On a starry sky
In the moonlight
At midnight
When I think of you
My ハート, 心 beats faster
For there is no one like you
Who makes my 日 perfect
Make my body to go numb
Lose myself
And forever hold that smile on my face

Its true that we are
Now on our separate ways
With the promises aside
That we'll meet again
For again might also mean
The 次 moment
または maybe never

あなた may 移動する on
Find your perfect princess
In this imperfect world
But to me
You'll always be
My prince charming

And thus the 質問 remains
Should I 移動する on?
Should I forget?
Is this the destiny of my life?
Only time will tell
But until then
You'll hold a fragment of my soul
For my mind wants to 移動する on
But my ハート, 心 stays persistent
That you'll one 日 turn unto me