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She's bleeding her 愛 for him........
I couldn't believe my ears. I know everything explains how Duncan was a vampire, but Ashly being a werewolf? There's no way.

Melony looked at Duncan."She had been a werewolf for a while now."Melony said."And they know we're vampires."

I sighed heavenly, not taking all this in. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, and than flashed them open."How do あなた know."I asked.

Melony than looked at me."Your ring.."She began."..Ashly gave it to you, so that our kind wouldn't know who they really our. All werewolf's have them."

Just than Dawn came burst through the doors. She had a wary look on her face."The...
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Duncan was A freshman for...7 years?! How is that possible? I looked at his Birth certificate, but some how it had.....blank. Than i typed in there address. I printed it out, and put it in my pocket. I heard a knock at my door.

"Courtney, あなた in there?"My dad asked, on the other side."Someone is here to see you."

I quickly opened my door. I was hoping to find Duncan, but it was Melony."Hello, Courtney." She greeted.

"Well I'm let あなた two talk while, I go make dinner."My dad left and went downstairs.

I than looked at Melony."Um, あなた can come in."
Melony came in, and sat on my bed.

"You have a very...
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I couldn't stop thinking about me and Melony's conversation at lunch. Why wouldn't Duncan let her finish what she was going to say? Something about the Coleman's was making the hairs on my arm stand up.

When i got back to my car i spotted Duncan going up the small 丘, ヒル into the forest. We weren't allowed to leave school grounds, until further notice. I knew this was wrong and no doubt breaking the rules, but i followed him inside the forest. The forest was cold and tall trees covered up the sky. I went behind a 木, ツリー as i watched him walk a little further until it was 安全, 安全です for me to start following...
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I grabbed my tray, and headed off to the normal 表, テーブル i sit at everyday. The one によって the trashcan. I saw Ashly wave her hand to single to come sit over at the 人気 table. I mouth the words 'I'll sit here'. I wasn't the kind wants to be the center of attention. I'm the workaholic, city girl, bad clothes kind i guess. I saw the Coleman's go sit at this empty 表, テーブル によって the window. My gaze was on all of them, but mostly on Duncan. I notice he shoot a look at me than turned back. Melony, the white-haired girl came to sit with me. It seemed she never knew how beautiful she was. She had snowy, white...
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音楽 to there ears....
"Do あなた want me?" Courtney asked.
"No" Duncan replied.
"Do あなた like me?" Courtney asked.
"No" Duncan answered.
"Would あなた cry if i walked away?" Courtney wandered.
"No" Duncan replied, 表示中 no signs of emotion.
Courtney turned around to walk away as she began to cry.
Duncan spun her around and hugged her.
"I dont want you, i need you. I dont like you, i 愛 you. I wouldn't cry if あなた walked away, i would die" he told her softly.
Courtney was so shocked that she couldn't speak または move.
Duncan kissed her.
This story might sound like twilight, but i thought i could make one like it so, here it goes.


What is 愛 to have, when あなた can't keep. または to whom your lover can be someone who wants to kill you. または he is someone who あなた 愛 and want to be with forever.


My name is Courtney Daniels, and i live in a town in North Dakota. I am a junior in high school. I don't really have much フレンズ though. I often focus もっと見る on my work than on the lack of friends. I live with my farther. My mother is married to a singer name Phil, they live down in L.A. My farther is the principle...
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Why is that she always has to deny, it is leading us no where...than again, it's fun messing with her head. She walked back to her cabin. I had an idea of getting to push her to the limit.


"UHG! Why is it he always finds the need to boast, and criticize me."I complained."And on 上, ページのトップへ of that, he assumes that i have some attraction to him. What makes him think i like him?"

Gwen came over to my bunk, and sat 次 to me as she chuckled."Courtney, i don't get you. If あなた really don't like him, why worry about it."She asked.

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There's no way Courtney can hiding any longer.....
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Just my Christmas......
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He's just telling her one time.....