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This is something from the BEST movie ever! (aka: Bridge to Teribethia) Anyway, the way the teacher songs reminds me SO much of how I thought Crystal would sound. Sorry if あなた can't really hear the teacher thought. :P
(Hey guys! It's the valentines 日 special! IM BACK WOOOO! Also, Tank あなた Casacada1007 for postin this :D!!!! ENJOY!)


Rayla: *Has Blindfold over Dj and Crystal's eyes* 5, 4, 3, 2, Annnnnd 1!

Crystal and Dj: *now confused* WTF happened?

Rayla: Weeellllll I sorta might of 与えられた あなた and Dj this 愛 potion that was on My Little ポニー but I didn't finish the episode because Shane was a butt and 発言しました this 表示する was gay, even though I know him and Ebony watch it at night :P. ANYWAY! I beat him up then made the potion and gave it to あなた two-

Crystal: あなた 発言しました IT WAS パンチ D:<

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Courtney: Where's our host?

Star: I don't know.

Eva: Well somebody better 表示する up soon または I'm gonna kill somebody!!!

Samantha: Just calm down! Maybe if we just wait a few 分 somebody will 表示する up.

All: *Nods heAds in agreement*


Duncan: It's been 3 Freaking hours.....

Mirra: Wait what's that? *Walks over to the tray that the doughnuts are on and picks up a note* It's a note.

Noah: Well duh. What douse it say? 

Mirra: -.- It says *now 読書 note* Dear Campers, since I didn't get to see y'alls challenge and Starburst-Rock is still trying to find a song for todays...
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Hello guys... It's your friendly nieborhood Abby here with some bad news.... As many of あなた have probably guessed, I don't think I'll be 書く Total Drama Blank anymore. I just don't really like Total Drama anymore and I NEVER get on ファンポップ anymore unless I get a message saying one of あなた guys コメントしました on my wall...
Don't get me wrong, this 表示する will always have a special place in my ハート, 心 but I moved on. I ended up joining the Homestuck(ホームスタック) fandom on Tumblr which has some really amazing people like all of you. I also kinda traded ファンポップ in for Tumblr.
I know that's probably not a good enough...
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(That moment where あなた look at a map and realize how far away your Internet フレンズ are.....)

Pixie: Hello guys! I'm Pixie!

Davie: Davie here!

Blainley: And I'm BLAINLEY! :D

Pixie&Davie: -.-

Pixie: *pushes her out of the way* Who does not 表示する up to later! So go take your seat!

Blainley: -____- Fine. *walks over to 落花生, ピーナッツ Gallery and takes a seat*

Davie: Yeah... So you've already seen Mildred... Why not meet the rest of our gallery?

Pixie: Here we have: Katie, Sadie, Lindsey, Sierra, Beth, Justin, Tyler, Trent, Izzy, Geoff, Samantha, Jade, Jada, Robin, Erica, Billy, Lucas, Courtney, Zeke,...
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(Holy crap.... Guys I am alive and very sorry! I feel like a douche. I am updating because I decided to take a break from drawing the TDB comic..... WHAT? And my Adventure Time poster. Also I've just been really busy guys! I won a ギター at school so of 'course I'm learning to do that, I have a whole bunch of stuff to do for the end of the school year, and really.... Idk I'm a lazy 12 年 old asshole.... Well anyways summers starting for me in like.... 3 または 4 weeks so... Yay? ENJOY!.)


Duncan: *storms in* UHG! FREAKING RAYLA! *takes seat*

others: *walk...
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(EL UPDATE! So......... Idk what to put :P lol. ENJOY)


Rayla: *throws doughnuts to all but Alejandro* Ya I'm not even gonna make this anything big..... Your out man.... Sorry?

Alejandro: What?! NO! I can't leave yet! I-I *turns towards Mirra* Mirra....

Mirra: *turns head and tries not to look at him*

Alejandro: D: .......Okay..... *sulks to the イルカ of Shame and rides off*

Rayla: Wow..... Did anyone else feel that? I dunno. Guilt? No.... Uh... I think it's sadness. Wow- just.. Oh my gosh. Amazing.

Noah: あなた done?

Rayla: *holds up hand* Wait..... *takes deep breath*...
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(Hey guys! Kay so I'm probably only gonna get about 2 アップデート done this week cause it's spring break but March 19th-April 3rd I'm probably not gonna get to update because I have state testing. I wright these before I go to sleep which usually keeps me up till 12. I have to go to ベッド early guys. So I'll try to get もっと見る time in the 日 if I can! Anyways, ENJOY!)


Rayla: こんにちは campers! So... I guess y'all forgot to vote または something. Well someone has to go so... What's this? Cody is missing?!

Campers: *look around*

Samanthat: We really didn't notice this whole time?

Rayla: Well...
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(Me: *making brownies* Kay あなた can stir it now dad!
Dad: *Stirs brownie mix* Abby, are あなた sure あなた put all the ingredients in?
Me: Yup! Everything on the box!
Dad: Well あなた put to of everything right?
Me: Why would I do that?
Dad: Abby. Your making two batches at the same time -.-
Me: Oh.....
Dad: And your supposed to be the smart one?
Lol I'm stupid. ENJOY :D)


Rayla: *tearing up* こんにちは guys!

Crystal: What's wrong?


Star: Noah?

Rayla: NO! *gives doughnut to everyone bit LeShawana* I-I'm...
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(Hey guys it's me! Sorry for the wait D: I've been addicted to a comic called Homestuck(ホームスタック) lately and jsjsysnlaghd it's just so amazing. But that's not my only excuse! I've lately got into アニメーション and I've been practicing with that because I really want to be an animator and do storyboards and just art. Well ENJOY!)

Davie: Herrow all and welcome to the 3rd aftermath!

Pixie: We have a lot of crap planned for あなた and drama and bla!

Davie: I'm Davie!

Pixie: And I'm Pixie!

(Meouth! Now that's a name! Could not resist Dx)

Davie: And this is are now very full 落花生, ピーナッツ gallery!

Peanut Gallery: *only Izzy,...
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(Heller guys it's Starburst または Abby Here's the new episode! Enjoy! *p.s something is wrong with starbursts computer so she can't send it in an artical so i will send it for her :D*)


Rayla: Hi guys! :D soo... It's time for one of あなた to leave! And we basically know who that is!

Courtney: Bye Dj!

Rayla: *throws doughnut at everyone sept Courtney* Bye Courtney!

Courtney: WHAT! Oh Destrey! D:

Destrey: o3o What?

Courtney: What do あなた mean what?! This is the part were your supposed to tell me that あなた 愛 me and that あなた never liked Mirra.

Destrey: 0.0...
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(Campy, campy, camp! Woo! I'm like in a super good mood guys. Why? Because I get to stuff my face with ランダム 食 and my grandma's pie tomorrow! Plus, WUZ THIS? I started a new DxG story that I'm spazzing about! And another thing.....Uh..Damn. I forgot :P wellz ENJOY :D cuz u hav no Idea how long it took to make that stupid guy -_-)
 /  .               .
(  |-------------| )
(  |                  | )
(   ----------/ )


Rayla: Campers ^.^

Campers: -.- 

Rayla: :J

Campers: -_-

Rayla: :D

Campers: -__-

Rayla: :)

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(Hello my friends! How are you? Good? Oh that's terrific! HOLY SMURF THAT STUPID ACE WIRE THINGY JUST STABED MY GARSH DANG FINGER! Holy glob my finger hurts now.... well ENJOY!)


Rayla: *In high pitched voice* Hello I think skittles.... Ya skittles. *coughs* HOLY CHESTNUTS THAT'S HURTS THE THROAT! Oh... Anyways I'm lazy and ya I'm just gonna get this over with. Owen dude. *holds up peace sign* c ya. 

Owen: Aw.... Well bye guys..... OWEN AWAY! *flies off into the sunset*

All: 0.o

Samanthat: And you'd think we'd be used to it によって now :P

τħε ɖᎯϓ τħᎯτ ίȘ ɴεΧτ...
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(WUZ THIS?! Another update from Abby?!? JES IT IS :D I know あなた all are probably like 'What the hell?! There is so many アップデート And all the episode are so SHITTY'! Well! Your not very nice if あなた say that :( ANYWAYS! OMS IT'S HALLOWEEN! Hell ya! I <3 this holiday! Oh! And now I shall tell u that I could've written this last night when I couldnt sleep but instead I stayed up till 4:00am 読書 K-boe comics, drawing, and watching YouTube :D Enjoy thue guys!)

Rayla: *In red riding-hood costume* Tralalalala! Oh.... Yellow camera dude! Now before the campers wake up let me just say! Last time...
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(Ok so I'm sorry if this episode might b toned down from my usual randomness.  I'm just going threw some BS in school right now (not grade wise! No matter how retarded I act I assure u I have strait A's!) So Jes! Enjoy :D)

Rayla: Yo, Yo, Yo skittles! What's crack-a-lackin homes! Everything good in the フード Dog?!

TS -Destrey: -.-

Destrey: It's all good Bra! How's bout you? How's Shantey Gurl?!

Rayla: Oh she is FINE! Yo, I got to get this done, but we can talk later 'right?

Destrey: Fo SURE! あなた do your thing!
*Both burst out laughing*

TS: -___-

Rayla: *wipes tear from her eye* FINALLY! Someone who...
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(Guys.... This is the last TDB... SRRY!)


(Blainley and Sierra are shown being pushed off the aftermath シート, 座席 into the 落花生, ピーナッツ gallery)

Blainley: HEY!!! What gives?!

Sierra: Ya! We're the hosts!

Billy the Intern: Not any more. PROducers 発言しました Ya'll are boring so... They hired some new host for todays special SUPER important episode.

Blainley: *Gets pooshed in the 落花生, ピーナッツ gallery stands and falls* I WILL SEW あなた ALL!!!!

Beth: Wow Courtney much?

Katie: Oh I Know! Way over dramatic!

Sadie: Totally! I meen OMG take a chill pill!

Lindsey: Oh! I know Right?!

The 4: TOTALLY!!!...
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(Hey guys it's shout out time :D I wanna say happy B-Day to my friend Ashley who's birthday was on the 2nd, My mom who's birthday is on the 11th, my baby cousin who's birthday is on the 15th, and me :D who's birthday is on the 17th! So ya... Shout out over. ENJOY :D)

Shane: Starburst.

Star: Where's the pie lover?

Shane: 線, レイ 線, レイ is so excited about tomorrows challenge that she wants to go to ベッド early. So now I'm stuck doing this :P

Noah: *rolls eyes* best host ever. :|

Shane: So let's just get this finished. First YouTube treats goes to Crystal, Star, and Samanthat.

(The passing of 食 and elephants!...
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