TVカップル ♥ My Opinions, Which One Do あなた Agree With The Most?♥

Pick one:
♥OTP~ Barney/Robin {How I Met Your Mother}♥
♥Least Favourite~ Finn/Rachel ♥
♥Couple I Used To 愛 Now Don't Care About: Quinn/Finn ♥
♥Favourite Couple With A Happy Ending: Nathan/Haley {One 木, ツリー Hill}♥
♥Couple I Used To 愛 Now Hate: Robin/Ted {How I Met Your Mother}♥
♥Couple I Could Of Shipped But Something Ruined It: Santana/Puck ♥
♥Couple I Ship That Many Hate: Nate/Serena {Gossip Girl}♥
♥A Couple I Ship That Not Many Know About: Mary/Matthew {Downton Abbey}♥
♥Favourite Couple Currently On T.V: Peyton/Lucas {One 木, ツリー Hill}
♥Current Obsession: Brooke/Lucas {One 木, ツリー Hill}♥
♥Newest Couple: Nick/Jess {New Girl}♥
♥Most Adorable Couple I Ship: Marshmallow/Lilypad {How I Met Your Mother}♥
♥Favourite Opposites Attract Couple: Sheldon/Penny {The Big Bang Theory}♥
♥Favourite Good Girl/Bad Boy Couple: Puck/Quinn ♥
♥Couple I Think I Would Ship If I Watched The Show: Damon/Elena
 Albiee posted 1年以上前
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