TVカップル Which is the best first キッス ever [add]?

Pick one:
Chuck & Blair [Gossip Girl]
Dan & Serena [Gossip Girl]
Ross & Rachel [Friends]
Luke & Lorelai [Gilmore Girls]
Rory & Jess [Gilmore Girls]
Lucas & Peyton [One 木, ツリー Hill]
Sydney and Vaughn [Alias]
Cuddy and House [House]
Added by huddyislove
Brooke and Lucas [One 木, ツリー Hill]
Added by irene_p
Nathan and Haley [One 木, ツリー Hill]
Added by OCFan123
Foreman and Thirteen [House MD]
Added by misanthrope86
Sawyer and Juliet
Added by sahour95
Dean and Kelly
Dean and Kelly
Noel and Felicity
Alex & Izzie [Grey's Anatomy]
Added by MovieManiac
Chase and Cameron-house md
Added by mimika_s
Cristina and Owen (Grey's Anatomy)
Added by lovlove
Logan and Veronica (Veronica Mars)
Jack and Kate (Lost)
Added by Emm_xD
Rory and Logan
Added by annaanna
Ryan and Marissa
Buffy and エンジェル
Added by BuffyAngel101
Sawyer and Kate
Added by Piria
Jack & Sam
Added by tonyziva1234
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