TVカップル Who is your LEAST お気に入り couple out of my favorites? ;) ♥

Pick one:
Nathan and Haley [One 木, ツリー Hill]
Lucas and Brooke [One 木, ツリー Hill]
Keith and Karen [One 木, ツリー Hill]
Jake and Peyton [One 木, ツリー Hill]
Brooke and Julian [One 木, ツリー Hill]
Chuck and Blair [Gossip Girl]
Nate and Serena [Gossip Girl]
Rufus and Lily [Gossip Girl]
Dan and Vanessa [Gossip Girl]
Dan and Blair [Gossip Girl]
Carlos and Gabrielle [Desperate Housewives]
Mike and Susan [Desperate Housewives]
Rex and Bree [Desperate Housewives]
Karl and Bree [Desperate Housewives]
Monica and Chandler [Friends]
Carrie and Big [Sex and the City]
Steve and Miranda [Sex and the City]
Freddie and Effy [Skins]
Emily and JJ [Skins]
Betty and Daniel [Ugly Betty]
Rory and Jess [Gilmore Girls]
Victory and Joe [Lipstick Jungle]
Samantha and Todd [Samantha Who]
Seth and Andria [Samantha Who]
JD and Elliot [Scrubs]
Frasier and Roz [Frasier]
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