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“As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there's a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged, and it is in such twilight that we must be aware of change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.”
-William Orville Douglas

* I 投稿されました pictures of the dresses in the image section of my spot "lovethecullens" check it out!

Chapter 1: For as long as we both shall exist… (Nessie's POV)

I was surrounded によって brightness, as though in a dream. I looked down at the Oscar De La Renta ガウン that my Aunt Alice had insisted on. It was absolutely beautiful and I felt out of place in it. She had insisted on nothing less. It was a sleeveless dress, with お花 made out of material that were sewn along the top. The ガウン was tight but flowed out around my feet where it was trimmed in antiqued lace. The hem hid the Manolos that my Aunt Alice had chosen. This morning I had slipped on a pair of my sneakers instead theinking that she wouldn't catch on because the ガウン covered them but Amore ratted me out. I winced at how painful the stilettos were, vowing that I would ditch them the 分 I had a chance. My Aunt Rosalie had once again insisted on a tiara only a もっと見る elaborate one this time. She had wanted me to wear a veil as well, I conceded as long as it was understood that as soon as the ceremony was over I was ditching the veil. Aunt Rosalie grudgingly agreed. Aunt Alice, Aunt Rosalie and Amore had spent hours upon hours getting me ready. They made sure that my naturally curly hair was coiffed in perfect curls which they piled on the 上, ページのトップへ of my head. My mother helped me to fasten the ネックレス that Jake had 与えられた me for my birthday. It was a crystal amulet that had belonged to his mother; it had been her wedding gift. I felt that it was necessary to represent his mother at our edding since she couldn't be here. Next, my mother brought me the combs that she had worn in her hair when she married my father, “Here is your “something borrowed”. She smiled as she placed them in my hair. Aunt Alice gave me a small box. “What is it?” I asked. She grinned, “It’s your “something new”. I opened the box and took out a lacey white garter and felt my face flush. Amore giggled as she grabbed it and slipped it onto my thigh. Aunt Alice glowered at my mother, “Instead of letting Renesmee borrow one I figured it was better to give her one since my last garter disappeared.” My mother narrowed her eyes at my aunt playfully. My mother hadn’t really 発言しました too much all day, she had kept to herself. She stood によって my side watching the preparations; she seemed bewildered as to the fact that I was actually getting married. Leah sat in a chair looking bored, I laughed to myself. Becoming a vampire hadn’t done too much to change Leah’s demeanor. Although her sudden imprinting on Nahuel had made all of the difference in the world. They had become inseparable, and Leah was so happy it showed plain as 日 when あなた looked at her. Even now the bored look in her eyes was contradicted によって the smile that played on her lips as she met my gaze and rolled her eyes. I giggled and Aunt Alice looked over at her, “Save the faces Leah あなた are 次 in line for hair.” She groaned. “Alice, my hair is short there isn’t too much that あなた can do with it, just leave it alone.” My tiny aunt glared at her, “There is plenty that I can do with it,” she promised her through her clenched teeth. Aunt Alice turned back to me, her tone softened, “Well Nessie, I am finished do あなた want to look?” I winced as she gently turned me towards the mirror, and I gasped. I could barely recognize the strange woman in the mirror. She had perfect creamy skin; her large, excited brown eyes were played up with just the right amount and shade of eye makeup. Her cheeks, flushed with excitement and her red lips made her look like a movie 星, つ星 from a time long since forgotten. Her hair was nestled on op of her head in curly tendrils that emphasized her ハート, 心 shaped face. The tiara that was fastened at the head of the curls gave her a regal look. “It doesn’t even look like me,” I faltered. “Alice, あなた have outdone yourself yet again,” my father 発言しました in awe from the doorway. I turned to him slowly and met his gaze. He looked shocked, happy and saddened all at once. “Although my daughter's beauty even without the make up and fancy hair puts the dress to shame." I felt myself blush again. My father stepped into the bathroom, "I need to borrow the bride for a moment.” He told her. He held up a small box, “Here is your something old and blue.” My aunt looked me up and down and sighed in resignation, “Alright Edward but hurry up, and do not make her cry, I spent hours on that make up!” My mother kissed my cheek, “You are breathtaking, sweetheart. Just relax, and breathe. All that matters today is あなた and Jake and the 愛 that あなた have for each other. I know it is nerve-racking but try to ignore everyone around you,” she shot Aunt Alice a withering glare, “especially the short, bossy ones.” My aunt stuck her tongue out at my mother. My mother turned back to me and rubbed my arm, “Just focus on Jake and it will be fine. I 愛 you.” I smiled at her and hugged her. She always knew just what to say to make me feel better, “I 愛 あなた too mom,” I whispered. My father took my arm and led me down the hall to his old room which was now Amore’s room. He was holding the small box, “This was my mother’s I have been saving it for you.” I opened the box; inside of it was a bracelet that had a sapphire that was surrounded によって four diamonds, as well as diamonds along the side. It matched the combs in my hair uncannily. I gasped, “Oh, daddy it is beautiful.” I looked up at him and we just stared into each other’s faces. There were no words that could be found. What does a man say to his only little girl who is about to leave him, to prepare her for the world; and what does that little girl, now a grown woman, say to her father to thank him for all that he has done to lead her to this point. How can あなた thank your father for finding the courage to let あなた go? He finally spoke, his voice unsteady, “I am so proud of あなた my Renesmee, from the very beginning your life has been a series of struggles that あなた have met head on and rose above. あなた are a beautiful, smart, and kind young woman あなた have brought your mother and I so much happiness. Although it is hard to let あなた go, I know that あなた will be happy. He is a good man and will take care of you, as あなた will him. Just remember to always 愛 each other equally.” I kissed him on the cheek, “I 愛 あなた daddy. Thank you.” He looked at me in wonder as he slipped the bracelet onto my right hand, “What are あなた thanking me for?” I smiled at him as the tears lined my eyelashes, “For the bracelet but mostly for everything that あなた have ever done for me, あなた are a wonderful father.” He smiled at me sadly, “My little girl is all grown up.” I put my hand on his cheek, “I will always be your little girl” I told him as I went over childhood memories in my mind that I shared with him によって leaving my hand on his cheek. My first memory of him, as he helped bring me into this world, the first time I saw him and my mother together as he stayed close to both of us in order to protect us both from her, the first time I bit Jake in front of him and how hard he laughed, the first time I 発言しました dada, how proud he was of me when I took my first step, the heartbreaking look on his face when the Volturi came when I was little and he thought Jake was going to have to take me to escape, he thought he would never see me again. Memories of my ピアノ lessons with him, when he was teaching me to hunt although I was disgusted with it, his amusement when I mastered riding a bike on the first try, my birthday parties throughout the years, my first クリスマス with my parents when he gave me my MP3 player, and then my memories flashed to もっと見る 最近 memories, my most 最近 birthday my 17th (technically according to the humans) which was last month, his face when he realized the Volturi were not going to keep me the last time they tried to take me from my family and that we would get away. Finally my お気に入り memory, the look of happiness in his face when he accepted the fact that Jake and I were engaged and he actually seemed overjoyed at the news. I slowly let my hand drop to my side, “do あなた really think the small matter of me becoming someone’s wife can キャンセル out all that あなた mean and are to me? あなた will always be very important in my life daddy, I 愛 you.” Wordlessly he clutched me to his side and kissed my forehead. I wiped at the tears that were dripping down my face and heard a groan in the doorway, “Edward I TOLD あなた not to make her cry!” Aunt Alice growled as she came up and whisked me back into the bathroom to fix my make up that had melted a bit with the tears. My father shook his head at my aunt, “Some things never change,” he teased. Aunt Alice looked at him angrily, "yea? like what," she challenged. He smiled at her in amusement, "Like the amazing fact that although あなた are the smallest in this family あなた are によって far the most annyoing." We laughed as my aunt grabbed a brush and raised it towards him, “hey, back off または I will make あなた go downstairs with the rest of the guys.” My mother looked at my eccentric aunt in exasperation, “Alice relax, あなた can’t make him leave, it’s time.” I felt my ハート, 心 skip a beat and I swallowed hard. Amore and Leah came up to me, Leah pushed a stray hair out of her eye and looked at me calmly, “Look, I know あなた are nervous, I would be too; this is a circus. But I know that he loves you, もっと見る than anything. He has proven it,” I cringed at the memory of what Jake and his entire pack had done for me and Amore. “Just hold onto that and ignore all of the rest of this, “she gestured towards our dresses and downstairs where everyone was waiting. “This will all be over in a few hours but あなた will have Jake forever.” I smiled at her. I never thought that I would see the 日 that Leah Clearwater would be comforting me. I hugged her, “Thank あなた for being my bridesmaid, and for everything else,” I said. She smiled at me and awkwardly returned the hug. Since changing into a vampire she was literally a different person. The transformation allowed her to imprint on Nahuel almost instantaneously which helped her to get past the bitterness and anger that she felt towards Sam, she felt nothing but 愛 these days and I was so happy for her. She had even joined us all at Sam and Emily’s wedding. The news of Emily’s pregnancy soon after the wedding didn’t faze her and she was genuinely happy for them. With Nahuel によって her side nothing bothered her anymore. There had been some contention regarding the change that she, Seth and Jake had undergone. It defied the Quileute belief structure. For a few months not even their parents had spoken with them. Billy and Sue as well as the other members of the Quileute’s came around after there had been a meeting between ヴァンパイア and werewolves. It was not the same as it had been before but now they understood the fact that there hadn’t been much of a choice for them to make. They changed out of necessity to save the women that they had imprinted on and for Leah she had changed out of loyalty to her pack. Sam couldn’t 質問 that. He knew that any of them would have done the same in their position although they didn’t want to admit it at first. Amore hugged me too, “everything will be just fine,” She promised me, “I am so happy for you. あなた are stunning.” I hugged my maid of honor back as I sighed, “Let’s get this 表示する on the road. My aunt Alice kissed me on the cheek as she flitted out of the door in her eye-catching black dress. It was short and had little ruffles all along the bottom that fluttered in the wind after her. Aunt Rosalie came up to me and kissed my cheek as well, she slid gracefully out of the room in a floor length red dress that was tight but fishtailed out and to the side at the bottom. My mother stepped up beside me. She looked dazzling in a 桃, ピーチ dress that matched the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses but the style was different. Hers was a Greek inspired gladiator dress and she looked like a Grecian goddess. Her eyes were played up with smokey make up and her hair was also curled and piled on 上, ページのトップへ of her head. My father smiled at her and she smiled back in such a way that made me only hope that Jake and I would be as happy as they are. My parents each took one of my arms as Amore and Leah positioned themselves in front of us. Their dresses were gorgeous and very trendy. Aunt Alice and Amore battled over the bridesmaid’s dresses; in the end Amore won. They were a pale 桃, ピーチ color the 上, ページのトップへ of the gowns looked as though it had been inspired によって a corset, the boning could be seen underneath the surface of the material and the back featured a tie up look. Organza cascaded down in tears and ripples that fluttered in the wind making the two ヴァンパイア who wore them even もっと見る graceful looking. They also wore tiny organza jackets that went over the dresses and matched the material. Amore’s long black hair was twisted into a chignon with a diamond headband and Leah’s short hair was styled with pin curls framing her beautiful face she also wore a diamond headband. The 音楽 started up from downstairs, my aunt Rosalie was at my father’s ピアノ playing Pachelbel’s Canon in D, which I had requested. To my surprise I heard a violin start playing I looked to my father in confusion. He smiled at me, “Tanya... she wanted to surprise you,” he said. I smiled at how perfect it was. My father used to play it for me when I was little and I would twirl around the room with my dolls, grandfather, または whichever Uncle was closest. I smiled at the memory, and touched both of my parent’s faces. My mother grinned, “I thought that was why あなた chose this song.” Amore handed me my bouquet of tigerlillies and squeezed my hand, “Here we go, she whispered in my thoughts. She and Leah started their descent towards the stairs and my parents waited a few moments before leading me down after them. I was アナと雪の女王 where I stood I couldn’t move. My mother looked at me and smiled tenderly, “Just breathe.” She whispered as she carefully inserted my veil behind my tiara. My father kissed my cheek and pulled the veil over my face. I did as my mother told me and with one last look at each of my parents I focused on the task at hand. I felt a moment of sadness sweep over me as I realized that this was my last moment as Renesmee Cullen, that I would never be able to turn back. Not that I wanted to. Jake was my reason to exist, but it was a bittersweet moment just the same. I had fought against who I was so much in the past couple of years and now I was ironically clinging onto the last few 秒 as my parents little girl. We floated gracefully down the winding staircase (no thanks to me if it wasn’t for my parents I probably would have fallen down the stairs). Seth and Nahuel stepped up to 登録する Amore and Leah as they slowly walked towards the backyard. There were candles everywhere that mingled with vases of calla lilies, tiger lilies and orchids; my three お気に入り flowers. True to the vision that my Aunt Alice wanted to create all of the guests were waiting in the grand hallway and living room. She wanted them to make the walk with me, following me and signifying that my family and フレンズ were behind me; supporting me and Jake. I looked briefly into the faces of all of my loved ones as I reached the final stair. Grandpa Charlie was there with Sue, now his wife. They had been married last 月 and I was so happy for them. Both of their eyes were red as they held each other’s hands. I was almost shocked to see all of the members of Sam’s pack with their dates, it was still so new for us to be on good terms with them again. Emily smiled at me encouragingly as her tiny hand rested on her swelling stomach. I felt a strange feeling as I looked at her she and Sam looked so content together as they patiently awaited for the arrival of their child I was almost jealous. My grandma Renee was there with her husband Phil she was sobbing openly I smiled at her. She looked beautiful in a floor length black gown. My mother and father had her believing that I was adopted but I think that she knew that there was もっと見る to the story. My grandpa Charlie had spoken with her. We do not know what he told her but Grandma Renee never asked us any 質問 which was quite out of character for her; but it allowed for her to be a part of our lives. I was so glad I loved my hair brained grandmother. I met my grandma Esme and Grandpa Carlisle’s eyes next. My grandmother’s lip trembled and I knew that she would be crying if possible. She was exquisite in a powder blue off the shoulder floor length gown. Part of her hair was up and the rest fell around her shoulder in soft waves. My grandfather was dashing in his tux which matched my father’s and the rest of the guys. He looked sad, but was beaming with pride, “I 愛 you,” he mouthed to me. I smiled and mouthed it back. My aunt Rosalie and Tanya looked at me momentarily as they played the beautiful 音楽 that swelled throughout the house they both smiled. We continued the march along the white carpet that my aunt Alice had led from the stairs out to the backyard. I gasped when I saw how beautiful the yard was. The sun had begun to set, so it was dark enough that my vampire families' skin didn't give them away to our human guests. Although most already knew what they were. There were candles and torches all over the backyard with white chairs lined up into neat rows. The お花 from the house spilled out into the yard; that was when I saw him. My peripheral vision gave out Jake stood underneath an archway of lilies behind him stood the pastor, and Billy his father sat 次 to him in his wheel chair flanked によって my new sister in laws. The moment that our eyes locked onto each other everything else faded. Nothing mattered except for him. He smiled at me with a look of pure adoration on his handsome face. I felt my pulse quicken only this time it wasn’t out of fear it was out of utter happiness and excitement. He was going to be mine. It felt like an eternity but I was finally in front of him. My father waited for everyone to be seated and then he turned towards me and gently lifted the veil off of my face and kissed my forehead. My mother kissed my cheek and then kissed Jake’s cheek. My father replaced the veil and then took my hand and placed it in Jake's and smiled at him warmly; and then my parents filed off to their seats in the front row leaving me alone with him. The pastor began the ceremony; I clutched my bouquet and stared into the eyes of the man that I loved もっと見る than life itself. I had really wanted for us to write our own vows. Jake was nervous about it but went along with it because it was so important to me. I handed Amore my bouquet as Jake began his vows, he took my hand in his. “Renesmee Carlie Cullen. あなた are the light of my life, my ハート, 心 and soul. あなた always have been. I am nothing without you. I promise that I will be a good husband. I will be there for あなた throughout every event in our lives both good and bad. I will treasure あなた for as long as we both shall live.” He took the ring from Seth’s hand and slipped it onto my finger. I felt the tears welling up in my eyes and wondered how I was going to get my vows out. I remembered my mother’s アドバイス and took a deep breath as I clung to his hand, “Jacob Black, あなた have always been my protector, my best friend, my guide, and then my lover. あなた are always there for me and I will always be there for you. I cannot imagine a life without you. It would hold no meaning for me. On the dawn of our new life together I offer あなた this token of my 愛 which is undying. I will 愛 あなた until forever.” I shakily placed the ring on his finger and then directed my gaze back to his eyes which shown warmly; a liquid gold. The pastor interjected, “By the power invested in me I now pronounce あなた husband and wife, あなた may now キッス the bride.” Jake looked at me tenderly as he slowly lifted the veil. His eyes trailed down to my neckline, “My mother’s necklace?” He asked in wonder stated as a question. I nodded and responded softly, “I wanted for her to be here today and this is the only way that I knew how.” I noticed that Billy, Rachel and Rebecca had tears in their eyes at my words, I smiled at them softly. Jake looked at me unable to speak, “thank you,” he finally whispered as he wiped my tears away and then leaned down and kissed me sweetly. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He pulled back enough so that he could whisper in my ear, “I 愛 あなた Nessie Black, もっと見る than あなた will ever know.” I smiled at him and kissed him vigorously, until the pastor cleared his throat. I pulled away from Jacob and blushed as I remembered that everyone was watching us the crowd laughed gently. The pastor announced, “I present to あなた for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Black. Everyone applauded. He kissed my cheek and whispered into my ear, “I could get used to the sound of that,” I smiled at my husband as we turned to face our family and フレンズ as a united front. A team of two for all of eternity.
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