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This Chapter is dedicated to a great friend PC, thanks for all of your support...x

There were people rushing about everywhere but I could distinguish the difference between my vampire family and my werewolf family but the almost invisible flashes of light and the もっと見る slow galloping thuds of my werewolf’s footsteps. Kate stood in the middle of Alice’s massive bathroom whilst Rose, Alice, Mum, Tanya and I all applied her makeup, pulled her hair up into an elegant bun and literally made every surface of her body look even もっと見る beautiful than usual- which is extremely hard with a vampire. Esme was busy with the decorations downstairs with a band of helpers and everyone else was just making everything perfect and collecting other guests.
“I can’t believe this is happening!” Kate squealed trying to turn her head towards me, but Alice had it locked in her arms whilst she and Rose worked on her extremely elaborate hairstyle.
“There,” Alice 発言しました in a satisfied tone as she twirled Kate round, “you look beautiful Kate, and the wedding is about to start so we need to get in place,” she finished looking up at the clock. I followed her eyes and was shocked to see that we only had five 分 until it was time for Kate to become a Mrs. My hair and make up had been done at 6am this morning and my dress had been slipped on about a half 時 前 so all I needed to do now was to grab my bouquet of お花 and wait for the 音楽 to start.
It was fifteen minuets later when I sat down on my velvet chair 次 to Jacob. All of the bridesmaids had walked down the aisle in front of Kate and Eleazar and we had been silently greeted によって the rows of people eagerly looking for the bride- I knew most of them but some faces were unfamiliar. Kate looked stunning as she walked down the aisle, her arm locked in Eleazar’s a huge smile spread across her face. As she met Garret he took her hands in his as the vows started. Slowly I let my mind slip into thought.
April 13th, it was a special 日 for me. It had been ever since I was fourteen, I know it wasn’t that long 前 but since I am now forever アナと雪の女王 at sixteen. It had been a beautiful spring 日 and Jake had suggested that we go for a walk. It was sunny so none of my vampire family could accompany us, it was just Jake and I. It was perfect. We ran to First ビーチ and just sat their for a while, we had just returned to Forks, their had been a terrible 火災, 火 there a 年 前 and only some new families had returned as all of the other houses were long gone and people just decided to relocate- with some help of Jaspers talent- and the only people who stayed were the ones who were in on the secret. Jake and I had walked for about and 時 hand in hand, he had always been there for me, always taking me to my dance lessons または just being there talk to me when I was having a bad day. Jake just lived for my happiness and I lived for his. I loved him and I told him that sunny afternoon of April 13th.
“Jake, I 愛 you.” I had said,
“And I 愛 あなた Nessie,” he replied, but I had felt him go ridged beside me.

“Jake あなた know that’s not what I meant, I 愛 あなた in もっと見る ways than friendship,” I had whispered, I remembered how my ハート, 心 was pounding in my chest.
“Nessie, you’re so young it’s sick,” he had answered turning to face me,
“Don’t give me that Jake,” I muttered snuggling into his chest.
“Just give it time Renesmee, please.” He was calling me Renesmee; he only did that when something was important, and so I decided to give up. For now. As I had released my hold of him he pulled me back under his arm and I knew that he had feelings for me too, he just wanted me to have a shot at being normal. He did what he did for the right reasons, and I’m glad that he did.
“I do,” the sharp clear words of Kate’s voice broke me out of my memories. The vows were almost over, I had been so caught up in my thoughts I had missed it.
“I didn’t know あなた felt that way about that day,” Jake whispered, smirking. Oh crap, I forgot I had been holding his hand, he had seen it all. I could send my thoughts through any part of someone’s body now and it was proving to be a bit annoying.
“Man, I need to stop holding your hand,” I replied in a hushed tone as Kate and Garret walked back up the aisle. I took hold of his hand as the rest of the congregation stood up in applause. We all made our way to the dance floor in the garden. As a slow song started Kate and Garret waltzed onto the dance floor, I fished in Jacobs’s pocket for my camera and starting snapping feverishly along with about twenty other women. When the song ended the rest of the crowd melted onto the dance floor. I noticed mum and dad kind of rotating in a small サークル, 円 obviously having a conversation whilst Alice and Jasper whirled around them laughing. Suddenly everything went wrong, I ワカサギ, 錬金術 it first then all the bodies around me picked out the familiar scent as well. It was the newborns. How could this happen today, it was the wedding for goodness sakes!
Everyone jumped into action within an eighteenth of a second.
“Get her inside Jacob!” dad yelled, “Emmet, Jasper, Garret, Eleazar and Carlisle come with me.” He 発言しました looking around the tent.
“NO,” I cried, taking a step back as Jacob tried to pick me up, “I’m coming with you, its safer if we all fight, we out number them totally!” I continued, taking yet another step back only to be caught によって Jasper who grabbed my elbows and smiled down at me apologetically.
“Then あなた wont mind sitting out,” Dad said, raising his eyebrows. Why did they always have to treat me like I was a baby- okay I was only half vampire but I had proved that I was very nearly as strong and fast as them.
“Look I am coming, they are out there now and we are wasting time fighting; JUST LET ME FIGHT!” I wailed, breaking out of Jasper’s cage and storming over to where dad and Jake were standing.
“Nessie, its okay!” dad 発言しました as Jake pulled me into his chest,
“I know you’re over protective but mum has always told me あなた were the most laid back person あなた have ever met.” I moaned,
“Nessie, I couldn’t くま, クマ to loose you, and anyway I was young and immature the. I know how your dad felt.” Jake whispered hugging me closer.
“I think that we should all go, it is safer for Nessie if she is with all of us to protect her; and she’s right, we outnumber them.” Mum 発言しました reaching up to put a hand on dads shoulder.
“Thank you,” I knew that these words were true, I really meant it. I couldn’t くま, クマ not knowing what was happening- who was getting hurt- whilst I sat back at home, going insane.
“We need to go now, before the Volturi get there.” Carlisle 発言しました not meeting my gaze, knowing my fear of the Volturi.

We were all running through the forest when it came to mind that Alice should have seen this happening. I turned to Carlisle who was running at the front with Dad, mum, Jake and I, to ask him.
“Carlisle, I am worried about Alice; she should have seen this. Is it possible for her to loose her powers?” I asked,
“Don’t worry Nessie, I don’t think she is loosing her powers but then again anything is possible our existence proves that. I think that these newborns are もっと見る powerful than we think, they have been told about her powers and are using it against her- it happened before with Victoria- they know that she will only be looking for certain things and with the wedding today she wasn’t looking for anything. But like I said, don’t worry Nessie.” He 発言しました with a smile. Carlisle was one of my お気に入り people, my family was very strange; although Carlisle was actually my grandpa and Emmet my uncle and so on it was like I had loads of dads, it was the same with the women. Liked it like that, it was special.
As we continued running south east of the house we caught their scent, it was strong and fresh. They were less than a mile of; as we changed direction to follow the scent I noticed my dad nod at someone’s silent question. All of a sudden I was running not at the front of the formation but in the middle of a もっと見る circular one. I didn’t protest but inch によって inch moved myself closer to Jacob who was still at the front. I knew that as soon as we got near the danger I would be engulfed back into the circle, but I wanted to be with Jacob for as long as possible; my Jacob.
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