TVカップル Out of my fave quotes, which is your favorite? (full 名言・格言 in comments)

Pick one:
Dylan: “Bren, you’re not just another notch on my belt. If that’s what th
Brenda: “I 愛 you. I’ve never stopped loving you, and I know now that I nev
Tommy: “It’s romantic, it’s got passion, it’s –“
Tommy: “He made the wrong choice.” Jude: “It’s not worth much coming f
Tommy: “I want あなた to come with me. I want all of あなた with me forever.” Jude:
Joey: “Because I’m 16 and in my entire life there’s only been two people th
Pacey: “It’s really important for me that あなた be happy. So I want あなた to be w
Jess: “What the hell is going on?” Rory: “I told you! He’s tired, a
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