell him something that could evidently ruin our friendship? I can’t くま, クマ not to have him in my life, no matter how small または large a part he plays in it I shall keep the secret from him. Jacob knows something is wrong but what does he expect he knows I am in 愛 with Edward but won’t let me go. All I am to him is a パンチ bag! I and everyone else in Forks knows how he sleeps around and also wonder why I take him back, but how can I not as hard as it is to admit I...
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I 愛 this chapter!!! lol :P Get ready for some action. I hope あなた all enjoy it, too :] As always, thank あなた SOOOOO much for every ounce of your support!!! 愛 あなた guys bunches and bunches! <333 Enjoy!
Giving up my Soul
“Athe, I’m fine, honestly. I just want to lie down for a while. But I’d 愛 it if あなた stayed with me.” Athe gazed painfully into Summer’s golden eyes, “Of course I’ll stay.” She straightened the blankets for Summer, “I don’t understand this at all,” Athe started, taking a シート, 座席 on the wooden chair next...
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jacobs pov

he stept closer to me reaching with his hand.
"edward! no!" bella called but making no 移動する to stop him.
he stood infront of me his hand out raised i just looked it not knowing what to do. he held his hand even closer. so i grasped it. he shook
"thank あなた jacob for telling us where nessie is. no one would of gone againest the votlurie`s ways. i spprishiate it." he kept hold of my hand. back then when he would of touched me i would of cringed but not now. sinse the time i was turned i felt like i had a friend i could trust.
as he read my thoughts he grinned.
"glad あなた feel that jacob"...
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Chapter 15 The Results.
You and Emmett are waiting in Carlisles office and Emmett looks at the clock.

Emmett-He should be back によって now, its been an 時 and a half.
You-He'll be back soon Emm.

Right after あなた say that あなた get a pain that throws あなた out of your chair. あなた start screaming in pain and Emmett comes over to you.

Emmett-BABE!!! ___, あなた ok?!?

Just then Carlisle comes through the doors and sees あなた and gets 次 to you.

Carlisle-___, あなた are indeed pregnant.

You are crying because it hurts.

Emmett-I knew she was. (pause) But Carlisle, why is it so bad?

Carlisle looks at him.

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Chapter 14 Back to the Cullens!

After it feels like あなた just put your head down. あなた hear Emmett's voice.

Emmett-Babe, we're here.

You look up at him and smile a little bit.

You-(saying in a soft voice) Okay.

You sit up trying to block the pain out of your head. But あなた can't. Emmett gets off the plain to get the suitcases and Edward was there to pick あなた guys up and he helps Emmett load them in the back of the Volvo. As soon as あなた stand up your knees buckle and あなた let out a scream that tells everyone you're in pain. Emmett runs back on the plain.

Emmett-___!!! Babe, did it get worse??!

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13 Honey Moon part 2

WARNING: This chapter will make あなた melt, I know this because it is my ファンタジー with Kellan Lutz. Enjoy :)

Emmett smiles at あなた and gets the suitcases out of the back シート, 座席 and tosses them on the the patio above あなた guys.

You-Emmett what are あなた doing?

He comes over to あなた in .10 and picks あなた up bridal style.

Emmett-I'm carrying my bride to the bedroom, that what a husband is supposed to do to his brand new Bride.

You-Oh well take me away handsome.

you giggle and Emmett opens the door, and carries あなた upstairs, he gently places あなた on the ベッド and he goes to the patio and rings...
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Chapter 11 Wedding day<3

Just a note...this is the exact dress, and hair I had in mind.

You were having a really nice dream about Emmett, when あなた feel yourself being shaken. Alice is shaking あなた to wake あなた up.

Alice-___, ___? Wake up sleepy head, today is your big day!!

You roll over and open your eyes.

Alice-Goodmorning Sis!

You-Morning Sis! (you say smiling)

Alice-Do あなた know what today is?

You-Of Course (you smile)it's my Weding day.

Rosalie-(coming into your room) Exactly あなた need to get up so alice and I can get あなた all done up.

You-Morning Rose!

You sit up in あなた ベッド and Esme brings あなた some...
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Chapter 10 Graduation.

Graduation day:

You are putting your キャップ and ガウン on in the bathroom at school. あなた come out and Emmett is waiting for あなた in his キャップ and gown. He smiles and grabs your hand.

Emmett-You ready?

You-Yeah, I am.

He kisses your forhead and あなた guys line up for the ceremony. あなた are in the middle of the girls line. あなた guys go into the Gymnasium. あなた guys are being cheered によって parents and siblings. あなた get to your シート, 座席 and あなた guys are announced to sit down.

Your class Valedictorian makes their speech. They start handing out diplomas and あなた hear Emmett's name be called and you...
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Chapter 9

So Its the last 日 of school for the Seniors and あなた get your last レポート card. あなた and Emmett get all A's. but there is still one matter to be one before Graduation. あなた had to get your wedding dress.

You and Emmett go back ホーム and あなた Alice Rosalie and Esme go to 1 last store to try to find the PERFECT dresses.

You guys walk into the Bridal ショップ and あなた Intantly see the dress あなた want.

Alice-___ that would look so pretty on you! (she messes with your hair) if あなた did your hair up in curls with a little tiara, ooohh あなた need to get it ___.

You-Alice, I havent even tried it on yet.

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Chapter 8

You walk downstairs when あなた see all the lights off. あなた see a row of candles on the floor leading to the dining room. あなた follow the path and あなた see rose petals on the 表, テーブル and Emmett standing right 次 to the 表, テーブル with his hands behind his back. あなた cant help but smile. He sees あなた and smiles back.

Emmett-(pulling out a chair) Ma'am.

You-(going to the chair and sitting down) Thank You.

Emmett pushes your chair in and he sits own 次 to you.

You-What is this for Emmett?

Emmett-For you.


Emmett-Because あなた deserve it and plus I wanted to ask あなた something.

You-Like what?

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Chapter 7

You and Emmett walk in the door. And Alice comes over to あなた and hugs you.
Alice-I am so sorry to hear about your Mom ___
You-Thanks Alice.
Emmett-___, its late, do あなた want to go sleep?
You- Yeah, It's been a, really long day.
Emmett-Okay I'll go up with you.
You-Goodnight everyone
Everyone-night ___.

You and Emmett go up to his room and あなた see your vanity for your make up and your hair によって a huge window in his room and あなた see your dresser right 次 to it. あなた also see that your pajamas are set out on his bed. あなた knew alice did it, and あなた grabbed them and changed in the bathroom in...
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Chapter 6.

Ok I just wanted to say that since its a 雌犬 to highlight the Colors(色) and that on this computer (my) Everything is just going to be black from now on. Back to the story.

Emmett grabbed your hand a waked あなた inside, luckily Esme and Carlise where sitting back on the couch. Esme turned around because she heard あなた crying. "___, is everything ok?" あなた just started crying even harder. "umm, Carlisle, Esme, can I talk to あなた in the キッチン for a minute." "Absolutely Emmett." Carlisle says while him and Esme rush to the kitchen. Emmett follows behind. あなた just sit down on the ソファー, ソファ with...
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Chapter 5.
You felt someone nudging your arm and あなた hear someone say "___, ___, wake up, you're home." あなた open your eyes to see Emmett smiling at you. "Oh, I'm sorry I fell asleep Emmett, I was just so tired." あなた say smiling a little. "it's no problem ___, but I hope あなた had fun." he 発言しました looking at you. "I did, I really did except..." "except what" he asked. "Except Rosalie kept giving me a cold stare all day, and I dont know why." Emmett started to laugh a little bit. "What's so funny?" あなた ask. "Forget about Rosalie, we used to 日付 and I broke up with her because she's too damn up-tight....
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