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posted by rakshasa

It's my move, the ground's shakin'
This time I'm gonna knock あなた down
I'm comin' through, no もっと見る waitin'
I'm on the 移動する at the speed of sound

I'm alive like a hurricane flies
I don't run, I don't walk the line
When the sky and the worlds collide
It's my time, I'm gonna take what's mine

Live wire and loaded gun
Get ready 'cause I'm the one

When lightning strikes
I howl in the rain and thunder
The 火災, 火 ignites
A flash of light electrifies my ハート, 心 and my soul
And lightning's gonna strike tonight

Hold on if you're comin'
Let go if you're stayin' behind
I feel the need, the sky is hummin'...
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