i have nothing agist them this is only for laughs sorry for my bad spelling.

1.when they come back from a tour, hug them like youll never let go. then every 5 mintes look at your watch n say "shouldent あなた be somewhere."

2.sell al 4 of them on E-bay

3.recor there loud girly screams

4.dress up like an evil clown n sit at the end of Georgs ベッド n wait...

5.sing "thats what girls do" realy loud n off key at ungodly hours of the night

6.trip tom n use the other guys as a shield when he comes at あなた then say "En guard"

7.slap a クラッカー with バター onto gustavs face

8.dress like a british guard witha a fuzzy hat n wooden rifel n follow them around with a really unssisary serious look on your face

9.when one of there songs come on turn it up as loud as あなた can then say "hmmmmm i swear i heard this before but where?"

10.try putting on ALL there chlose starting with bill and ending with tom

11.ask tom if hes the white vesion of 50cent

12.before a コンサート steal all of georgs chlose n replace them with a santa suite.

13.at 3am demand that yhey play twister with youwhen they are playing knock them all down n roll them in the mat when they ask what the hell are あなた doing repli nomaly "im making a tokio hotel wrap"

14.dress like miss piggy n try to seduce gustav

15.come up with ways to annoy tokio hotel n discover its fun

16.every 時 sugest that gustav n georg make out

17sell there boxers on E-bay n replace them with 毛皮 panties
18.smear honey all over the (only) toiletseat on the tourbus then point to georg tom will force him to lick it up.

19.while georg is licking the toilet シート, 座席 sugest to tom that he should get a baseball bat just in case geord dosnt wat to contiue.

20.paint the base ball bat with bills nail polish

21.crash your car into the side of the tour bus consitly

22.stalk them

23 poke them consinty with a stick

24.waste bills hair spray while sitting on bill