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*In the green room*

Chris: welcome back to America's number one 表示する for the past 3 weeks...

Sgt. Calhoun: Total Drama Video Game Highschool!

Chris: Last episode we saw Jasper return and send Jordan packing....

Sgt. Calhoun: this week our contestants will have to be creative for this challenge...

Chris: lets find out whose going ホーム next...

*Theme song plays*
*In Team Noob's room*

Ryan: well Jordan is gone....

Kylie: and Jasper is back....

Ryan: I know あなた kinda liked him but he's the enemy now....

Kylie: He's not the enemy!...he's just on the other team...

Marina: well we should vote Draven off...
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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Around the World! Mexico! ホーム to some of the worlds most spiciest foods. Here, we tried some of those spicy foods. And man were those final 5's months burning. There were some もっと見る spices. Jordan and Lia. They kissed. But in the end, it was Lia leaving the plane with Jordan. Now, This episode of Total Drama is going to be out of this world! hehe. What do I mean あなた ask? Stay tuned for this all new episode of, Total.. Drama... Around the world!

(theme song)

(First class)
(Lance and Cole are sleeping)
(Non-First class)
(Amber and Liza are sleeping)
(Trumpet is heard)...
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posted by koalagirl9
It was Zoeys 17th birthday she wanted to have a big party with everyone form tdroti (considering she was lonely and had nobody to have party's with before)They were all around the bond 火災, 火 eating cake when Zoeys Dog Lolly ran out.She ran after him along with Mike Cameron B and Dawn.They ended up running into the woods before catching the dog but at that point they were in the dark woods all alone.
Were are we?Zoey said.
I dont know.Dawns soft voice whispered.But i sense we should remain here for the rest of the night.By the way does anyone else smell pee?She continued.
I don't think Brick followed...
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8am wake up and get ready
8:30 am meet at Katie's
8:35 am go to mall
12:00 pm leave mall
12:30 pm eat lunch
1:00 pm hang out
5:00 pm eat diner
6:00pm talk about boys
7;00pm see who can hang upside down the longest
around 7:02 pm someone gives up
7:03 pm:go online
8:00 pm Katie goes to the toilet
8:05 pm wipe hineys
8;07pm Flush
8:09sadie repeats the cycle
8:40 eat a snack
8;50 go to the club
9:00 arive at the club
11:00 leave the club
11:30 arive at homes go to sleep and get ready to repeat the cycle in the morning
(Mess hall)
Jordan: (siting at a table)
(Lia enters)
Lia: こんにちは Jordan.
Jordan: Oh こんにちは Lia.
Lia: so....
Jordan: so?
Lia: Glad あなた can come.
Jordan: why do あなた care? あなた got me eliminated.
Lia: It was a joke. And also, あなた most likely got eliminated because of your bad throwing.
Jordan: True.
Lia: So don't be mad at me.
Jordan: sorry.
Lia: So, your leaving today?
Jordan: Yep. You?
Lia: I hope not.
Jordan: hehe. Yeah.
(Lia and Jordan stare into each others eyes and leans slowly to キッス and they kiss)
Jordan: Wo.
Lia: Yeah.
Jordan: That was....
Lia and Jordan: Great.
Jordan: I- I have to got to Chris.
Lia: Yeah. I need...
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“Are あなた guys ready for your first challenge?” Stella questioned the contestants.
“I wonder what it is!” Natasha clutched Carter’s arm.
Stella smiled, “Your first task... is to go on a “speed date.”
“Speed date?” Jenny questioned. “But we’ve already met our partners...”
Stella rolled her eyes, “That’s not what I meant Jenny... I meant that あなた and your partner will have to go on a speed date, and will only have three 分 to find as much info as あなた possibly can about the other. I don’t care how weird it makes あなた feel, または how strange または obscure the info you...
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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Around the World! Siberia! Here, we had an old fashion snow day. With Polar bears, Walruses, and worst of all, Layla. In the end, it was Rochelle who took the drop-o-shame. Now that we're in our final 5, who will win? Find out right now on Total Drama Around the World!

(theme song)

(First class)
(Lance and Cole are playing video games)
voice in the game: Player 1 win!
Cole: OH YEAH!
Lance: nice game dude.
Cole: thanks.


Lance: Cole is so cool. He might be a big rebel around the girls, but around guys like me, he is a nice guy.

Cole: Lance maybe acting...
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posted by koalagirl9
It was after Dakota came back (after being unfairly catapulted with nothing but a floaty) Sam was pushing his thumbs into a Mario game when the pretty Dakota Milton walked in.
What are あなた doing here Sam said.
Cleaning the cob webs lucky for me its the last thing i have to do. She responded.
Well Sam strutted.You look amazing tonight.
Wow thanks.Dakota said.Wanna go out to the dock and have some fun im done on the dusting.
Its raining.Said Sam.Plus i want to finish level 5-8.
Comon! 発言しました Dakota.Drop your game and lets have real fun.
Sam dropped the game and raced Dakota to the dock.
When they got there...
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posted by koalagirl9
Cameron:Mom i won!!!!!!
Camerons Mom:i saw i cant belive あなた one total drama
Cameron:YEAH well i have to go check on squeeky
Camerons Mom:about that Squeeky passed away
Cameron:What? Your kidding?
But his mom was'nt so that 日 he invited his 2 フレンズ (Mike and Zoey) To a funeral.
Zoey:I am so sorry about sqeeky
Cameron:(crying) its (sniff)ok
The service was short Cameron burried a shoe box with the ハムスター in it and then they got pie.
ok i know this sucks eggs but it was a bad idea i got i also had a idea for a NOCO story appear in a dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be on there page soon.
Stella stood on the stage and yelled to the contestants, “Are あなた ready?” She asked them.
The contestants roared with excitement. They couldn’t wait to watch the last chance performances.
“First, we have Caitie, who is 歌う part of Firework によって Katy Perry,” Stella continued.
“Ohmygod! I like totally 愛 that song!” Keeley interrupted. “I was performing in a talent 表示する last 年 and I sang that song and it was like, so totally awesome!”
Melissa was in the recording studio confessional later that night. “That Keeley chick is getting on my last nerve, I need her gone.”...
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Cole: Walrus's, Polar bears....Chris has ロスト his mind....

Lia: Okay... Chris... If your watching this... あなた ロスト YOUR FREAKING MIND!!!!! But Im in this to win it the final 5 already. Woo!!!!!!

Amber: Ugh, this is disastrous. Winning the advantage, then getting knocked out, fighting over something as ridiculous as a taped board with somebody who I trust...maybe I'll get voted off next. I hope not.

Liza: I was going to win! Bye-bye Cole!


(Elimination room)

Chris: okay, あなた have all voted and the first one goes to our invincibility winner, Lance.
Lance: Oh yeah!
Chris: The...
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Chris: last time on Total Drama Around the World! Brazil! Here the contestants had to find a rare bird in the Brazilian forest. Rochelle met Draven, Lance met pain, and Cole met first class. In the end, It was Annie who was sent packing. Who will win? Who will lose? Find out right now on Total Drama Around the World!

(theme song)

(Non-first class)
Lance: Is it just me, または is this plane getting bigger and bigger each day.
Amber: Well, there's only 4 of us here in non-first class so, yeah.
Lia: And 6 people total.
Lance: yeah.
Liza: I hope today's challenge is some where nice. Not too hot and not too...
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*In the confessional booth*

Jordan: (dizzy) aaa... what... what happened? Was I at school?
Ryan: I vote Jordan...I guess.
Isabelle: why did we have to switch teams? Now me and Ryan arn't on the same team any more
Draven: okay, I win invincibility. So who to leave... hmmm... Jordan.
Isaac: YES! I won a challenge!

Isaac: I guess playing video games nonstop for 11 years helps with something!
Kylie: wow this is great! Im still in!

Kylie: Being a gamer girl has its perks.

Kylie: Back ホーム i beat every guy in every game.
*At the Elimination Ceremony*

Chris: well well looks like Team Noob's winning...
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posted by SuperGwen

-First 日 on the job- 

"Good morning Mr and Mrs. Winsten!" Chimed Melody, the assistant secretary. She had greeted the couple as they walked into the studio with their children. "Now, Mr. Propel wants to see あなた in the meeting room to discuss the changing of the 表示する and your pay." the オレンジ headed female stated.

"Thanks melody." Ally spoke as she held onto Austins small hand.

Mike and Ally had woke early that day. Eager to start the first 日 of their new jobs. It was all overwhelming for everyone, but they manage to keep a calm atmosphere.
  Ally sported a cute, ruffled purple blouse...
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posted by CommanderCody
Well, I'm here to express my opinion of the new season of TDI, Total Drama  Revenge of the Island, just rolls off your tongue. I think we can all agree that, it's not as good as the first season. It had interesting challenges, it had lovable characters (except Katie, Sadie, and Beth, in my opinion), and it parodied Thriller in an episode. Well, I might as well start with the new cast, it's a shame the old cast isn't there. The characters are as interesting as looking at a brick, seriously, most of them never shut up, like Mike and Lightning, I'm glad that Staci got voted off first, if she...
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(Mess hall)
Annie: So who do あなた think should go?
Lia: Lance. I mean, wouldn't it be so cool if the final 5 were only girls?
Annie: Yeah. So, 次 time we'll vote off Cole?
Lia: If he doesn't win invincibility again.
Annie: Well, let's not make that happen.
Lia: agree.


Amber: Hmm...okay, final seven. This will be quite difficult. Liza and Rochelle were with me and did nothing wrong, I don't know about Lance...same with Lia and Annie... Wait--Possibly Annie. To be honest, she isn't trying as hard anymore. She's not getting herself in the game alot and hasn't come up with great strategies...
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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Around the World! Greece! Here I put the final 8 through some events in the Olympic games! We ended up with a 3 way tie so we added another challenge. End the end, Lance won invincibility and 子鹿, フォーン 発言しました good bye. Who will win? Who will lose? Who will become bird 食 on Total.. Drama... Around the world!

(theme song)

(First class)
Amber: Are we going to talk?
Lance: I don't know what to talk about.
Amber: agggh... So boring.


Amber: (sigh) Lance is kinda boring. But wow, I'm making it further and further in this competition. Plus, I'm in first class...
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(elimination room)
Chris: あなた all have voted and since あなた had a hard day, I am being nice-
(Amber laughs)
Chris: as I was saying, because I am being nice, the people who are staying get an energy bar and a small bottle of water. And the first one goes to our invincibility winner, Lance.
Lance: OH YEAH!
Chris: 次 one goes to Lia.
Lia: YAY!
Chris: Rochelle
Rochelle: OH yeah!
Chris: Amber.
Amber: YAY!
Chris: Liza.
Liza: YES!
Chris: Annie!
Annie: YES!
(Lia and Annie hug)
Chris: Cole. Fawn. One of あなた will be eliminated tonight. and the final one goes to ................................. Cole!
Cole: YES!
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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Around the World! The plane got into a little struggle when we entered the Bermuda Triangle. We almost crashed s our challenge was the first one to touch the ground wins! Cole was the first one to touch the ground leaving Layla with out invincibility. Layla also showed Annie the confessional of Lia saying she DOES like Jordan and man was she mad. In the end, it was Layla taking the boot leaving Liza partying. Who will win? who will lose? Find out right now on Total Drama Around the World!

(theme song)

(first class)
(Liza, Annie, Cole, Rochelle, Amber, and Lance...
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*In the Green room*

Chris: welcome back to Total Drama Video Game Highschool!

Sgt. Calhoun: Last time Team Leet didn't live up to the their name...

Chris: and they sent デイジー packing...

Sgt. Calhoun: Now I'm in charge of the 次 challenge

Chris: and lets just say...Here comes the pain!

*Theme song plays*
*In the confessional after the elimination ceremony*

Draven: Still in...and I WILL win this. No one can stop me!
Sayu: Is it wierd that i somehow don't feel bad?...am i supposed to?

Sayu: Umm...so...I'm still in! *happy dance* Yay! this is so awesome!
Daisy: I will be back!!!! YOU'LL ALL...
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