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posted by kema
So we all know that bill and tom kaulitz have a new hairstyle right?
Lets think about it Bill got short dreads and tom has black haired コーン, トウモロコシ rows, not his lovely dreads any もっと見る =( I mean we wont get to see bill look like a sweet lion anymore it suxs but こんにちは if your a true ファン you'll always 愛 them no matter what right? so its a cool,of course they also have their new album coming out!! ahhh can't wait ok so new hair and new album perfect. Maybe Gearg and Gustav should get new hair styles 次 lol can あなた imagine Gearg with dreads!? LoL または maybe Gustav letting his hair grow long.. even though that would'nt be so bad after all..if thier thinking about getting a new hairstyle i just hope its good.. but like i 発言しました true ファン will always 愛 them no matter what!♥ Tokio Hotel Rocks!!!♥♥