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I KNOW this has nothing to do with TDI, but I 愛 this version and I wanted to share it w/ あなた guys! Matt Tuck is the best singer ever<3
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I am in 愛 with this song. If ya' don't like Screamo または I Set My フレンズ on Fire, DON'T WATCH IT. I DO NOT OWN!!
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7: Alliance… (Mary’s POV)

    I sat on the dock, 読書 a book. Bridgette sat 次 to me.
    “Hey. You’re Mary, right?”
    “Geoff talks about あなた a lot.”
    My stomach swelled.
    “I uh… uh…”
    “I have a fun plan!”
    I stared at Bridgette, totally awestruck.
    “A plan?”
    “Yeah! It’ll leave Geoff confused for weeks!”
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4: Break-up (3rd person)

    Courtney spotted Duncan sitting on the dock.
    “So, Rose was pretty interesting, huh?” she asked.
    “Yeah, I guess so.”
    “I talked to Owen recently.” Courtney clenched her fists. Duncan gulped.
    “Oh あなた did, did you?”
    “Yes, and he 発言しました that あなた two seemed to like each other.”
    “She is nice.”
    “No. I mean like. A crush.”
    “Do あなた have a problem...
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2: Two new campers (Rose’s POV)

    “I’m so nervous Caitlin!” I squealed. “I’ve never been this far from ホーム before!”
    My friend Caitlin and I were on a ボート to Muskoka. Caitlin managed to snag us a 歌う career. After I learned to play the guitar, (white lie, I can’t really play!) some big famous Hollywood peeps had asked us to shoot some 動画 on an island.
    “Isn’t the set some crappy summer camp?” Caitlin asked, looking over some 音楽 and tapping her foot.
    “Yeah. Camp Wawanakwa,...
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I chopped up bits of carrots and dropped them into the large tin bowl.
"I smell dinner!" Izzy sung out sliding down the stair case railing. She walked into the キッチン and stood 次 to me and my food.
"Well あなた smelled correctly." I smiled. "I'm making salad, chicken, and mashed potatoes. Interested?" I asked handing her a long オレンジ carrot and a knife. She smiled and took it from my hand.
"What about the chicken?" Izzy 発言しました pushing the green carrot 上, ページのトップへ into the garbage near the bottom cupboard.
"Oven." I briefly replied. Duncan and デイジー ran into the キッチン at the same time.
"Dinner! Finally!"...
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Point of view (first paragraph): Lindsay's

You know, I would've never thought I'd be here, right now! I've just gotten a letter from Lanburg University. I don't know if they'll accept know. Oh god, I here that these things can be depressing, または mean. Oh God, I can't do it! I just can't! If they don't accept me...I'll have to get a job at some crappy McDonald's!

"Lindsay? what're あなた doing?" asked Owen as he walked in. "Lanburg....I, I just can't open it...I-"
"You're afraid あなた won't get accepted?"
"Lindsay, you've studied really hard!, you've become really smart over the...
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Yes...I'm doing a プロフィール on dogs.....XD


Name: Scrappy
Age: 7
Type: The type that lays around, the type that protects.
Breed: Asian shih Tzu
Gender: male


Name: Junior
Age: 4
Type: easily annoyed, girly, loves to bite things.
Breed: Asian Shih Tzu
Gender: Male


Name: Chewy
Age: 2
Type: entergetic, carefree, loving, loves to chew things.
Breed: Asian Shih Tzu
Gender: Female

 White-eye (lol, the only one who actually looked at the camara!)
White-eye (lol, the only one who actually looked at the camara!)

Name: White-eye
Age: 3
Type: curious, fun loving, weird.
Breed: Asian Shih tzu
Gender: Female

 TT (sorry, I couldn't get a good pic, she can't sit still)
TT (sorry, I couldn't get a good pic, she...
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" child, wake up!" Heather woke up, in a cemetary. "Oh gracious, my child, you've woken up!".
"wh, who are you?"
"Why my child, I am your great great great great great great grandmother, Beatrice Thorn!".
Heather stared at the woman for minute, like she was crazy.
"Please, my child! Come here, あなた have been hurt!"
Beatrice tried to grab Heather, but she slipped out of her hands.
"Get away from me, あなた sleezy hag!"
"Why must あなた act like this!? So crude,!" Beatrice grabbed Heather and threw her down a hole, a dug grave that was awaiting.

" poor
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(This is a true story. This happened to me years ago, when I was 11. So my fanfiction character's surroundings will be different, as to the Elementary school that they will be at for the first bit of the 記事 :)

Everyone hurried into the Gym of Butler Elementary school, today was the end of the 年 field trip, to St. Louis. Everyone was excited to be going so far from the school. JG, Blake, Seiamica, Bibi Bri and Shawni were behind the stage. The stage was in the gym, and when the curtins were closed, It made a fully closed off room, it had tables, chairs, computer desks, not to mention...
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"girl friend..." i repeted. the words burned in my mouth. cody looked down at his feet and nodded slowly. "i'm Holly. Holy black." she said. i exhailed sharply. "what's yours?" she asked quietly. "Hayley..." i replyed. "Hayley as in Hayley shadow?" she asked. "I know, weired name." i said. she ran up to me and gave me a hug."who is she?" Cody mouthed. "i don't know!" i mouthed back putting my hands up 表示中 that i'm really shrugging. ヒイラギ, ホリー pulled away from me. "you don't really remember me. Do you?" she asked worriedly. i shook my head. "i lived 次 door to あなた when were were only 6." she...
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Ok, Here are the original plans for my articles.

In my articles, Juli is 5th in command and a very often used character, in my original plans, Juli was kicked out of JG's possy before the 表示する started, and she was part of a "Freaks" cateogory.

In my articles, Seiamica is Heather's cousin, in my original plans, she is Heather's Sister.

In my original plans, Stone's name was mick, he was blonde, and he was an enemy of JG's possy, now he is a member.

In the original plans, Vanita was a good tight rope runner, now he sucks, and JG is the circus freak XD

In the original, JG wore a baseball キャップ backwords, and had brown hair with one blue strwak in the front. (That was until I changed my look XD)

In the original, Juli was a talented singer, but Bibi Bri took her place in singing.

In the original, Kaitlynn and Kristina were enemies of JG's possy.

My 記事 may have started 3 months ago, but I had been planning them for 1 月 before I started making them!
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"hay Cody, wait for me!" i called out. if you're wondering who I am, my name's Hayley. A shy yet out going girl, born a blond with ピンク tips, but now i have ピンク and black hair!"C'mon Hayley, I want to 表示する あなた something!" he said. We were running down the stairs of Hogwarts. "this uniform isn't made to run, Cody! CODY! are あなた even listening to me?" i asked. He can be hard-headed sometimes...but i 愛 him. And it's a secret. i herd a sound. like a female voice calling Cody's name. "C-Cody...what was that?" i didn't get a responds. I closed my eyes. thinking that when i open them, he would...
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have あなた ever been in 愛 with someone who might not 愛 あなた back? ya...that how I feel with trent. I mean, we pass bye the halls and say 'hays' and 'hi',but that's it... we don't even stop and have not even short talk. but that one night in the commen room... he was my first kiss. I still remember his words...

"hay Gwen?"
"yeah?" I looked up smiling. I was doing my ホーム work for potions. (it takes place in hogwarts)
"have あなた had your first kiss?" I blushed.
"no... you?" he shook his head. I laughed. I looked at him watch the fire. he looked so cute.I grabed his face and gave him a...
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