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posted by Fangirl99
this is the continueation of 愛 n lost(i wrote 2 moths ago)

brooke:what?you like dj?
sumerr:SHH!dont let then hear!
brooke:okay,im not the best with relashionships,but ill try.
brooke:anyone know when dj is gonna be back?
dj:*walks through door*
rikki:there he is.
dj:sorry im late!
brooke:dj,can i talk to you?
dj:sure!whats up brooek.
brooke;the sky. now,how would あなた like to go on a 日付 with a fantastic girl!
dj:well,thats whati was gonna say next. everyone!may i hsve your attention!i have an announcement ot make!
sumer:Lwhat is it?
dj:well,brooke asked if i wanted to go on a 日付 with a girl,but,i already have a grilfriend.
all:YOU DO?

who is his girlfriend? find out in picking up broken pieces part 2!
A/N: こんにちは well I got the idea from fangirl99 when she asked if we want the people of TDA to put our characters on TDA. So here's Brooke in an interview with Geoff & Bridgett on the Aftermath of Duncan!
Please ENJOY!

As Geoff was preparing to ask Duncan another 質問 hoping he would lie to get hit with the anvil, Bridgett eagerly hopped to the 次 subject. "OK Geoff! I think Duncan's answered enough."she 発言しました as calmly as she could. Geoff cleared his throat & 発言しました in an eager voice,"So Duncan, who was your closest relative?" Duncan calmly stated,"My sister."
The crowd all gasped as he...
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added by PhoebeWyoming
was 読書 the 3rd book in the twilight series.
Until her phone rang. She answered and she got to go to Total Drama Island. She packed up and called her friend Stelle.

was pulling pranks on her family. Her mother told Summer that she was going to Total Drama Island. She was very excited.

was playing his fave video game and his フレンズ were wrestling. They wanted him to play too. Mack was on his computer and got an email. He was also going to Total Drama Island.

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added by Fangirl99
added by Fangirl99
added by bubblegum05
i dont own any of this all the taylor siwft songs u can skip the weird intros... songs: 1.Split Persanlity-Skye Sweetnam 2.Change-Taylor 迅速, スウィフト 3.Crazier-Taylor 迅速, スウィフト 4.Girlfreind-Avril Lavigne
cody and andrea
added by Fangirl99
this is my theme because i have a (friend) もっと見る like X-friend.,whos always getting on my nerves. I used to be her little puppet. cause if we werent friends, id beg to be フレンズ agian idk why./ So, shes made me stronger, and あなた know. Enjoy!
tdi my
posted by Fangirl99
note: this has absolutely nothing to do with umm. okay then,1-5, または romance with who, または 愛 n lost, K? This takes place in a club, and begin!

Security:ID please.
Brooke: right here.
Sofie and lyric and rose and Kieran hold up ids.
Security: hm. aren't あなた a little young to be in a night club?
Brooke: arent あなた a little to old be be brused to death?
security: good point. come on in.
Sofie: woe. that was weird
lyric: LOOK!!
Rose reads the poster: dear duncan fans, tonight duncan will be coming. do not scream so loud that あなた brake glass または make...
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posted by emisa123
 Aww! Ain't she the cutest? :3
Aww! Ain't she the cutest? :3
So, I have two fanfiction characters that I have updated. Their stories are still the same, but some minor things have changed. The two characters I will be updating are Maggie and Abby.

Name: Magenta Travis


Nickname: Maggie

Color: Blue

Appearance: Hazel eyes, Medium brown, shoulder length, layered hair with blonde highlights. 桃, ピーチ colored eyeshadow, チェリー lipgloss, black eyeliner, clearcoat nail polish. A white tanktop over a deep blue shirt, white-blue corduroy pants, ティール Converse.

Name: Abigail Maria Smith

Age: 17

Nickname: Abby

Color: Red and Black

Appearance: Large ティール eyes, thick, straight black hair with red tips. White eyeshadow, red lipstick, lots of black eyeliner, black nail polish. A black leather vest over a red shirt, black chain pants, combat boots, ピンク bandages used as arm gloves.

Nothing changed much except for the appearances. I just wanted 上, ページのトップへ make things clear about this.

<3 emisa123
 Abby changed a lot ;)
Abby changed a lot ;)
added by Fangirl99
posted by Fangirl99
Julie, [as 発言しました in umm okay parts 1-5] has retured. What will hapen? Well, read and find out.
Brooke: oh no! shes gonna beat あなた up again! this is not good!
Duncan: What do i do?
Brooke: ill call noah.
Brooke: cause he 発言しました he was gonna bulid a time machine *calls noah*
Noah: hello?
brooke: its brooke. i cant explain why but we need your time machine.
Noah:its not done
Brooke: *hangs up* Its not ready
rikki: well thats just great!
sumer: what now.
Jared: looks like he has to talk to her.
Courtney: i guess so.
trent: its the only...
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Duncan and brooke kissed. So did jared and courtney.
3rd person.
Sumer: こんにちは duncan. why dont あなた tell them who julie is.
Brooke: Yeah, why dont you.
Duncan: oh, i dont know.
Broke: come on, were all dying to knew *kisses him*
duncan: well, if あなた insist, it was 2years ago..
Duncans pov.
It was my brothers birthday, and i went to get him a present.Julie worked at the register. and i was single, so, a made my move.
Me: こんにちは hot stuff.
She started to blush
Julie: Hello there. and we talked and stuff. then we started going out. tll...
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Duncan: Courtney: im breaking up with you. Dont kill me!
Courtney: Fine, i know someone who wanted to go out with me anyways.
Duncan: Really? Who?
Courtney: His name is...
3rd person
Duncan: Jared? Someone named Jared wants to 日付 you?
Courtney: Yeah.
Duncan: oh, okay, then
Courtney: ill call him.
Brooke: wo, i cant believe she didnt get mad.
Duncan:I know.
Brooke: this was the perfect time. So, who あなた going out with.
Duncan:I might have someone in mind *winks*
Brooke: *Blushes*
5 分 later
Knock knock.
Jared: Im here こんにちは everyone....
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knock knock
Duncan: ill get it.
voice:Hello, Duncan
Courtney: what was that?
voice: its me Julie
Duncan:oh no.
3rd person
Courtney:who's that?
Duncan: ill explain later
voice: calm down. Its me, Sumer
Duncan: oh, thats better.
Sumer: Hi!Im duncans ex-girlfreind.
Courtney and me: oh.
duncan: Why do あなた care Brooke?
Brooke: i dont know, why did あなた die your hair green? i dont ask あなた that.
Izzy: okay, then. Hi! im izzy. Im psychic and psychotic.
Sumer: okay, then.
gwen: hey.
Sumer: hi.
Courtney: i dont think i should say anything, except stay away from duncan!...
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posted by lovestorygirl1
I walked into McGonagalls office."God he is so frustrating."She sighed."Yes well he is your ex-husband your bound to think that."I shook my head."I've been trying since we got divorced to find the right woman for him, somebody to match up with his personality. I'm beginning to wonder if the world population isn't too limited."She looked at me."Vicki."Her voice sounded frustrated."ItsHe wants to meet Sammy but I dont like it." "Well she is his too.And he hasnt seen her in 2 years."I sighed.She was right.
"Sammy!"I called.Seveus was here to take her with him for a coupple of days.Sammy came down."Hi!"She...
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In seven days, God created the world. And in seven seconds, I shattered mine.My name is Andrea but あなた can call me Andie.Im a 6th 年 in Hogwarts and im..well how do I describe myself.I guess there isnt a way to really.I grew up like a princess,and hated it.My mother never understode the fact that im not girly.She always wanted her well mannered,beautiful,intellagent daughter.I was many things..ok I was smart..but well mannered?Beautiful?Not in the least.Or atleast I didnt think so.My フレンズ always told me how pretty I was but I never belived them.I was in to sports and video games.I ate...
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posted by emisa123
Name: Abigail Carmen Rosenberg (Abby)

Age: 16

Labeled as: The Punk

Biography: When Abby was 8, her family moved from Washington D.C to Ottawa, Canada. There she made a lot of new フレンズ and went to a school for gifted children. When she was 10, she learned to play the drums and guitar. When she was 14, she formed her own band with a group of friends. The band's name was The Midnight Stars. In the band, she was the percussionist. When she turned 16, she heard about a new 表示する called "Total Drama Island" and decided to audition.

Audition: Abby decided to audition for TDI because she thought it would...
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Hello, welcome to little known facts about TDI Fanfiction Inc. Articles. Please read! XD

* The original name for TDI Fanfiction inc. was just TDI Fanfiction. It was changed as of March 7th to Protect from name stealing.
* The Characters in the series were originally planned to be younger than they are now. They were originally planned to be 10.
* JG stands for Juvy Goer.
* Vanita's name is actually based off of Benita from the 人気 表示する George Lopez.
* Seiamica's real world counter part, Brenna is actually called Seiamica as a nickname, this is what resulted in her character being called Seiamica....
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