Tokio Hotel Katy perry is a tokio hotel hater

jre22795 posted on Nov 08, 2010 at 02:24AM
Katy perry is angry for tokio hotel wining some award so now she hates them who could hate them they are awsome

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1年以上前 93088990 said…
FACK katy perry!!!
1年以上前 vespa443 said…
oh katy
you hate them
r u stupid
1年以上前 salvationn said…
She just jealous and she's a slut and she loves Justin beaver :/
1年以上前 salvationn said…
Oh and nobody give a damn what she thinks
1年以上前 RemindMe said…
Why the fuck is she angry because of that?!
Is she jaloux or something?
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1年以上前 xHumanoid said…
Since when did we care what Katy Perry thought?
1年以上前 oJdelight56 said…
This makes me sad because I dont want to hate Katie Perry!!
1年以上前 theonlyking said…
well Katie should be minding her own business
1年以上前 tokiohotel1414 said…
i always knew katy perry was really retarted. besides, who here cares about what katy perry thinks?
1年以上前 TKfan1982 said…
Katy Perry doesn't know what she is thinking....She has so much going on right now...a divorce and then being embarrassed on Good Morning America....The video is funny. Tom posted it on the app. I laugh so hard, my chest started to hurt.

1年以上前 lettuce said…
whoa and i'm born on the same day as that bitch
1年以上前 Aiako said…
You guys, she doesn't hate tokio hotel. She just made fun of them because she was jealous of them winning the "newcommer" awards. Later, I read that Tom and Bill talked to her and they said they were cool and they don't have anything against each other. She just let her emotions get the best of her at the time and that's all there is to it. Believe me, if she truly hated Tokio Hotel, she would be trying a lot harder than that to bring them down. Plus, I think she realized just how impossible it is to stop them and that might be the real reason she had to cool her jets.
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