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こんにちは everyone,
I'm sorry I haven't written in a while.
My family and I went camping for the fourth of July. We have been gone since Friday and just got back today.
I was camping, boating, and tubing, so I am fried and crispy lol.
I am going to write another Ever After a little later. Sorry for the wait!!!
Thank あなた for all who read and 愛 my articles!


ps. I'm not so sure I am going to continue my Happiness article. I think I'm going to try another one about Edward and Bella and see if I like that one better. Hope あなた all don't mind.
posted by groovychicklisa
Chapter 13


She was standing there. Shivering in the night. She was nothing like the girl i knew- her dress ripped, her hair pulled out and chaotic. Blood pouring from what appeared to be a bust lip. It was 1am. What the hell was she doing here “can i come in” she whispered – tremors of shivers running through her body. I didn’t even know if i could speak- looking at her- hurting was physically torturing me. I stepped aside letting her walk in. I closed the door behind her. She jumped slightly at the noise it made. She looked a million years from the girl i saw at the party- she...
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posted by karpach_13
"uncle emmett when i 発言しました i can keep an eye on everybody i meant, i can keep an eye on everybody except my parents" i told him, and my parents relaxed.
"how can あなた have two powers?" my grandma esme asked me.
"three" i corrected her. her eyes widened. then i got an idea.
"uncle emmett wanna fight?" i asked him. and he turned to me with a great big smile.
"nessie no" my mom said.
"this is the best part of my power, relax mom" i told her.
"i'd 愛 to fight, and i'd 愛 to warn u watch your back," uncle emmett told me. i nodded. we went into the backyard to fight.
"you start" i told uncle emmett. he...
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posted by groovychicklisa
Chapter 12


I knew what my subconscious wanted. It wanted Edward. I walked over to his house and knocked on the door.
Carlisle and Esme were on a trip visiting Emmet and had only left a few hours ago. Edward was ホーム alone. I knocked lightly in case he was asleep. After about 5 分 he came to the door- his eyes swollen, tired. Like he’d been crying. “can i come in?” i whispered. My teeth chattering. He nodded and moved aside. I entered his house- i heard the door close behind me. “Are あなた alright?” he whispered as i rubbed my arms to get friction to warm me up. “Just cold”...
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posted by DestinyGirl
Thx for all of the awesome comments! I hope I don't let あなた down on this one, it's one of my お気に入り chapters because it really starts things! And now... Starlight!:D

Disclaimer: Twilight does not belong to me! But I do own Kyle and Annie!XD

3. The Connection

met up with my brother and sister at the lunchroom doors after classes.

"Finally! Now we won't be able to get a 表, テーブル of our own!" Annie complained as she led us into the heavy populated lunch gathering for humans.

"Sorry," I mumbled as we each picked up a tray of food. It was pizza——something I've eaten only one time before.

"Hmm . ....
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posted by KatiiCullen94
"Hey, dad, I'm going to the Blacks to see jacob after school, do あなた think あなた can organise your own dinner?," i asked when in my rush down the stairs. I was running late for school again.
I hope that charlie understand that when i 発言しました organise, i mean order ピザ not cook, i want to come ホーム to a house, not ash.
"Ok Bells, One cheese ピザ should be enough" he snickered. Charlie had been 与えられた days off from work lately, for his back. He fell while taking out the trash. It was then when i realised that my clunsiness was in fact gene related.
i scuffed over to his side, struggling to get on my...
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posted by KatiiCullen94

I never planned to say goodbye to my mother, forlike ever. I always thought i'd live with her forever.
But now that im standing in her embrace at the Arizona airport , that statement could mean nothing もっと見る then me actaully gettting tp my fathers.
My father charlie lives in Forks, where he still lives in the very house that his marriage between him and my mother failed, and where i was born.
I'd had to turn to my father after living with my mother had become difficult.

Charlie picked me up in his police cruisier, i never thought...
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posted by groovychicklisa
Chapter 11


She was right in front of me I could feel the pain already consuming me from within. She quickly turned away making it obvious that she didn’t want to talk to me. Well tough she would be talking to me tonight whether she likes it または not. I watched her carefully waiting for the right opportunity to appear. I saw her walk over and grab a bottle of beer. Since when did she drink? Just after she had taken a drink I grabbed her arm and pulled her around to face me. (B)Can I help you? (B) She grunted. I knew I was looking at her but she wasn’t the girl I knew. I was looking through...
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posted by groovychicklisa
Chapter 10

There he was standing there the burning man quickly consuming him. I walked over and grabbed a bottle of beer, I would be needing something to get through this night! As I took a swig someone grabbed my arm from behind me I was spun round. There he was he looked like he was in physical torment. (B)Can I help you? (B) I grunted. He was looking through me, not at me and I didn’t know why. (E) What are あなた doing back? (E) he asked evidently in pain. (B) That’s none of your business! (B) I very nearly screamed at him. Now he looked pissed. Before he could say anything I had...
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I ran all the way back to Jake's. I knocked on the door until someone came to the door. It was Billy.
"Hey Billy. Is Jake home?'I asked.
"He's in his room Nessie."He 発言しました back. Billy moved out of my way so I could come in. I knocked on Jacob's door.
"Come in" He said. I opened his door. He looked at me and took in my red-rimmed eyes.
"Ness, what's wrong?" He asked. I sat down 次 to him and put my hand on his cheek to 表示する him what happened. When it was over he hugged me and rubbed my back.
"Do あなた wanna stay here for tonight?" He asked me after I calmed down. I shook my head yes.
Later that night...
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posted by karpach_13
 nesssie's outfit
nesssie's outfit
"hi guys, whacha talking about?" i asked them. they turned toward me and Jake smiled. he was によって my side in a sec. he grabbed me and swang me aroung.
"Y havent u visited me for so long?" jake asked playfully.
"family problems" i answered. before Jake または anyone else could say something, Eric comes out of the woods.
"what are あなた doing here?" jake asks Eric with a tilt of anger in his voice.
"can't i see my imprintee?" he asked jake. seth embry, jared, paul, quil, and sam widend their eyes.
"whats wrong ?" i asked sam.
"only one person can imprnt on you, if there's two they have to fight, and only...
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posted by groovychicklisa
Chapter 8


7 weeks later.
I really didn’t want to see anyone または anyone to see me for that fact. She left 7 weeks ago, since then I attempted suicide 3 times, but every time someone found me. The first time my Mum Esme, The 秒 time my Father Carlisle and the last time my big brother Emmet when he came ホーム from college for a break.
I tried to remember her as the darkness took over me, I wouldn’t feel this pain anymore. I heard noises someone crying. Who is it I thought to myself. Suddenly I felt pressure on my wrists, the voices then became clearer. It was my mum, she was...
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I know that Will will come here. He is going to want all the truth, but I can't give it to him.

Jacob and Micah fell asleep in the hammock last night, but they still haven't come in.

At this instant I hear the doorbell ring. I hesitate and finally walk to the door.

Will's shadow is on the other side.

I open the door and see his solemn face.

"Will," I pause. "what are あなた doing here." I look at his face and notice the lines creasing his forehead.

"What was that call all about?" He stares into my eyes with anger.

"I told you. I can't." I start to close the door, but he pushes it back open...
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posted by basketballstar
This short story is not really based on any one of the four books. I suppose it could be after Twilight and before New Moon. It's a comical piece, in my mind, as Alice drags the complaining Emmett and Edward around a department store. Please コメント and tell me what あなた think!!

Alice was the one who was into fashion in our family. Rosalie and Esme were too of course, but Alice was the most interested in it. She was the one who dressed us, never letting us wear the same outfit twice. She usually went shopping with Rosalie または Esme, または on a rare occasion, Jasper; never Emmett or...
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posted by basketballstar
This short story is based mainly on Twilight. It's mainly about the enjoyment that I thought Jasper and Emmett would have got out of Edward falling for a human. The three of them always seemed to be close in my mind, so I figured that Jasper and Emmett would tease Edward after he fell in love. Please コメント and tell me what あなた think!!

Jasper and Emmett got way too much enjoyment out of the fact that I was in 愛 with a human. They would look at me across the sitting room when I would be 読書 there and start snickering, nudging each other and thinking of how hilarious it was that...
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posted by basketballstar
I wrote this very short story based on Eclipse. It's told from Edward's point of view. I wrote it quite some time ago, and only decided now to put it out and see what people think of it. Please コメント and tell me what あなた think (if あなた want to read others etc.) as I have some other similar short stories that I was thinking about posting aswell!

Undoubtedly Alice was my favourite sister. There wasn’t really any competition. I had annoyed Rosalie from the first 日 she heard me speak; it went both ways. I loved Rosalie, true. But without a doubt, I adored Alice. She was annoying...
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sorry if it doesnt make sense but this isnt my comp im using and the keys are rubish so tell me and i will send あなた a message with it all sorted :) enjoy

alecs pov

she kept looking at me with the same eyes she allways used and i would allways melt with.
"so what is it?" she quastioned. how could i tell her? "well what did i say?"
i couldnt tell her not when everything was going so great
"you`ve just been saying things like i dont want to go to schhol today" i lied she didnt look convinsed but she let it drop.

nessies pov

he was leing i could tell i`ve 発言しました something in my dreams and he wouldnt...
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*episode seven*
*I’d kill myself, Alice*
Alice’s P.O.V:
I was shaking now.
Jasper was squeezing my hands-tightly
Nothing made me feel better though.
Something lurched inside of me.
I was scared.
What if…what…if…I…died?
*done thinking*
Carlisle: *going across her stomach with the paddy thing* *gasps*
Alice: *gulps* Carlisle?
Carlisle: *whispering* Alice, I will be right back, honey.
Alice: *nods* Ok?
Carlisle: *leaves*
Alice: *looks over at Jasper* what’s wrong with me? *crying*
Jasper: Ali, everything’s gonna be alright.
Alice: No! It’s not!
Jasper: Alice. I swear if anything happens...
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posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
こんにちは guys sorry its been awhile since I have written its finally the holidays for me! Yay, 2 weeks off but of course its the first 日 of the holidays and I'm sick :( Anyway Please tell me if there is anything I can help to make my story better. Because its been so long i tried to make this one longer, but i'm not sure if I did though. Hope あなた everyone enjoy's and Please comment!

Tash's POV

Bella seemed kind of embarrassed that I knew her whole life since she moved to Forks, and to me she also seemed annoyed too. But who wouldn't be annoyed in a situation like this? I mean being taken from you're...
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