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posted by jadeISmaNAME
1. Pick three of your OCs.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if あなた were your OCs.
3. Tag five people to do this meme~!




1. What are your names?
maddie: Madeline hiratu
jinx: ジャスミン hiratu
robyn: robyn カケス, ジェイ mocking...

2. Do あなた know why あなた were named that?
maddie: i dont know....
jinx: ... *shrugs*
robyn: ... when i was born, there was a mocking jaybird outside the window... and my natual hair colour is robyn, reminding my parents of a robin, a bird again...

3. Are あなた single または taken?
maddie: single!
jinx: hehe... taken ^-^
robyn: single, but looking for...
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So. While I think of what should happen to Lisa in chapter 4 of "Who Do I Love?", I decided to write.. type? some ランダム thing.. Hahaha.. I'm also listening to a lovely song as I write this.
What is that song あなた ask? "Jizz In My Pants" によって The Lonely Island. Yes.. I'm that awsome.
Sooo.. enjoy~


Lisa:*humming, walking around the 'OC mansion'* Wonder where every is.. *hears a voice when she passes a door, back tracks and listens at the door; she hears the song "Jizz In My Pants" playing* o__o' Whatthefuck? Whose room is this? *opens the door and sees Ky doodle*

Ky:*looks up at her* こんにちは Lisa....
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posted by Duncan-superfan
Nicknames:Finn(by Remy), Finny-boy (by his father; hates it. xD)
D.O.B:October, 2
P.O.B:Great Britian
Sexual Orentation:Straight, might be bi curious
Fears:Remy being harmed, Water, and snakes
Siblings:Remy, his younger twin.
Personality:Finni is very protective. He can be stubborn and a bit mean. His feelings come out confused, it's hard for him to confess his true feelings. Though his outer shell is rough, he has a big ハート, 心 underneath. Finni is usually to himself, only wanting Remy near him.
Likes:Remy,drawing,playing guitar,Luca,Kotomi,Mittens,gum,French culture/language, and cats....
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posted by whoo_sharp_e
Name: Krystlyn Roxxane McMillin
Age: 16
About Me: Krystlyn Is Goth. Like Duh! But She's A Very Talkitive Jittery Person. She'll Get Along With Anyone She Meets. Enless They Give Her A Problem. After Her Parent's Got Divorced She Was エモ But Then She Relized, Why Sit Here Depressed And Cutting When I Could Talk To Someone? Now Shes Just Goth. She Has Two Dogs, A Hamster, And A Cat. She Has A Little Sister And An Older On.

Any Question's???
Ask Bellow!
No, Not On My Picture!
In The Comment's Silly!

But Anyway!
Color: Pink, Purple, Black, Grey
Sport: Ice-Skating
Food: California Rolls
Movie: Paranormal Activity
Saph's parts:
There's a black guy in my bed
There's a ringin' in my head
Empty bottles on the floor
A tied up dead asian whore

I should probably take a bath
Put some ountment on my rash
Is that a piercing on my twat
I don't remember getting that

Pictures of last night
Ended up online
Of me nude, retweet


Yeah we drink until we dropped
Neighbors tryed to call the cops
But no one could make us stop
Last sunday night
Got my hand stuck in a drain
Never been in so much pain
Even Paris Hilton came!
Free parts open:
Naked テニス in the park
Try to light a fat guy's fart
Yeah that wasn't very smart
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Total Drama Future: Chapter 1 Part 1: Meeting the couples an contestants


*The camera shines on a small suburban town. There were little stores and resteraunts on one street, parks on the next, and a playground with a pool. The last 通り, ストリート has different sized and colored houses that were empty. Chris McLean struts in from of the camera*

Chris: Welcome to "Paradise City"! An adorable little town somewhere in Norther Canada! This year, we are giving many happy little young adults the chance to start their lives! We have houses for them to live in, churches for marriages, and hospitals if they...
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posted by YUKI_
Name: ASUKA Takeda
Age: 19
Height: 6'1
Weight: 125
Origin: Japanese
Like: hanging out with フレンズ sweet foods fighting
Dislike: being hit, stuck up girls, swimming in deep water, being picked on
Bio: asuka was born in Tokyo,Japan in a small poor family she was 6 at the time although growing as a tomboy asuka loved hanging around her older brothers at times.Asuka loves fighting others to 表示する whos stronger but dislikes swimming in deep water at the age 0f 8 she almost drowed and died she bowed not to go near a deep water again.
posted by ghostbuster206
Amanda is the new girl, she hates the 2 "LOVE BIRDS" Sierra and Cody. Her BFF is Gwen. (She Likes Duncan <3!!!) She's picking what team she wants to be on, she picked team アマゾン because of the winning streak. She doesn't really like Courtney, she's "FINE" with HEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She's the best player on team Amazon, She is NOT going to fall for ALEJANDRO!!!She might get a piercing (SO EXITED!!!)

Fav Color:Teal
Fav Food: Nachos
Fav Animal:Bat
Fav Design:Skull
Fav Monster: Zombie (Well,Any Monster)
Okay so this is a pointless lil start to a story that i'll never finish tbh but it involves sexual humor so if あなた are grossed out または whatever によって that, don't read. yea? yea.

anyway this is pointless bc i just wanted an excuse to use the joke n what better way than through ocs? legit no point to this shitty lil unfinished thing sorry.

‘So who are we waiting for again?’ Veto asked, quirking an eyebrow to Renee who smiled ‘Kendall. we’re waiting for Kendall’ she replied softly. Veto groaned ‘what the fuck? why? nobody even likes him!’ Eddie looked at Veto, blinking...
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posted by smartone123
- ||Basic Info|| Name: Alora
Species:Telekenisis and MInd Control and munipulation
Nationality: German
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Occupation: High School Student/run away - ||Physical Info|| Height: 5'4"
Hair Color: pale.pale blond
Weight:108 lb
Hair Style: sleek down with treds
Hair Length: back of neck
Eyes: sark purple Skin: Pale
Tattoos:big one that covers her whole back;its an cult symbolization
Scars: some burn scars and small little.scars
Cup Size: B
Body Type: Thin and small and abit.curvy Disabilities: headaches,anima and spells of faints ||Personal Info|| S/O: pansexual ~borderline...
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あなた wake up.
Today's a new day. Today you're attending a new school.
あなた get ready and head to school.
You're on time so you're not in a hurry.
What school is it ?
Well, it's a special school. Only the most talented students get into there. There aren't tests, あなた can only get there によって invitations.
Does that mean あなた have a special talent?
You have to go to the assembly there. あなた might come the first.

You're in front of the school door, as あなた step on the school grounds your mind goes into a blur.
"What was that?" Those were the last words あなた said.

As あなた wake up あなた find yourself in a weird...
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Hello. This may be a little hard to write. あなた guys know me as DandC4evacute, a ユーザー名 I created 4 years ago. I have grown up since then. (seriously, I used to be such a baby when I was 13.) あなた guys probably don't care anyways, but, this is an 記事 about me, and why I act the way I do.

I don't really know the correct way to say this, so, I'm just gonna come flat out and say it. I have ADHD and High-Functioning Autism. And I'm not just saying the internet's definition of ADHD, I mean I ACTUALLY HAVE it. I also have a bit of self-anxiety, which is why I can never finish a project here....
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posted by ninjacupcake88
 Drawn によって colecutegirl :)
Drawn by colecutegirl :)
Dan's Bio! :D YAAAAY!<3

Also, please tell me if あなた read the 回答 in Dan's voice. Cause I did.
Name: "Daniel James Howell, but just call me Dan."
Meaning of name: "God is my judge... oh shit."
Nickname: "Dan. Danisnotonfire."
Meaning of nickname: "It's my YouTube name?"
Stereotype: "The cult leader of the internet."
Age: "18,"
Race: "English,"
Hometown: "Berkshire, England. But I currently live in ロンドン with my friend Phil. Say hi Phil,"
Phil: "Hi!" ^^
Birthday: "June 11th,"
Species: "Human? What the fuck else would I be?"
Gender: "Male,"
Religion: "Don't have one,"
Allergies: "If I have...
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posted by jadore_renard
Wallace 'Wally' Westly Turner

Nicknames: Wally

Date of birth: July 2 (age 17)


Weight: 120 lbs

Personality: Wally is very outgoing and self confident. A self proclaimed lady's man, he prides himself with 'wooing the ladies' または so he thinks. He is an optimistic young man who lives によって the モットー If at first あなた don't succeed, try, try, try again. He loves 音楽 and can play the drums, ギター and keyboard. He is somewhat clumsy and is a little embarrassed によって it. He is kind of socially awkward, but always oblivious to this.

Bio: Wallace Turner grew up in rural Halifax, Nova Scotia with his...
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Name- Melody McKnight

Nicknames- Mel (just about everyone), Bleached-Blonde 雌犬 (Rikki and Alexa), Blondie Biatch (Izzy), Future PLAYBOY(プレイボーイ) Bunny/Penthouse Pet (Chris/Chef), Slutty McSlut, Super Sexy Slut (just about every guy she's ever gone out with).

Gender- Female

Age- 16

Stereotype- The Mean Girl/The Slutty Bitch

Personality- She's pretty much a carbon copy of Heather.

Treatment to campers when they first arrive- She was barely paying attention to anyone else when she first arrived. She came on the same ボート as J.J., but he accidentally pushed her into the water to talk to Rikki, so she spent...
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*In space, 210 miles west of Earth, a station called the DSSS (Delta Snowdust 宇宙 Station)...*
Dana: Hello there, everyone, and welcome to: Total Drama 宇宙 Adventure! I am your host, Dana. We are here at the Delta Snowdust 宇宙 Station, which is, I know, strangely shaped like a triangle, to invite fifteen contestants in 宇宙 to compete for a mysterious prize, that will not be revealed until the winner is announced! They're all being brought on a spaceship known as the Mission Nebula Model Omega! Oh, here it comes now!
*The Mission Nebula Model Omega lands gently and safely, the door sliding...
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“Will あなた please hurry it up Gwen!” Duncan yells while blaring the horn in the SUV, the front of it had a large silver skull on it with wings coming out the side, a little custom placing. Cody sat in the back of the large バン playing his DS as the cars motor ran. Gwen ran down the stairs of the house as she nearly tripped but held onto the banister.

“Close one.” She says to herself as she passes the キッチン counter and out the door holding a towel across her shoulder. Her hair had grown down her back a little and still had that midnight blue streak in it. Her skin now had もっと見る color...
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posted by Duncan-superfan



Born:January 8

Apprence:Lyle has pale blue short hair.
His eyes are pink.
His outfits vary. He mostly wears normal male clothing, but when he goes out [sometimes] または is just hanging at ホーム he'll dress in women's clothing. Lyle isn't sure why he likes to dress this way.. Lyle also wears fake fox/wolf ears and tail for fun. X3
*Note*:Lyle's build is much like a girl's.

Likes:Lyle likes to cross-dress,bake,paint,cats,cuddling in the,rice [He is obsessed w/ ご飯, 米 -.-],teddybears [one of his お気に入り childhood toys],soft things [It brings him comfort.], and Lucia.

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Raven has been eliminated from the game.
"Okay campers, today we will be doing some trust challenges!" Chris announced. "There will be four trust challenges and I'll asign each of あなた a partner. Okay the first of the challenges it the rock climbing. Each team mate will be strapped with a safety line. One team mate climbs while the other keeps hold of their line. Climbs must watch out for the oil slicks, explosions, and rusty nails. The team for the Screaming Gophers will be Terra and Mr.Fluffykins. The team for the Killer ベース will be Sofie and...
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Okay so let me explain some things before i start the first episode. Honestly the way i am gonna do this is i am gonna be doing it story format. And honestly its because i do not wanna use script cause I just don't want too. One other thing i really wanna say first of all DO NOT COMPLAIN IF YOUR CHARACTER IS VOTED OFF If あなた have a problem with it Private message me please...If あなた can prove i did something unfairly または something then i will accept that. Also i will message あなた all when a new episode comes out and post on the wall. Each time a new one is 投稿されました i will post a アンケート asking a...
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