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posted by wantadog
Chapter 1; Humans and Demons and Abominations.

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.
Odessa blearily opened her eyes, that damn buzzing was going to drive her crazy! She sat up, expecting to see Arlon sitting in his throne, grinning from ear to ear at his power over her, but all she saw was a small meadow, a tiny pond, a few trees scattered around, and…metal bars? What was going on? If she was in the wilderness, there wouldn’t be metal bars. That means she must be…
A roar sounded to her left and her head snapped towards the sound. There, maybe 20 feet away, was a lion. The lion was small によって any standard, but it was still very dangerous, at least to a human. Odessa smirked, her beauty alone would give it pause, but she thought she might give it a little もっと見る to worry about. She looked the beast in the eye, preparing to use a few demon tricks on it. She was shocked, however, to find that she couldn’t use any. Her powers were…gone. The lion roared even louder and began to advance. Odessa, for the first time in her life, felt fear. It was only a tingle, barely noticeable, but to her it felt like a tsunami crashing down on her. She was helpless. The lion charged her and she screamed, closing her eyes tight. After a 分 of nothing, she opened them to find the lion was gone.
“Hello there, Odessa.”
Odessa looked up to see an Incubus in the air, staring at her. “Zaebos? Is that you?”
Zaebos flipped upside down and grinned at her. “Why yes it is. あなた seem to be in a bad way. Anything I can do to help?”
Odessa glared. She knew what his form of helping was and she wanted nothing to do with it. “Get your mind out of the gutter and get me out of this cage. I assume あなた stopped time?”
“Yes, I did. あなた should be nicer to those who are helping you. Look in the pond, your powers are gone.”
Odessa gulped and slowly walked over to the still pond. She peered over and looked at her face. It was her face, but something was missing. She was a succubus, her appearance should be able to mesmerize anyone, but the face she saw lacked any luster, any charm, any beauty. She spun around and glared at Zaebos.
“Come now, don’t give me that look. Now that you’re powerless, angry is very ugly on you.”
Zaebos chuckled and grabbed her arm, dragging her out of the cage. “Ya ya, fine. Just tell me when to let time start, but don’t take too long, stopping time is against the rules, as あなた very well know.”
Odessa glared at him. “Just start time as soon as I leave the Zoo.”
Zaebos saluted. “As あなた wish, your stoniness.”
Odessa turned her back on him and started walking towards the exit. It turned out that the buzzing she heard was the motor to a small children’s toy. She was near the exit when time suddenly started. She cursed, but that was as far as she got before being bowled over. “OW! Damn that Zaebos…”
Odessa looked over to see a man staring at her. The man had a rather handsome face, blue piercing eyes, and was staring, rather pointedly, at her breasts.
“Never seen boobs before?”
The man jerked his gaze up. He blushed. “Uh, sorry about that. That’s an…interesting outift.” He said, trying, and failing, to avoid looking at the strange woman’s figure. Odessa looked around. She was indeed standing out. Her clothing wasn’t exactly skin tight, but it still left very little to the imagination. She would have already had everyone else drooling from the mouth already, but all she could do now was impress one person?
“I know this, why are あなた still here?”
The man looked at her, slightly put off によって her aggressive attitude. “I only wanted to make sure that あなた were all right.”
“Well, I am, so no need for a human like あなた to worry.”
The man’s expression turned to one of confusion. “Human? あなた aren’t human yourself?”
Odessa snorted. “No, I am a demon, so leave before I decide to end your pitiful existence.”
“It seems to me that あなた are the one who is the もっと見る pitiable of the two of us.” Odessa’s mouth dropped. To think this man would be stupid enough to insult a demon.
“So あなた think I am weak? Is that it?”
“Strength has nothing to do with it. I pity あなた because あなた are so close-minded. You’re constantly putting down humans, is there a reason? What exactly makes demons better?”
“They’re stronger, faster, smarter, they are superior.”
His expression didn’t change. “Prove it then.”
Odessa looked him in the eyes for the first time. “What do あなた mean, あなた want to fight?”
He smiled at her. “Yes, I do. I would 愛 to see these demon powers of yours.”
Odessa looked away, irritated that she couldn’t just kill the man. “When I get my powers back, あなた will experience them in all their fury.”

Arlon sat in his chair, awaiting word. He straightened up when he saw Zaebos fly through the door. “Any word?”
“She’s fine, a little pissed, but fine.”
Arlon heaved a sigh of relief. “that’s good, I suppose, but how long will she last in the human world?”
Zaebos picked dirt from his sleeve, lazily saying, “She has a place to stay. She already made a friend, but that’s not what really worries あなた is it?”
Arlon looked at him, his gaze cold. “No, it isn’t. Let’s go Zaebos. It’s time to get to work, before she comes back and kills us.”
Zaebos smiled as Arlon stood. “Casting her out was a smart move. Who knows when she would have acted on her plan, eh? Well, it doesn’t really matter. She’s gonna die in only a few days anyway.”
Arlon glanced at him. “You are heartless. あなた 表示する no mercy, even to your sister?”
Zaebos took to the sky. “None, but remember, she isn’t my sister によって blood.”
posted by SweetHoneyBunny
I backed up slowly, not wanting the she 狼, オオカミ to feel threatened and attack. “Nice wolf, I'm not going to hurt you.” I got up off the ground with my hands out, facing the wolf. She had white 毛皮 with a small gray 星, つ星 on her chest. Climbing off the small 丘, ヒル she had been standing on, she began walking towards me. I stood still. If I ran, she would pin me down and attack; and if I stood here there was no telling what she might do. “Please don't kill me. I didn't want to be brought here.” She was circling me and sniffing. Suddenly, she stopped. “I can smell his blood.” Her voice was...
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posted by rory2011
she ripped the smile from my face
she took my happiness
she ストール, 盗んだ my dreams
I believed a lie
called humanity
but what the humanity does
my country bleeding everyday
between people hands
call themself's "our protectors "
but no one want believe the truth
that the protectors turned to dictators

who will save あなた my dear
who will wipe children's tear
who will stop children's hunger
who will heal your wonds
the humanity in earth is dead
no もっと見る talking
no もっと見る lies
just let us fight
we will die
and we will win

I can't see the white clouds
just darkness and black smoke...
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posted by alicia386
My name is Maycen. I have some tragic news for you. The 作者 before me has died. Her body was found in her car in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. She wanted me to finish out this tale. It sounds interesting but unlike the others before me I am actually または was actually フレンズ with Elysia, Gabriel, and Arthur.

It was nice at a point. I mean we were all フレンズ but after Elysia sent Jade to tartarus, i knew I had to quit. I just wasn't in to all this killing. My father may be Zeus but it didn't mean that i was as rutheless as Zeus. I did my best to help control Elysia but it was no use. He...
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posted by Problematic129
*Hey guys, I'm back :) Please don't copy and please read and review*
Three years 前 devastating news hit the Loreans, there eighteen 年 old daughter was found dead in the lake. For years police tried to find her killer, but never got anywhere. Soon, everyone gave up, even her parents. But not Destiny, everyday she would try to find police reports similar to her sister. Destiny is no ordinary girl, she has visions and can see things that no one else can, and lately she's been having dreams of her sister about her sister. When it looks like all hope is lost, a young detective comes...
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posted by Problematic129
I wrote this a while back, for my language arts class. Please don't copy, enjoy!!!:)
Don't be careless
About the world
Many people are penniless
They have nowhere to go
Generations through generations
Our numbers subtract
Stand up and fight
We are not powerless
Together we unite
And restore our happiness
Come on let's be earnest
We can improve academically
表示する that we care
Our people need compassion
We live and love
And we think of above
Forever and ever
We will be together
No matter how wicked
または cruel we can be
We all live and die
In this democracy on Earth
Dreams Written In Ash (CHAPTER ONE- When The Light Ended)

This is to all my フレンズ on here who believe in me and believe in my dream’s. But one person who really helped me and has the same dream as me BeautifulBlaze または Daniel,
Thank You...

My Dream

My dream is to make the world a better place.
For あなた and me and the people to come.
I want peace in this world,
And love,
And harmony.
The world we live in now is curl and cool,
and filled with war.
It’s like we’re all on a wheel of all the angry,
thoughts and feeling’s.
A never ending and every winning
race of hate.
My dream is make the world brighter...
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Through Her Eyes... Chapter One- Life No More?

Alice could still fell the warm breeze glide across her skin and through her blonde streaked イチゴ red hair, making it fly every which way. She remembered looking over at he father with his warm brown eyes and brown hair a shade litter then his eyes. His nose big as every. She would always make fun of him for that nose. She remembered leaning in to give him a warm キッス on the check and saying, “I 愛 あなた dad.” He looked down at her and said,”I 愛 あなた two.” As he turned into the 次 road, She gasp. He slams on the breaks but it’s...
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Chapter (13):
"So, are we gonna walk ホーム または is Noah gonna pick us up?" asked Leo, as they descended the school steps, "I'm calling Noah" replied Abbie, "Okay then" 発言しました Leo, he shoved his hands in his pockets and started rocking back and forth on his heals, Abbie fumbled her messenger bag for her phone,and found it just before she could dial Noah's number, it vibrated lightly signaling that she had a text, "I got a text" 発言しました Abbie, "Who's it from?" asked Leo, "Noah" replied Abbie after she'd checked the name, she read the text, 'Stay where あなた are I'm picking あなた and Leo up, From ur 'Also...
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Chapter Two

      Hazel skipped numerous of pages but she wasn't fast enough. They heard the elevator ringing up and Reese's steps as she walked to her bedroom door. Dakota panicked and shoved the book in Hazel's bag just as Reese came through the door with an older guy. He seemed like he was in college または was about to finish college.
      "Meet my bro, Jonathan." Jonathan was almost exactly the same as Reese but he had a もっと見る mature look. His square jaw, gorgeous brown eyes, and full lips made him irresistible. Hazel turned on her alluring look as well with Dakota. Reese ignored the looks....
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posted by rory2011
chapter (4)

the ヴァンパイア took me with my sister and my brother ,they hit us on our head to pass out and when we woke up ,we found our self's in a dark nasty old room ,the room were empty ,the only thing I can see is the sun light crossing that small window
I looked around me Sofia and Jeremy were still sleeping on the floor ,I smelled something weird ,I feel dizzy ,I can't see very clear so I started knocking the room door strongly "help ,please somebody help me " ,I can feel my body hit the ground strongly ,I want to get up but I couldn't 移動する ,I couldn't even breath

all I see now is darkness...
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