TVカップル お気に入り rain キッス from a TV series? (please add other answers)

Pick one:
Seth and Summer Spiderman キッス ( The O.C)
Haley and Nathan 1st rain キッス ( One 木, ツリー Hill) can't find pic
Haley and Nathan キッス on 上, ページのトップへ of car S3E13
Brooke and Lucas (during the blackout/after the letter fiasco)
Added by short_arse
jude and tommy (instant 星, つ星 ) unsweet sixteen...
jude and tommy (instant 星, つ星 )unsweet sixteen after shay dumps jude (sorry no pic
Added by symone
Ross & Rachel outside City Perk[from FRIENDS]
Added by campluv98
Booth and Brennan in the 100th episode...
Booth and Brennan in the 100th episode (Bones-Flashback)
Added by iluvdanny96
バービー & Julia (Under the Dome)
Added by tonyziva1234
Damon & Elena (The Vampire Diaries)
Added by MariLena16
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