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Three years 前 devastating news hit the Loreans, there eighteen 年 old daughter was found dead in the lake. For years police tried to find her killer, but never got anywhere. Soon, everyone gave up, even her parents. But not Destiny, everyday she would try to find police reports similar to her sister. Destiny is no ordinary girl, she has visions and can see things that no one else can, and lately she's been having dreams of her sister about her sister. When it looks like all hope is lost, a young detective comes to her aid, together they uncover the secrets and 未回答 質問 to her sister's death. But the もっと見る closer they get to solving the case, the もっと見る dangerous their lives become.
All I remembered was running, または at least, that’s all that mattered at the moment. I was being chased, my predator a few feet from me. Why did I have to be so dumb to walk alone on a creepy night like this?
    All I wanted to see was my sister Destiny, it was her that kept me going. She was my little fourteen 年 old sister and she needed me.
    If I hadn’t taken Destiny away from our parents to live with me, she would have to suffer the shouting and yelling that you’d often hear in my parent’s house.
    “Help!” I yelled to no avail, this was a deserted grassland no one came to, except victims and killers.
    Which I’d soon be.
    I ran into the woods nearby, my breath becoming louder. My muscles screamed and ached, I felt like I couldn’t run no more, but I had too.
    And it was just my luck that I tripped over a small rock and fell, I heard a small crunch. I think I’ve broken my ankle, it burns, but right now all I feel is panic and fear. What do I do?! My killer could be here any second, I have to hide!
    I looked around quickly, but all I saw was trees, but they’d have to do. Despite the protesting ankle, I climbed up the 木, ツリー as quietly and carefully as I could. によって the time I was close enough to get a good view of the ground, but high enough to be obscured によって the leaves, my ankle had this searing pain, but it felt dull enough to ignore. I stayed still and everything was silent for a full moment. But then I heard the sound of foot crunching and leaves, and I saw my killer walk past the tree. All I could see was there head, nothing else, not one single identification of who they were.
    They were all dressed in black, and either that was a black キャップ または hat on the person’s head, または my killer had black hair. But right now I was too disoriented to tell the difference.
    After a few minutes, I carefully got off my tree, and limped in the other direction. After a while I left the woods, I was on some side walk. Yes! Almost there!
    I was just going to step on the street, when something hard collided with my head. But I couldn’t process anything after that except the intense pain in my head, my vision swam, I couldn’t comprehend anything.
    Was I being carried?
    It felt like hours, but was possibly minutes, when my mind started to work again. I blanked for a second, but then I noticed I had a blindfold on, I tried to pry it off, but I was weak. I felt this weird like movement, even though I was sitting, then I realized that we were in a car. Yes! Driving in a car! But my joy at my brightness was short lived, when the car came to an abrupt stop. My head started to thud against my skull, as another intense pain came, but I managed to keep my insanity intact.
    I felt hands, going to my hands, and tying something there. I didn’t know what, but it was pretty hard, my hands ached at the weight of it. Then I was being pushed out of the car and dragged to only god knows where.
    Then my blindfold was off and I was faced to one of the most beautiful lakes I’ve ever seen, with an amazing waterfall. It was then I understood, at least I’d get die somewhere beautiful.
    It was the last thing I saw before I was pushed into the lake, I felt the panicky feeling grip me again as I tried to swim up, but something was holding me down. So I looked down and my eyes widened, my hands were chained together, and the chains led to a very looking heavy weight.
    I couldn’t get out, I was going to drown.
    Destiny! I thought, thinking of my loyal sister, who’d be there to protect her from mom and dad’s infamous fighting, to help her with her homework, to hold her in there arms. Our parents couldn’t, they never did with me, always too pre-occupied. Please, protect her.
    My throat was on fire, my nose felt ready to explode, and my eyes started to burn. I fought and I screamed in the water, being the stubborn person that I was. But that wouldn’t help me not now.
    I kept on moving and fighting until I altogether stopped, and I died. I’ve must’ve looked crazy, I knew I would look crazy. The determined look in my eyes mixed with the emptiness, the last thing on my mind was of my sister.