TVカップル Best Ship Name Countdown [round 21]: pick your LEAST お気に入り (name, not couple)

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St. Berry
 swimchick posted 1年以上前
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swimchick picked Dair:
5. Marshmallow&Lilypad
6. Cherry
7. Quick
8. Naley
9. Leyton
10. Ceffy
11. Freffy
12. Spuffy
13. Bangel
14. Naomily
15. Clois
16. Huddy
17. Brucas
18. Literati
19. Wemma
20. BrOTP
21. Mondler
22. MerDer
23. Chlark
24. Chair
25. Phoop
posted 1年以上前.
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swimchick picked Dair:
The others are literally my top 3 favorite names. I think they're really great and clever :D But PR or LoVe should win.
posted 1年以上前.
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monLOVEbrucas picked Puckleberry:
I love all the names, but not feeling this one.
posted 1年以上前.
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backtoblack picked Dair:
For sure.
posted 1年以上前.
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iLoveChair picked Dair:
Awesome slogan {Dare to Dair}, shitty ship name itself.
posted 1年以上前.
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sk91 picked Dair:
^^what she said. xd
But I love all 4 names.
posted 1年以上前.
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londonlover14 picked St. Berry:
I want Puckleberry to win because it really took some thought into coming with it!
posted 1年以上前.
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AdeTiffSan picked Puckleberry:
Because I love the others more !
posted 1年以上前.
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Irreversible picked Dair:
LoVe is going to be first place . Always knew .
I love all four name <3
posted 1年以上前.