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posted by wantadog
Chapter 1; Humans and Demons and Abominations.

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.
Odessa blearily opened her eyes, that damn buzzing was going to drive her crazy! She sat up, expecting to see Arlon sitting in his throne, grinning from ear to ear at his power over her, but all she saw was a small meadow, a tiny pond, a few trees scattered around, and…metal bars? What was going on? If she was in the wilderness, there wouldn’t be metal bars. That means she must be…
A roar sounded to her left and her head snapped towards the sound. There, maybe 20 feet away, was a lion. The lion was small によって any standard, but it was still very dangerous, at least to a human. Odessa smirked, her beauty alone would give it pause, but she thought she might give it a little もっと見る to worry about. She looked the beast in the eye, preparing to use a few demon tricks on it. She was shocked, however, to find that she couldn’t use any. Her powers were…gone. The lion roared even louder and began to advance. Odessa, for the first time in her life, felt fear. It was only a tingle, barely noticeable, but to her it felt like a tsunami crashing down on her. She was helpless. The lion charged her and she screamed, closing her eyes tight. After a 分 of nothing, she opened them to find the lion was gone.
“Hello there, Odessa.”
Odessa looked up to see an Incubus in the air, staring at her. “Zaebos? Is that you?”
Zaebos flipped upside down and grinned at her. “Why yes it is. あなた seem to be in a bad way. Anything I can do to help?”
Odessa glared. She knew what his form of helping was and she wanted nothing to do with it. “Get your mind out of the gutter and get me out of this cage. I assume あなた stopped time?”
“Yes, I did. あなた should be nicer to those who are helping you. Look in the pond, your powers are gone.”
Odessa gulped and slowly walked over to the still pond. She peered over and looked at her face. It was her face, but something was missing. She was a succubus, her appearance should be able to mesmerize anyone, but the face she saw lacked any luster, any charm, any beauty. She spun around and glared at Zaebos.
“Come now, don’t give me that look. Now that you’re powerless, angry is very ugly on you.”
Zaebos chuckled and grabbed her arm, dragging her out of the cage. “Ya ya, fine. Just tell me when to let time start, but don’t take too long, stopping time is against the rules, as あなた very well know.”
Odessa glared at him. “Just start time as soon as I leave the Zoo.”
Zaebos saluted. “As あなた wish, your stoniness.”
Odessa turned her back on him and started walking towards the exit. It turned out that the buzzing she heard was the motor to a small children’s toy. She was near the exit when time suddenly started. She cursed, but that was as far as she got before being bowled over. “OW! Damn that Zaebos…”
Odessa looked over to see a man staring at her. The man had a rather handsome face, blue piercing eyes, and was staring, rather pointedly, at her breasts.
“Never seen boobs before?”
The man jerked his gaze up. He blushed. “Uh, sorry about that. That’s an…interesting outift.” He said, trying, and failing, to avoid looking at the strange woman’s figure. Odessa looked around. She was indeed standing out. Her clothing wasn’t exactly skin tight, but it still left very little to the imagination. She would have already had everyone else drooling from the mouth already, but all she could do now was impress one person?
“I know this, why are あなた still here?”
The man looked at her, slightly put off によって her aggressive attitude. “I only wanted to make sure that あなた were all right.”
“Well, I am, so no need for a human like あなた to worry.”
The man’s expression turned to one of confusion. “Human? あなた aren’t human yourself?”
Odessa snorted. “No, I am a demon, so leave before I decide to end your pitiful existence.”
“It seems to me that あなた are the one who is the もっと見る pitiable of the two of us.” Odessa’s mouth dropped. To think this man would be stupid enough to insult a demon.
“So あなた think I am weak? Is that it?”
“Strength has nothing to do with it. I pity あなた because あなた are so close-minded. You’re constantly putting down humans, is there a reason? What exactly makes demons better?”
“They’re stronger, faster, smarter, they are superior.”
His expression didn’t change. “Prove it then.”
Odessa looked him in the eyes for the first time. “What do あなた mean, あなた want to fight?”
He smiled at her. “Yes, I do. I would 愛 to see these demon powers of yours.”
Odessa looked away, irritated that she couldn’t just kill the man. “When I get my powers back, あなた will experience them in all their fury.”

Arlon sat in his chair, awaiting word. He straightened up when he saw Zaebos fly through the door. “Any word?”
“She’s fine, a little pissed, but fine.”
Arlon heaved a sigh of relief. “that’s good, I suppose, but how long will she last in the human world?”
Zaebos picked dirt from his sleeve, lazily saying, “She has a place to stay. She already made a friend, but that’s not what really worries あなた is it?”
Arlon looked at him, his gaze cold. “No, it isn’t. Let’s go Zaebos. It’s time to get to work, before she comes back and kills us.”
Zaebos smiled as Arlon stood. “Casting her out was a smart move. Who knows when she would have acted on her plan, eh? Well, it doesn’t really matter. She’s gonna die in only a few days anyway.”
Arlon glanced at him. “You are heartless. あなた 表示する no mercy, even to your sister?”
Zaebos took to the sky. “None, but remember, she isn’t my sister によって blood.”
Chapter (12):
Abbie and Leo were walking in the hallways during study hall, they stopped because Leo had to grab his French book , Abbie spotted Susie and Brad in the crowd of students, Susie was whispering something to Brad, after she was done his eyes widened and he glared at Susie, "Does your mom know?" Abbie heard him say, "Shh!" 発言しました Susie, then they were both whispering again, "Ab!" 発言しました Leo, "That's the third time I've spotted あなた like this!" he said, "I'm sorry" she said, "What are so interested in?" he asked, "Susie" she whispered, "Susie Gellar, Lily's sister?" he whispered, "Yes"...
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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
“What are あなた doing here?” I asked as he walked into my living room and stood beside Sophie. “Sophie wanted to visit, so here we are.” He replied. He put his arm around Sophie's waist which annoyed me. Sophie was my best friend and he was just someone who likes stalking girls. Remembering my mom's rule about being a good host, I closed the door and asked them if they wanted anything to drink. “Ya, I'll have a double mocha cappuccino.” Sophie said. I knew she was joking because she was having a hard time keeping a straight face. We looked at each other, then burst out laughing. “I...
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posted by wantadog
Chapter 1; Humans and Demons and Abominations.

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.
Odessa blearily opened her eyes, that damn buzzing was going to drive her crazy! She sat up, expecting to see Arlon sitting in his throne, grinning from ear to ear at his power over her, but all she saw was a small meadow, a tiny pond, a few trees scattered around, and…metal bars? What was going on? If she was in the wilderness, there wouldn’t be metal bars. That means she must be…
A roar sounded to her left and her head snapped towards the sound. There, maybe 20 feet away, was a lion. The lion was small によって any standard, but...
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posted by dragonsmemory
Want to be a part of my upcoming book series, The Eden Chronicles? All あなた have to do is create a character, pick a time period, and watch for your character in an upcoming novel.

SPECIES (choose one of the following. No half-breeds)
(if あなた know of another species, あなた can add it, no angels)

NAME: (create your own, must be unique)


COLORING: (depends on species)

PERSONALITY: (up to you)

The Early Years
The Years of Peace
The Demon Wars
The Years of Revolution and Change
The Invasion Years

That's all あなた need to 登録する the series. Watch for a special first look at Book 1, coming soon.
posted by Problematic129
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Chapter 9
    The prank of the year
    I couldn’t 移動する at the moment, または at least, 移動する from this vision. I tried to, I really did, but it was like someone was forcing me to watch this, I was stuck.
    I followed my sister about almost everywhere, and then went back to the deck to watch the people, it felt like hours, which it probably was, when the real action started happening.
    I recognized the girl from the papers, and her name was always...
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posted by hgfan5602
The power of love,
It can take あなた to many places,
And it will bring
Many good things to this world

The power of love
It will bring many people together
We will bond
And the world will get together

The greatest minds will form
And we will live in unity
愛 is certainly
A powerful object

Is amazing,
For it can do anything possible,
But it can be very hurtful.

Can bring all the people
Of the world together,
Together once at last

The power of love
Can never be explained,
For it is amazing
Exactly because of that.
posted by Problematic129
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Chapter 8
    Learning または murder?
    “Miss Lorean and Miss Jenkins, keep it down!” Our teacher barked.
    Jess rolled her eyes. “It’s Mrs. Jenkins, sir.”
    The class exploded into giggles, and I could’ve sworn Mr. Hiat cracked a smile before smoothing it into an annoyed frown. “Is that so?”
    Jess nodded, batting her eyelashes. I tried to contain my giggles as she stood up and flashed us a ring. “It...
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Chapter Three


      Sophie didn't arrive ホーム until late that evening. That was so like her. She was such a party girl that she assumed that she could 表示する up whenever she pleased. I was getting tired of that. I really needed her today but she was too busy having fun and being social. I had spent the rest of the 日 painting a new canvas of a stormy 日 with wind, rain, and lightening. It turned out beautiful.
      Sophie came into the basement...
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posted by hgfan5602
あなた can't change me
I'm so being myself
I am not anyone else
Besides me

I'm standing here
Look how much I've changed
I'm so stubborn
Never being someone else

Look at the sky
Look how the world has changed
Look how the people chatter about
Can't change me

Everyone's changed
Everything but me has changed
And the world still rotates everyday
No one's gonna make me

I'm a rockstar
I'm so powerful
I'm staying myself
No one's gonna replace me

The world has changed
But I'm not going to change
I'm just as great as I am
Right now
posted by Problematic129
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Chapter 7
Sweet can be way もっと見る サワー than あなた think
    The fact that my sister not only had lied to me, but had betrayed me to stung. She ditched me to spend such lonely nights while she goes partying with her friends.
    Just the thought of her in that ボート doing God knows what makes me sick to my stomach.
    It was the 日 after that little weird experience and I had to go school today. Jessica...
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added by hgfan5602
posted by hgfan5602
I'm a stranger
Just walking on the crossroads,
Waiting for the sun to set,
Hoping the days could go によって faster

Oh why did あなた ever throw me back?
Cuz now I have to be a stranger
Just sitting on the city benches
There's no place in the world for me

Oh say it's not true,
What あなた told me
I can't live on your garbage everyday
I'm not a stranger in this world

I'm not just a stranger
That no one knows
I don't wanna hide my fear anymore
These city benches are way too dusty

I'm now finding a place for me
You can't keep me inside
Locked up, sewing dresses for you
I'm truly もっと見る than あなた may think I am

I'm not a stranger...
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posted by hgfan5602
I've been written
The painful truth,
Just two days ago,
When I was...betrayed.

He walked away from me
He threw me down in the sand
Like I was some little doll
Of little importance.

It was a scary thought
To think,
Of all those years...
When he took me in
Now he threw me down and that's that

I'm not a paper doll
So I will not be thrown down again
Cuz I am not a puppet
No one will control me with strings

I am invincible
I am an individual
No one shall make me suffer
Though I must cry sometimes....

Don't スイング me によって my head
Don't make me lose my mind
I don't want to destroy you
But I will, if あなた destroy me.
posted by Sinna_Hime_chan
 in dedication to Mina
in dedication to Mina
The ocean may overtake me and 飲み込む me- yet it will not bury me.
The whole of the mountain will crash down and roll over me - but it does not crush me.

Human physical strength has limitations and it weakens in time. 'Inner strength' knows no bounds!
The confines of this earthly realm have no bearing.

Let it be done!

Let the horns sound that shake the foundation.
Call forth the titans. Summon up the dread that lies buried deep within the ハート, 心 and mind.
Let the godless fear when they face the charge.
The ロスト will flee または loose heart.

'And in the darkening late hours when the ground rumbles like an oncoming train...I will draw from deep wells what cannot be poisoned または tainted または overturned. I will stand, though the tides rise and the clouds threaten...and there I will remain, even if I 表示する signs and cracks of care and hardship.
I will not be broken.

I may grow weary.

Though all the elements come against me
and tear at flesh and bone!-I WILL STAND!
posted by wantadog
The Succubus, Prologue!

“You called for me?” the young succubus, Odessa, knelt before her lord. She knew that she was about to be chewed out, but she didn’t care anymore, she would take whatever punishment he deemed fit, then leave his presence until her 次 one. Lord Arlon glared at her.
“You have some nerve, あなた have repeatedly disobeyed me in the past, but now あなた have gone too far. あなた have broken one rule too many, and this one was a serious one.”
She kept her head bowed respectfully, but inwardly sneered at the fool. “You and I have differing opinions, my lord.”
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posted by alicia386
Chapter Two


      Sophie's brown eyes widen and she stared in the corner. I immediately turned to look at what had her so shaken. It didn't see a thing."There's Emma," she mumbled astonished. "Can't あなた see her?" I tried staring harder at the corner and I made out a pale figure sitting in the corner. I could see her face perfectly clear. Seeing this spirit made a flood of memories quickly poor in my brain and then leak out the other side.
      "The same Emma who use to...
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posted by hgfan5602
Once upon a dream
There was a world
Where everyone came together as one
Where they would 登録する together and sing

We share in the riches
We 登録する together and sing
Of the amazing journey we've had
In our lives

No one would back away
In fear and cowardice,
No one would slink away
Everyone would be bold

We will be as one
On this beautiful earth,
While sharing our resources
We shall be together and sing

We are the world of destiny,
We are the people of the world,
And we do our very best,
To make this world brilliant

I have never seen a place
Where no one would
Be a traitor,
And they would hold hands and sing

We are...
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posted by alicia386
Chapter One
Book One- Zoe


      I planted my suitcase on the front porch where my sister Sophie would supposedly carry it inside and up to our rooms または at least that is what dad told her to do. It was very humid out here and I did not want to be out here in this heat.After fetching all of her suitcases, I caught a glimpse of her painting her fingernails and toenails bright red. Irresponsible, as usual. We slave our butts off while she paints her nails. あなた could...
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posted by IlovePatch97
Tell me darling why あなた cry,
Your tears stain the ベッド あなた lay upon
Could it be あなた miss the ones あなた clung to so tight,
Nothing but a scared little fawn
The flames burnt away your past and future,
The hate did nothing but balance your grief
What now? That’s presents question,
Something so fragile like a branch being clung to によって a leaf
Where is your mother little dove?
What happened to those loving others who filled your empty nest?
How many word of the world can あなた rhyme with love?
Perhaps someday we will know with, proper care and rest
When pursuing dreams take chances and strive for nothing less than best
Then only then can あなた be sure you’ve completed life’s most demanding quest
Wilting rose petal lying in the water
Water tries to devour it
Rose petal too weak to fight back.
Alone in the darkness in deep slumber
I walk in the halls unaware of the flight of stairs below me
I walk in deep slumber to get away
They stalk me
They grab me
They want me.
Why am I so important?
Ever since I returned from Fogg's Asylum
I haven't had a good night's sleep at all
Just people
Odd looking people
Wanting me
Begging for me
Killing for me.
I don't want to see
I don't want to look
I don't want to harm
But they make me.
Blood on my hands and I do not remember.
I scream,"It's from my sleep! My deepest slumber!...
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