Remember when あなた joined ファンポップ and joined the Twilight Series Spot, and あなた saw [and continue to see] the question, "Which team are あなた on? Edward または Jacob?"

Let's see if あなた can remember this one: "Vampires are so hot! I wanna be a vampire! Wouldn't you?!"

The 質問 may not have been phrased like this, but something to this nature. And this got me thinking and inspired me to write this article. This 記事 is a question, but I don't want a simple yes または no. This is also my first 記事 in a long time, so please, bare with me :)

There are a couple ways to analyze this question:
1) If you had a chance to turn, would you?
2) If a Twilight vampire bit you, would あなた want to be a vampire?

Let's look at all the facts very closely. Then chose your answer.

The vampire mythology has taken many turns in the past decade または so. And most traditional vampire ファン frown upon the Twilight vampires. (Note: によって traditional, I mean fangs, blood, burn in the sunlight, stake through the heart, and gore.) It's true. Traditional ヴァンパイア and Stephenie Meyer's ヴァンパイア are different. However, they have one thing in common. And that is their humanity.

1) We see a lot of ヴァンパイア that have no remorse about what they do. They give in to their instincts and they can spread chaos and carnage throughout city to city and not even blink. (Example- Traditional: Dracula, Lestat; Twilight: Victoria)

2) However, we also see ヴァンパイア that have killed but hate themselves for being a monster. We see them come to terms with what they are and what they have done and try to change and are usually successful. (Example- Traditional: Josh Whedon's Angel, Vampire Diaries Stefan; Twilight: Edward, The Cullens.

3) And then, we have ヴァンパイア that are torn. We see ヴァンパイア that try to come to terms with what they are; they try to do good but they fall off the wagon somewhere along the road. (Example-Traditional: Josh Whedon's Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vampire Diaries Damon)

Now, back to talking about humanity. The examples I have for #1: Traditional vampires, they erased their humanity. They didn't want to feel; they became too much of a vampire that it buried any humanity they had. They embraced what was put upon them; though, not in the right way. A ヴァンパイア life, like number 1's examples, would be the easiest. However, it's not the most responsible.

The examples for #2: they struggled with what they were. エンジェル and Stefan were blood-lustful at the beginning of their vampire life. However, they were strong enough to overcome their vampire instincts and change; to maintain what they had left of their humanity. The Cullens knew what ヴァンパイア were capable of, and because of that, they took the extra mile to keep themselves human-blood free.

The examples for #3, they aren't strong enough. At least, not yet. Why do あなた think they kill people? When we see those characters, we catch glimpses of their vulnerability. They put on a strong front, but really, maybe they are vulnerable, and they miss their humanity. They don't want to feel remorse. So they try and cover it up with killing because that's all their instincts tell them. And they're not strong enough to overcome that. With these characters, there is usually someone that comes in and helps them and guides to be better.

What most ヴァンパイア have in common, whether they are traditional, または non traditional, is that they were turned without a choice. When あなた have vampires, pain follows. Even though ヴァンパイア are fascinating, we see a lot of ヴァンパイア who struggle with what they are... not only because of their instincts, but because of their humanity that was stolen from them. This got me thinking, maybe being a vampire isn't as cracked up as it seems to be. Why do あなた think Edward または the Cullens drink animal blood? Why do あなた think エンジェル and Stefan do the same? Because they know being a vampire is somewhat of a curse. アナと雪の女王 and forever trapped in a blood-filled world. They keep away from human blood because, not only is it the right thing to do, but because they try and hold on to what is left of their human life.

Even the ヴァンパイア that do drink human blood, あなた can see traces of their humanity. In Eclipse, Victoria holds on to her 愛 for James and tries to avenge his death. ヴァンパイア are non-living creatures. These creatures normally do not feel. Why would Victoria hold on to her 愛 for James if she wasn't at least, a little human? Why would Spike stop from killing Buffy if he wasn't the slightest human? Why would Damon be torn from killing an innocent person after 200+ years of chaos? Because, since they had been surrounded によって humans for so long, those same humans slowly bring out their humanity. They never realized they missed being human until real humans helped them realize that.

So now, let me ask あなた again. Would あなた want to be turned into a vampire? Any vampire. Traditional または non-traditional? Some people don't really think about the consequences. Nor do they take the time to realize what the vampire characters are trying to tell us through their stories.

Hypothetically, あなた have a choice. And here are the facts: if あなた choose to become a vampire, your humanity is not stolen from you. あなた are giving it up. あなた know the saying, "You don't really know what あなた had until it's gone."

Angel[us] was turned によって Darla and he killed many people. However, he killed the wrong person: a gypsy. He was then cursed with a soul. Angel, now with a soul, had spent over 100 years trying to atone for all he did as a reckless vampire.

While エンジェル was soulless, he turned Spike. Spike ended up killing many people. The people Spike killed, that's blood on Angel's hands.

Stefan was turned によって Katherine. He turned his brother Damon. Before Stefan became a good vampire, he was a ripper. He tore people apart and drank their blood. However, a witch told him that his ハート, 心 was pure. And that helped him change.

Damon still has issues to work out. He misses being human, but he needs human blood so he can turn off that emotion: that longing to be human again. He's taking the easy way out. And those people that he kills, is on Stefan's hands.

These traditional ヴァンパイア have all suffered through something. They have all killed innocent people. And even though some have changed their ways, that blood will be forever on their hands. And all of these vampires, once throughout their vampire lives, have wanted to die. Because they were tired of either trying to atone for their sins, または because they were tired of trying to be good.

Even though Twilight vampires, such as the Cullen's, haven't had quite the past as the traditional vampires, they have still thought about how they shouldn't exist.

If あなた read between the lines, these characters might be trying to tell us something. Being a vampire isn't too great of a thing. あなた have to constantly hold yourself back from killing someone. あなた have to fight your instincts for as long as あなた live; which is forever.

So really think about it. Is being super fast または strong, または to some ファン "super hot" worth it? Worth years of atoning? あなた might say that you'll be a good vampire. But, like Edward 発言しました in Twilight, even the strongest of us fall off the wagon.

What do あなた think now? Would あなた want to give up your humanity to be a vampire even though the ヴァンパイア we all 愛 have tried to maintain their humanity?

Thanks for answering the 質問 または any コメント :) Like I said, it's been a really long time since I wrote an article, so I apologize if this 記事 was patchy haha ;)