What part do あなた think everyone plays in our Tivotee family?

Mother Hen? Baby Sister? Fun Aunt?

Those are just examples, あなた don't have to use them. XD
 Lie_to_Me_123 posted 1年以上前
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Tivotee's 回答

ziva_rocks said:
Although i'm older i'd rather be the fun aunt than the mother hen lol. I'm young at ハート, 心 really!!
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posted 1年以上前 
friendsfan101 said:
AAH! That's so hard!!! Um...

Dannii- Um... sister who is slightly crazy but who gets along with everyone. XD
Joyce- Hm...like she said, the cool aunt?
Janie- youngest sister?
Kayleigh-other youngest sister.
(Kayleigh + Janie = Smashing into Walls)
Jenna- Cool older sister? Fun aunt person.
Jenn- Sister.
Lauren & Lauren- The only normal ones in the family.

Okay...I'm going to be saying "sisters" for everything. XD

And of course, there's Joe....XD

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posted 1年以上前 
mossheart1235 said:
I am definitely the baby sister. Dannii and Jenna are probably... head of the pack??
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posted 1年以上前 
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