My name is エメラルド Dawn. I'm a 14 年 old pre-teen case あなた couldn't tell によって my name. I'm going to tell あなた a true story. The story on how I was the lone serviver in the attack of The Slender Man.
Everything I'm about to tell you, is warned...

It was a cool evening in December, so cool that it was snowing.
I had my two best フレンズ with me, a 12 年 old named Anna, about to be 13 in a week, and her sister, Melody, turning 10 in 2 months.
Anna & Melody were playing tag in the backyard, I was making snow angles, when Anna got the idea to play hide-and-seek untill the sun sets. Melody thought it was great.
"Emerald," Anna said, "Wanna 登録する us?"
I crossed my arms.
"You both know I'm horrible at hide-and-seek!" I whined like a 5 年 old.
Melody chuckled.
"Alright suit yourself!"
They both ran off into the forest. 秒 after they'd gone running into the woods, something caught my eye.
"Hm?" I turned my head. Why did it feel like I was being watched...?
After a good solid 分 または two, I saw him...a tall, thin man in a dark suit, red tie. His arms past were any normal humans arms would stop. He was the tallest man I'd ever seen. Maybe 7 または 8 foot tall? But the worst part...he had no face...
To be continued...