TVカップル Songs that remind me of my top10 couples ; あなた agree with ?

Pick one:
ross&rachel ✘ mine again {black lab}
lucas&peyton ✘ heartbeats {jose gonzalez}
castle&beckett ✘ see beneath you're beautiful {labrinth+emely sande}
meredith&derek ✘ somwhere only we know
barney&robin ✘ こんにちは soul sister
neal&sara ✘ criminal {britney spears}
snow&charming ✘ nature's law
finn&rachel ✘ the last time {taylor 迅速, スウィフト ft. gary lightbody}
steve&miranda ✘ perfect two
monica&chandler ✘ lucky {jason mraz&colbie caillat}
 marakii posted 1年以上前
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