TVカップル My favourite couples. Pick your LEAST favourite (round 6).

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Mike & Susan (Desperate Housewives)
Cal & Chloe (Harper's Island)
Dylan & Brenda (BH 90210)
Willow & Oz (BtVS)
George & Nina (Being Human)
Piper & Leo (Charmed)
Jessica & Hoyt (True Blood)
Cole & Phoebe (Charmed)
Seth & Summer (The O.C.)
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Prue & Andy (Charmed)
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Jim & Pam (The Office)
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 nevermore posted 1年以上前
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nevermore said:
My favourites, your opinion

12. David & Keith (Six Feet Under)
13. Buffy & Spike (BtVS)
14. Buffy & Angel (BtVS)
15. Navid & Adrianna (90210)
16. Bill & Sookie (True Blood)
posted 1年以上前.
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energizerbunny picked Mike & Susan (Desperate Housewives):
Poor Chloe & Cal...probably gonna lose cause no one knows them =[

I mean they already died and now this!
posted 1年以上前.
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AdeTiffSan picked Willow & Oz (BtVS):
NO ! I love Cal and Chloe ♥

Never watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
posted 1年以上前.
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MLipps said:
Yay! Finally a Harper's Island couple! Abby and Jimmy along with Cal and Chloe are my two favourite TV couples. Also Billy and Victoria from Young and the Restless.
posted 1年以上前.
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