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"no" Kyle said. "I'm so sorry."
"What for? あなた were always there for us, what else could あなた have done?" James said.
"I could've been もっと見る of a brother, instead of your leader." Kyle 発言しました and looked at his brother.
"But then what would I have gotten angry at あなた for then?" James 発言しました they smiled at each other.
"Take care of them.Kyle said, " Kyle croaked, "Please?" James nodded "I will." James wanted to say dont go または something, but he knew it was time. "I'll be watching you, hot-head." he said.
James looked down and didn't speak.
"I wish it were different to." Kyle told him. James hugged Kyle tightly, "Say hi to mum for me"
"I will, bye" Kyle cried on James' shoulder and he cried on Kyle's. "To let あなた know, I do need you."
"Your a funny kind of brother, aren't you!?" Kyle whispered. "Goodbye." 発言しました James.
"Look under my bed, remember Sheila" his eyelids growing heavy. "James. あなた couldn't have stopped this"
"What do I do without you?" James asked.
"Live on"
After the war was finally finished, three years, seven months and twenty weeks, people waited at the hospital. Hoping, praying for their loved ones to be found. Kyle Goodman's Foster Dad; Angus, his two sisters; Tiffany and Mariah, brother James and girlfriend, Summer Thorn waited. Their friend, Katherine Dreamwhisper. They called her Katie for short, had finished her shift, working as the nurse and went to 登録する them. "They'll find him" she said. Nobody spoke, they just sat there. Three hours past and it was getting cold, the night air was coming and the warmth from the sun disappeared. Katie...
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That night when all the lights were dim and everyone, except James, had gone home. James, for the first time spoke to Kyle. "Kyle please, あなた have to make it! あなた HAVE to!" then there was a pause as cried and tears splashed the hard, cold ground. "I need あなた Kyle, I'm sorry for what I said! I didn't mean it! Please I need you!" he stopped and cried facing the floor. He was on the ground 次 to Kyle, tears streamed from his eyes. He felt cold, alone and abannded, then he felt a hand touch his shoulder, he turned around, expecting someone to be there, but there wasn't. He thought he imagined...
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posted by Problematic129
    “I think we are the luckiest people in the world,” Brooklyn said, panting as she took a chair.
    I groaned. “So much walking, so freaking long.”
    Iris rolled her eyes. “At least あなた guys were closer we were mile s away.”
    Zaria nodded. “Yep, and those guys, ugh, super creepy.”
    “What were あなた saying to me? About the lights in the school?” Terry asks.
    Zaria shudders. “It was so bizarre...
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Chapter 12
        The lovely fun of kickball
    “School, school, school,” I shake my head. “I blame the smart people.”
    Beth looks at me. “Pammy, were in gym, technically not school.”
    “But still in it,” I say.
    Beth rolls her eyes as our gym coach leads us outside, to the very hot air, oh my goodness someone call the rain! I then feel my spirits lift up when I learn were playing kickball! Yay! I usually hit someone in the face with my powerful temper...
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posted by alicia386
Chapter Two

      "Look at this view!" screamed Sidney. "Can あなた believe that this architecture dated all the way back to 秒 world war. It still stands today!"
      "Blah! Can あなた see these malls! Now this what あなた should be screaming about," 発言しました Simone. She snapped a picture with her old blackberry. It wasn't as cool as Brooke's iPhone but she wasn't complaining.
      "Think about something other then malls," 発言しました Sidney.
      "Is that even possible?" joked Lauren.
      They were all riding in a used car that Mr. Rivers had bought. Simone's Aunt Tracey lived in Paris and...
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posted by CapShunsuifan13
Inspired and written to the tune of "Watching Airplanes" によって Gary Allan.
Let me know if あなた guys think I should turn this into a story.
W:Mild language

Caramel colored sky and pinks clouds, airplanes flying alongside them, growing small as they went into the distance.He watched the planes fade in the billowing smoke he exhaled from his nostrils. His hands started to shake as he  brought the cigarette to his mouth to take another drag. He couldn't put the damn thing thing between his lips though and flicked the cigarette away with a sigh. He let his hand fall to lay over the other one on his stomach,...
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posted by Problematic129
Chapter 2
    Be careful what あなた kill for             
    “So…what’s your project on kiddies?” Ms. Arthur asks us.
    “So we have the first few installments of our documentary-”
    “Movie,” Sasha interjected.
    Ashlynn glared at her, “documentary of our very own horror hour.”
    Ms. Arthur frowns. “Horror hour?”
    “Um…you know, ma’am, the killing’s that took place...
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posted by Problematic129
    “Are あなた sure?”
    “Super sure! Oh so sure! Sure sure sure!” Brooklyn yells hysterically.
    “There looking for the book, they looked shady, and he 発言しました something shedding young blood being a pain. We have to get out of here!”
    “On it,” I say as I rapidly type the same message to everybody. When I’m finished I grab Brooklyn’s elbow. “Let’s go.”
    We walk through the crowded hallways as fast as we can, the...
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Chapter 10
    Crazily obsessed
    “No school! NO SCHOOL! We just watched the falling of Meredith and that’s all あなた have to say?!”
    “I’m so confused!” I yell. “What just happened?”
    Sage looked at me. “You saw the video!”
    “I had my eyes closed, what happened?” I answer.
    “Let’s replay it-”
    “NO, just tell me!” I whine.
    Scotty shrugs. “I’m not really sure, first あなた hear a scream in...
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Chapter One
A 安全, 安全です Place to Hide
    Down in the town, humans lived their comfortable lives, untouched によって most of the world. Tonight, the weather is particularly bad. A blizzard moved into the area. It isn't fit weather for man または beast. Yet, fighting her way through the swirling snow is something that is neither one nor the other.
    Nemesis, a healthy dragon of five centuries, fought to keep her course in the storm. She may have gotten a bit スタウト in her later years, but that won't keep her from her travels. The winds changed direction every few seconds....
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I got dressed and slipped my ジャケット with badge on and went down the hall. And then someone bumped into me. こんにちは watch where you’re going! “Sorry あなた Agent Montezz?” Yes who are you?

“Doesn’t matter Kyle 発言しました for あなた to meet him in the shooting arena.” Where is that? “Take this hall straight down then make a right あなた will see a stair well go all the way down then make a left first door on your right.” Thank you.

He walked away then leaving me alone in an empty hallway. I followed the guy directions and stepped into a combat arena compete with targets bows, arrows, guns, and many...
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sorry it took so long had no time at all to write stayed up all night last night to write chapter six and seven hope あなた enjoy.

As we got closer and closer to the huge beautiful palace my ハート, 心 started beating faster and faster I can’t wait to see my brother again. “Kyle what did I miss sense I been to cardamina asked Emma?” “Blake is getting stronger and we have no idea what he is planing but it is something big.” I know I 発言しました bitterly. “You know what?” asked Kyle. I know what Blake is planing. “How in the world do あなた know that?” The reason I am here in the first place is...
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Chapter Twelve: Small Rooms Makes for No Escapes

      Their headquarters was nothing もっと見る then a room with monitors everywhere. They had enough in the budget to get a bigger 宇宙 and tons もっと見る gadgets, they just chose not to. Some of the monitors showed different 閲覧数 of the outside building. One monitor was 表示中 a desert somewhere in Africa. It is odd how they got one out there and why they have he out there. I didn't ask questions. I wanted to appear as if I knew everything about everything in the room. Marlo wasn't going to get the best of me. 
      Darrell stayed によって my side...
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posted by alicia386
August 28

      Much work and dedication was going into this concert. The コンサート was a week away but already the school was arranging it as a benefit concert. Everyone in town was welcome to come. Derek, on the other hand, wasn't looking フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして to it. He still had songs to write, dress rehearsal, public meetings, and he had some personal issues of his own.
      His mother had recently done an interview with Perez Hilton. She told Perez all of these lies about how Derek was a horrible child and how he would always steal from the neighbors. It was al lies and a way for his drunken mother...
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posted by alicia386
August 27

      "So we both agree," Shea stated. "No one can know of our relationship." Shea and Corey was sitting in Corey's living room right before school. Shea had dropped によって to make this clear. She wanted a relationship with Eric but she also wanted to be with Corey. 
      "I completely agree," Corey 発言しました before planting a quick キッス on Shea's cheek. He did truly agree. He still wanted to have chance to snag Blair if she ever came to her senses. 
      "Okay, good," Shea smiled as of this arrangement didn't bother her, it did. "Bye cutie," she 発言しました as she eased her way out the...
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posted by Problematic129
*Just starting on, I wanted to write some もっと見る horror, this is going to be a bit different than my other's, I'm still deciding on some things. Please be kind. Enjoy :)*
Summary:When normal student Lewis Vander and his フレンズ make a horror film for their group project in history class, things seem to be going swell. The horror film is about killing’s that had happened years ago, and there adding some of their own little things, but soon the killings are happening again. And Lewis and his フレンズ fear that this isn’t a coincidence these killing’s are starting up again, there’s a reason....
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posted by Problematic129
    “No, no, no, no,” Terry assures. “Nothing bad is going to happen, Brook, または it already would have, don’t freak out.”
    “I can’t help not freaking out, I mean, I think everything is going to mess up because of the everything is fine. It’s not fine!” I say.
    Terry tilted her head at me. “Hey, it’s going to be okay, and if it’s not, we’ll get through it.”
    I nod, “together.”
    Terry nods as she turns...
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posted by Problematic129
    Chapter 9
    “THIS IS SO UNFAIR!” Ali roars, as a really scary looking guard dude hauls her out of the house, with us following in tow.
    I’m on my phone as I say. “Ali, sweethart, we weren’t invited.”
    “That’s why.” I answer, as the door is shut ion our faces. “Now, let’s go.”
    Even Scotty looks spooked. “Ali, calm down, it’s...
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あなた lurk in the shadows...You keep a distance from society,You have no priorties, stay away.You think あなた have (absolutely) no destiny.Come out,Come out,Come out-Let me see あなた clearly.

(Chorus) あなた can't stay hidden all your damn life,it's like your forbidden to live without strife:and I don't understand...why あなた have to be a mystery man (man,man) a mystery man.

You come out in the dark, gaze at the moon wondering why あなた can't find your mark (in life,in life) あなた flee to your car,I try to catch あなた but all I hear instead is vroom,vroom as あなた drive away (who knows why your going...
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