Tiva Tiva Cd Cover Art Contest [Round 6: I Still によって Backstreet Boys] OPEN for entries!

NCIS_Addict_87 posted on May 30, 2011 at 05:53PM
I got this idea from the Glee spot, and although NCIS isn't musical we will be using songs found in the Tiva Song thread listed below.


Rules: Each round you will make an original cd cover art for the song chosen. Rounds will be open approximately 1 week, then a pick will be put up so everyone on the Tiva spot can vote for their favorite. You can either add your art here or add in the image section & post the link here.

Round 1 Song: In Love With a Girl
Round 2 Song: Love Alone
Round 3 Song: Secret Smile
Round 4 Song: Vanilla Twilight
Round 5 Song: Until You're Mine
Round 6 Song: I Still

ROUND 1 - In Love with a Girl
1st Place - Jax
2nd Place - Dannii
3rd Place - Jenna

Round 2 - Love Alone
1st Place - Dannii
2nd Place - Jenna
3rd Place - Jax

Round 3 - Secret Smile (There were 2 ties but I decided to go with the ties, because frankly my brain can't compute how to work out the "places" after the tiebreakers)
1st Place - Tegan & Jenna
2nd Place - Jax & Piper
3rd Place - Dannii

Round 4 - Vanilla Twilight
1st Place - Jenna
2nd Place - Jax
3rd Place - N/A

Round 5 - Until You're Mine
1st Place - Jenna
2nd Place - Jax
3rd Place - None

Round 6 - I Still
1st Place -
2nd Place -
3rd Place -

NCIS_Addict_87 (Jenna)
Lie_to_Me_123 (Dannii)
Zivad (Jax)
freshfunkpride (Tegan)
TivaParaSiempre (Piper)

& Most importantly HAVE FUN!!! <3
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