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Article by alicia386 posted 1年以上前
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      Being summoned によって the baddest criminal in town really makes a guy feel special. Not only did he request my presence he also has an assignment for me. He rarely gives out assignemts but when he do they are usually for a bigger scheme. This guy pays big bucks for whoever he hires. That is why many people don't ラット him out to the police. The police never offer enough reward money and he always has もっと見る money then the police could ever offer. I feel special just knowing the guy. Once I pulled up in his driveway my ハート, 心 rate accelerated as his two guards ushered my into this room. I have heard about this room. The most brilliant and successful schemes have been hatched in this very room but when I came in, all I saw was a basement with sketches of machines. It wasn't as impressive as I had first hoped but still it was a honor being there. 
      It was basically a wooden basement with a few lawn chairs. A large 机, デスク was placed in the center of the room. The 机, デスク had tons of monitors that showed every aspect of the house. I could see the キッチン which had dirty dishes everywhere. Then he had a computer on the desk. A pen and pad was placed next...
Opinion by Insight357 posted 1年以上前
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Jet Avate sauntered into his apartment, his fingers cramping, and his eyes feeling glazed over. The sweet smell of fuel had buried itself into his nose and didn’t appear to be leaving any time soon. He went into the bathroom and looked himself over.

    “Another first place,” he murmured as he ran his hands through his dark hair, his dark blue eyes sparkling. “Another one-hundred grand.” Jet grinned. “And another guy who doesn’t know if they want to brutally murder me または worship me.”

    Jet had a reputation as the best 通り, ストリート racer of all time. He had a bounty on his head for fifty-thousand dollars, but no one had been able to beat him. Jet could outrun anyone, including the cops. Tonight the police almost caught up with him, but Jet swerved and made it look like they were after his opponent. Jet was a lot smarter than people gave him credit for; only one person had ever understood his true potential.

Opinion by campcheerio123 posted 1年以上前
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I did not write this song; all credit goes to Lenka

Underneath the moon,
underneath the stars
Here's a little ハート, 心 for あなた
Up above the world,
up above it all
Here's a hand to hold on to
But if I should break,
if I should fall away
What am I to do?
I need someone to take
a little of the weight
または I'll fall through
You're just the one that I've been waiting for
I'll give あなた all that I have to give and more
But don't let me fall
Take a little time,
walk a little line
Get the balance right
Give a little love, gimme just enough
So that I can hang on tight
We will be alright,
I'll be によって your side
I won't let あなた down
But I gotta know
no matter how things go
That あなた will be alright
You're just the one that I've been waiting fo
rI'll give あなた all that I have to give and more
But don't let me fall, don't let me fall
Opinion by Problematic129 posted 1年以上前
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Chapter 10
    The smell of young 愛 in the morning
    You’d all be happy to know that I never buried a certain Meredith Baxter, but I did accidentally hit her during our lovely game of バレーボール fifteen times.
    “Hey JONES! Watch it!” She yelled furiously at me.
    “Oh sorry, I didn’t give a had enough smack,” I shrug as I put on my most innocent face.
    Meredith glared at me but 発言しました nothing more.
    Don’t あなた just 愛 the feeling of having the last word? Because I do.
    Today is the 日 that Grey and Beth are going to that car show, I could already tell from Grey’s bright smile and Beth’s nervousness.
    I’ve also noticed that I haven’t been giving あなた many tips, which SUP was made for. So I’ll be dropping some of the rules, my rules.
    But sadly I can’t stalk my lovebirds, because right now I’m being stalked as we speak. Remember Talia? Yeah, she’s outside my door, with this pie, a manic smile on her...
Opinion by Problematic129 posted 1年以上前
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Chapter 22
    Dead end または a breakthrough?
    “What?” Cadence asked for the umpteenth time, and I gave him an exasperated look.
    “Again?    Seriously Cadence, your supposed to be the one actually paying attention?” I say, frustrated.
    Cadence flashed me a wicked smile. “Age is a number cupcake, I’m not that boring.”
    I surpressed my smile as I told him and Jess everything that happened again.
    “So,” Jess 発言しました after I was finished (again). “You think that she was the one that killed your sister, and tried to kill you?”
    I nod, I look to Cadence who has a thoughtful expression. “Strange, it’s like she’s a ghost, how あなた described her, there but not there. Someone あなた wouldn’t give a 秒 glance または thought to.”
    I nodded again. “Dorothy always had a lot of friends, I didn’t know most of them, sometimes, neither did she.”
Fan fiction by sadiebugz00 posted 1年以上前
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This is the prologue of a novel that I'm thinking about doing, tell me what あなた think, because your opinion matters! Plus I probably won't end up doing it if the majority of あなた guys don't like it.

Her laughter broke the silence. Everyone turned to stare at her, but she ignored them. She hated being in awkward situations, but could care less when people thought she was weird または strange.

This girl is Autumn Konrad. She has curly, red hair, bright green eyes, and freckles dot about every square inch of her faces. She's your typical 14 year-old girl, except for the fact that she's not. She's a part of what the rest of the school calls, "The Loser Squad", but she doesn't know they call them that. All she knows it they whisper when she walks by, または when anyone from her group of フレンズ walk by. Her only 5 フレンズ who are in the group are, Kelli Rush, the blonde with the brains, Samantha Gonzalez, the brunette brainiac, Catie Byerley, the light-brown brilliance, Anne Riley, the more-than-dull dirty blonde, and Liz Strickland, the righteously smart raven, and together they make, THE LOSER SQUAD!!
Article by alicia386 posted 1年以上前
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Chapter Nine


      Forgetting the fact that my old friend is now going to be the enemy's snack, I tried to focus on the words that Erica was telling me. After a lot bickering, she has agreed to teach me how to reach my sister. "Just focus your eyes onto that blank wall. Remember do not become dizzy while staring at the wall. It happens to me all of them time." I ignored that last part and focused my eyes onto the ウォール ahead of me. "Now imagine Sophie." That is what I did. I imagined the way Sophie would look like and 驚異 it worked. In just 秒 I was seeing things through her eyes.
      At first I was confused because what I was seeing was a hospital and I was feeling a throbbing pain in my head. When I heard Carrie's voice asking Sophie a question, it only confirmed my fears. Sophie was hurt and I was in a completely different realm. "She is waking up, honey," 発言しました Carrie. She leaned in closer.
Opinion by hgfan5602 posted 1年以上前
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Look through the one-way glass,
The other side's covered in dust
あなた can only see ahead
But not back again...

There's no time for disappointment
No time to look back and cry
We gotta go ahead and see to the future
Cuz there's so much もっと見る to be done then

Look to the future
We will see ahead
Nobody's gonna wipe up the other side
あなた can't look back now, just see to the future

The future's so much もっと見る important than the past
So why weep over the memories?
Just plan ahead for the future
And あなた will find it's worth it

The one-way glass
Is a wonderful thing to have
And it helps あなた to stop worrying over your troubles,
To go ahead and shoot for the future

We will not look back to the past
Cuz it's covered in dust, no one can see through
Just go ahead and look to the future
The clear future that everyone sees
Article by alicia386 posted 1年以上前
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Chapter 3: あなた Just Couldn't Resist

      Faye, Marco, and Trina, Faye's mom, were all situated on the couch. Faye had arrived 30 分 前 to find her mom and Marco making out in the kitchen. They didn't even acknowledged that Faye had strolled in until she said, "Hey, I'm home!" When they finally noticed her, Trina 発言しました for her to sit on the couch. They had something big to tell her. 
      Faye sat in between Trina and Marco. "Okay, here goes. Marco is your father." Trina 発言しました as she shifted uncomfortably. She was a petite woman and didn't take up much 宇宙 but Faye felt suffocated already. 
      "I figured that out," replied Faye. She was trying to erase the traumatic scene of her mom and dad キス on the キッチン counter. It was going to be hard to live down. Maybe it was a bad idea to come home. "What I want to know is why he left あなた to raise Selena, Nico, and me."
      "It's complicated," retorted Marco. Just then aloud beep came from Faye's phone. It was a text from Simone.
Article by rory2011 posted 1年以上前
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Jack has left the house ,the silence occupied the house ,Paul having his breakfast slowly ,he can't think of the 食 または anything else ,he wanted to explain for David why he always out ,but he doesn't know from where should he start
Kat came with the パン and sat near Paul
" from how long あなた know what was Jack doing ? " David 発言しました breaking the silence
Paul looked at Kat ,then he looked at his father
" you're late for your school young lady " Paul 発言しました
" it's only seven " Kat 発言しました
" あなた heard what your brother 発言しました " David 発言しました
" bye " Kat 発言しました carrying her bag
" ok now we can talk " Paul 発言しました after Kat leaving
" to be honest ,Kevin know that Jack taking drugs before me ,but I'm the one who knows that he's taking from other people's money for his drugs " Paul 発言しました
" I ロスト my control on Jack ,your mother would be very disappointed if she knows what happened " David 発言しました in his sad tone
" dad I have to tell あなた something's about me ... I don't want to stick here forever .. I want to be free .... あなた know ... it's a guy's things " Paul 発言しました
Opinion by Problematic129 posted 1年以上前
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Chapter 9
    Jealousy, an evil emotion
    I am going to kill a certain girl named Meredith Baxter! She’s totally after my guy Cal, during the whole 日 today, she’s always 次 to him, flirting with him, touching him, smiling at him. And every time she looked my way she smirked at me, she knew what she was doing!
    But I don’t know why I’m getting the bad treatment from her, I didn’t do anything. Unless あなた extract the fact that I totally set Grey and Beth up for a 日付 this Friday. But how could she know that? It happened just before school started, and no one else was there but us.
    And she must know because she’s giving Beth the frost treatment to, she’s giving all my フレンズ a hard time!
    “That stupid suck up! Thinks she can treat us like trash! Oh! Let me tell you, when I get my hands on her-”
    “Pam!” Beth cuts off my angry yells. “Your parents will hear you!”
Article by LadyEmzy16 posted 1年以上前
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Chapter (19):
She walked into a unfamiliar kitchen, where three people sat around a small table, "Morning" she said, "Nice of あなた to 登録する us.." 発言しました a girl with pale hair and bright green eyes, "Shut up Suse" she said, "Lily please respect your sister" 発言しました Laura Gellar, she walked to the 表, テーブル and settled 次 to her father, "What's for breakfast?" she asked, "Pancakes,and if あなた don't want any cereal" replied Jonathan, "Mom, can I have two パンケーキ please" she asked, "Sure, Susie could あなた please put some for your sister?" replied Laura, "of course" 発言しました Susie with a forced smile and she put two パンケーキ in Lily's plate. After quickly eating their breakfast the Gellar family got up, "Lily あなた left your English text book up in my room yesterday" 発言しました Susie, "Oh yeah I'll go get it" she 発言しました and headed upstairs into the very same hallway she was in and stopped at the very same door opened it and stepped in a bedroom it's ウォール covered with posters and portraits and she headed to the ベッド where her English textbook lay on Susie's black and white bedcovers, she grabbed it and froze in her spot at what was underneath a stick shaped like a thick pen,she lifted it up and examined it...
Opinion by Problematic129 posted 1年以上前
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Chapter 21
    The opposite of her
    I remember how it used to feel when I didn’t seem to matter. It was always Dorothy this, または Dorothy that, and I was always left out または ignored. I remember having to shout to get people to look at me, and then they’d be all like ‘oh, I’m so sorry, didn’t see you’.
    I remember what it was like when I didn’t like my sister, または at least, not much as I did when we grew closer. I adored her in the few years before she died, but there was a time that I didn’t want to be just like her.
    You’d think in most situations when a newborn enters the family they’d be 与えられた all the attention while the first born and others aren’t getting as much as they’d like. But in my family, that was sadly not the case. Dorothy was four years old when I was born, and already she looked gorgeous. An angelic voice, bouncy blonde curls, alluring blue eyes, she was like a poster child for a some beautiful exotic creature.
Fan fiction by dragonsmemory posted 1年以上前
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The following poem was composed in spring 2011. It was originally 投稿されました winter 2012 in the ドラゴン club here on Fanpop.


Winge beating,
Lungs heaving,
Black shadow
Torn from the sky.

Eyes glancing,
Alert and fierce.
火災, 火 dancing.


火災, 火 dark as night,
Scales bright as gems.
Gleaming eyes,
Searching for a feast.

Wings furled.
Claws extended.
Dives down.
Death claims
Another victim.
Glides up.
Feasting begins.

The dragon flies off.
It is gone,
And the
Is done.
Opinion by Problematic129 posted 1年以上前
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Chapter 8
    That was not subtle
    “My reports so good! I’ll get at least a D!” I squealed as Beth and I walked towards the school.
    Beth frowned. “A D? Why not aim for B?”
    “Honey the last time I got a B, was when one stung me.” I informed her.
    “You can at least try, bubs, it can’t be that hard.” Beth reasoned as reached the school parking lot.
    “Impossible あなた know I- こんにちは look it’s Grey!” I yell when I see him on his motor cycle. “Hi Grey!”
    I grab Beth and direct her towards Grey, he looks up irritated, but his eyes light up when he sees Beth.
    “Hey,” he says completely ignoring me (jerk).
    “Hi,” Beth says softly.
    It’s quiet, too quite.
    “So whatcha working on?” I blurt, trying to fill the silence that stretched.
Opinion by Problematic129 posted 1年以上前
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Chapter 20
    The girl who had everything
    Why would Dorothy be intimdating to a person as harmless as Serache? Serache doesn’t seem like the type to cause trouble, certainly not from that vision. But my sister wanted to make sure that me and her フレンズ didn’t mingle.
    From seeing the vision’s I could tell why she wouldn’t want me to have to do anything with them. But Serache? It seemed like Serache didn’t like it just as much as the people who were being pranked. And sometimes Dorothy looked like she wanted to be anywhere else. And I still have that subject of that girl who tried to kill me?
    My head was spinning from so many riddles I’m surprised it hasn’t cracked. So many things leading one to another, so much complication to the murder of just one girl.
    I took a deep breath as I typed in the words ‘the death Dorothy Loreans’. A lot of stuff popped up, and one of them had a picture of the whole family, bright smiles, hopes and dreams, all would be crushed soon. I skimmed through topics, searching for anything, and then...
Article by alicia386 posted 1年以上前
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I guess I never realized
What we had until it was gone
Then fun we had together
And the laughs we shared

It is funny how we acted
We would pretend to hate each other
Even though that want the case
I cared for あなた deeply

I didn't know until the end
That あなた felt the same way
After everything we have been through
The separation was the most difficult

When we were young
We laughed and shared secrets
あなた the loved me
While I then loved someone else

It was only when we were older
That I realized my true feelings
But it was much too late
To express them to you

あなた have a girlfriend now
One who あなた might marry
She is very pretty
But I can't help but to think

Of what we could have had
The 愛 is gone
Our friendship is lost
I hope あなた can remember me

And the times we shared
This is my final goodbye
Article by alicia386 posted 1年以上前
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Chapter Eight


      I was rudely thrown in a miniature room. He didn't say much when he lugged me here. Although, I could sense others nearby but when I looked there were no ghost または anyone near. I had finally gotten rid of the feeling to only have it come back again. This time I saw who it was. "Erica?" A shimmery figure exposed itself to me. A little surprise but not as surprise as Erica who was now flickering on and off like a light bulb.
      "Who are あなた and why did あなた attack me?" This Erica was not the one I remembered from my past. This Erica seemed a bit insane and paranoid. I edged closer to her as she back up. She couldn't get far. "I know she must have sent あなた to look for me. It was a trap あなた insolent girl." Her eyes shifted from me to the wall. She scurried closer to it.
     "Erica?" I asked again. She simply ignored me. I enclosed on her as she held her ear up to the wall. 
Guide by dragonsmemory posted 1年以上前
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There are many different Kinds in Eden, and each has its own language. Since the geography of the planet forced the Kinds to coexist, many words are shared between tongues, albeit with changed meanings. This 記事 focuses mainly on the language of the dragons.

Draconian is one of the most difficult languages to learn to write. The placement of certain letters and accents changes the meaning of the various words and phrases. There are few beings willingly to teach this strange tongue, and few of them reside on Earth.

The word eht, in Draconian, means "love." However, with the addition of a single r, the word's meaning is completely flipped around. Thus, reht means "hatred." Rreht is a particularly vulgar swear, and is difficult to translate. However, the closest approximation scholars have discovered is "f*** you." Even though this is a relatively new phrase, it is the closest translation thus far.

The triple r, rrr, is a drawn-out snarl with the upper lip raised to reveal the teeth. Taken on its own, it is a challenge of sorts. However, when used as part of a word, it shows anger, even if the speaker is saying...
Opinion by Problematic129 posted 1年以上前
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*Thanks for all the コメント and ファン :) Please read, review, and don't copy*
Chapter 7
    Bonding with an enemy
    “She what?!” Grey asks, collapsing in laughter.
    “Stop laughing! I’m being serious!” I whine as I hit him with my pillow.
    “You and me?” He dissolves into another fit.
    “Hey?! I’m not that bad!”
    Grey nods. “But still…wow.”
    “Mutual feeling’s buddy.” I say falling onto my bed.
    After that little run in, I called Grey immediately, and I had to resist the urge to murder him the 分 he smugly stepped into my house. I filled him in, and here we were.
    “Don’t worry, I’ll talk to her.” Grey says. “But I didn’t even know she liked me.”
    I scoff. “Just like あなた didn’t know about those other girl’s who are on their hands and knees just to open a stupid door for you.”
Opinion by Problematic129 posted 1年以上前
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*Thanks for all the コメント and ファン :) Right now I'm working on three stories, this one, girl code, and a new one you'll see soon. Please read, review, and don't copy*
Chapter 19
    The girl named Serache
    “Aren’t あなた supposed to be at home, I watch the news too あなた know.” Rob, Cadence’s uncle said, as soon as I stepped foot on his boat.
    “My parents are a bit pre-occupied at the moment, there both at work, but my mom’s probably at the police station. Doesn’t matter, I have to ask あなた something.”
    “And what is that?” Rob asked, eyeing me warily.
    “Did あなた ever happen to see a girl with bubble gum ピンク hair at that ボート over there?” I asked.
    Rob rubbed his chin. “I think there was a girl with ピンク hair. Why? Does Cadence know you’re here?”
    “Again, doesn’t matter.” I said, taking a deep breath. “What about a girl with black/blonde hair.”
Article by rory2011 posted 1年以上前
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David rode the man's car , the man drove to the police station ,when they arrived ,the man told David to go to ask for officer 12's office in the 秒 floor
David ran towards the office as fast as he can ,when he arrived ,the officer looked at him asking " are あなた Mr. David miller ? " yes ,I'm sir " David 発言しました
" sit down please " the officer 発言しました
David sat on that black ソファー, ソファ near the officer disk
" sir ,could あなた please tell me what's going on with my son Kevin " David 発言しました
" today there was a 火災, 火 in the sugar factory where your son work ,your son is a very good strong guy ,he helped all the worker to get out of the factory in save ,but your son couldn't ,he breathed a lot of that dirt air ,he couldn't 移動する ,we found he's body charred when we extinguished the 火災, 火 ,I'm so sorry " the officer 発言しました
" No " David 発言しました
" I'm so sorry sir " the officer 発言しました
David cried and he almost ロスト his control on himself
Article by alicia386 posted 1年以上前
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Chapter Seven
Book Three- Zoe


      I stayed ホーム all 日 today. I observed Shane as he inspected the forest. It was like he created work from himself so that he could stay here longer. I could just stroll out here and demand why he was still here but Emma came または appeared. I was up in the basement and she stood right alongside of me. I had gotten use to her just materializing whenever she pleased. "Hey Emma," I greeted without removing my gaze from Shane, "What brings あなた by?"
      "I need you, Sophie needs you, and so does Erica. We all need あなた to stop The One." He image was getting a bit blurry. I didn't have to see. I could just since it. "You need to come with me to visit his kingdom."
      "No," I 発言しました facing her. "This isn't my problem and frankly, it shouldn't be. Find some other girls that can see ghost."
      Emma may have been transparent and pale but I could see the fury in her eyes. She gripped my wrist which shot a cold sensation down my spine. My eyes filled with a blinding white light. My body was being...
Opinion by hgfan5602 posted 1年以上前
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I saw あなた in your handsome little suit,
So I wore my purple ガウン
Cuz it matched you
But one thing's for sure...

Nothin's ever gonna be the same again
Even though あなた and I look the same
In our hearts, we're both broken
Like shattered pieces of glass

We were dancin at the ball
When someone pushed us over
They knocked our drinks away
We locked eyes...nothin was the same from then

It's a tragedy
But it's the painful truth
Nothin has been pleasant from that moment on
When the horrible thing striked

We knew nothin was ever gonna be the same
We accepted it, but it was hard to
I started to bawl my eyes out...
It was a difficulty

Nothin is ever gonna be the same...
But we'll always be together in our hearts...
And, well...
Life will go on.

Opinion by hgfan5602 posted 1年以上前
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Bring it on,
No one's ever gonna stop us again
We're gonna be the champs
Like no other person tonight

We're the awesome ones,
We're unstoppable,
Our mission's clear
We're gonna win it all

Be the 星, つ星 of the stage
We're gonna rock it 'cross the land
Gonna be heard as the ones
Who revolutionized the world

Bring it on,
Not a ghost または ghoul's gonna scare us away
We're not gonna look back now
Not even if the world ends, kid

So bring it on.
We're not afraid of you
Cuz we will rock you
Rock you.