"Pluck the bass? Is that code for jack off?"

"And Bill's tattoo...I mean, what is that thing? A jizz dartboard?"

"My 'third leg' is longer than my two other legs and that's why I wear such big baggy pants."

"Georg has a lot of nicknames, hobbit, chicken Georg. Ya look like a chicken."

"I've been a ファン of me ever since."

"Bill may be taller but everything else I have is bigger!"

"Honestly, I have as much clue about cooking as Georg has about playing bass, but I'm definitely good at sandwiches."

"I prefer パン to be lightly toasted... certainly not too dark. When it's too dark it always causes cancer. Since I pay a lot of attention to my health I recommend to lightly トースト your bread. This パン is way too healthy!"

"Stop talking bullshit, Bill!"

"I just want to have 5% of Bill's energy. Just 5%."

"Women should stop talking so much during sex. Screaming is okay."

"By the way, I can see up your スカート from here."

"We don't really notice. You're a bit retarded あなた know..."

"I hope everyday that it stops growing, I'm starting to get scared."

"No... the only thing I'm really thinking about is donating some sperm, maybe. But I've already done that. Directly."

"But I don't 愛 ludo, ludo could be an ugly man."

"Honestly, I hate sports. There is nothing worse than sports. I am no friend of it. The only sports that I'm really into is fucking モデル and... jet-skiing."

"I prefer naked boobs...."