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soccergal39 posted on Nov 03, 2010 at 01:00AM
OKAY, so there are a LOT of groundbreaking, squee-worthy, and just plain EPIC moments that have happened between our dangerous duo. So, i've decided to make a time line because i'm just that bored and it's been bothering me when people get there eppys mixed up!!!! any moments you want to add, juuuustttt post 'em below!

Tiva 7 返信

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1年以上前 NCIS_Addict_87 said…
Season 3

Kill Ari - Having phone sex/meeting of Ziva and rain scene

Silver War - I'm observing you Tony & Page 57/GSM scene

Voyeurs Web - Ending scene "do you still have those reservations?"

Undercovers - All of it! lol.

Frame Up - Rate my butt conversation

Model Behavior - You really find her attractive. Oh yeah. Well I
want to shoot her.

Boxed In - All of it again! <3

Deception - Tony helping Ziva with her bandages

Family Secret - Barking up the wrong tree/bush conversation. So cute.

Ravenous - Taking her to see an autopsy

Untouchable - Don't tell me your afraid of a little *****... cat Tony. & laying on each other & the anything you want conversation & the screamer conversation

Hiatus - Sound of music convo

**I'll edit tomorrow & try to do at least season 4**

1年以上前 Lie_to_Me_123 said…
big smile
**** As Jenna is doing S4, I'll do S5 as it's my fave. :D

Bury Your Dead: Ziva thinking Tony was dead, them in Jeanne's apartment and Tony asking her if she'd lied to anyone she loves.

Family: Bathroom scene, Ziva saying she is there for him if he needs to talk.

Ex-File: Both walking together to see Gibbs and his "trainwreck". Giggling.

Identity Crisis: Ziva getting jealous of Courtney. "The man you are becoming needs a woman."

Chimera: Freckle argument. He thinks she has "hot spots". xD

Designated Target: Arm grab in the car. Ziva asking Tony if he ever thinks about soulmates. End scene when he looks at her deeply and leaves her there.

Lost and Found: Both of them in Carson's bedroom, Ziva realising Carson is Mini Tony. She knows him better than he knows himself. xD

Corporal Punishment: Tony running when he realises Ziva is gonna get attacked. Tony getting jealous of Werth. "You were having feelings?"

Tribes: Tony is jealous of Langer.

Stakeout: Ziva keeps thinking Tony is gonna play a prank on her after she blackened his binoculars. Ziva is jealous of the Detective Sparr.

Dog Tags: Just general closeness throughout the episode. :D

Internal Affairs: Ziva seeing Jeanne for the first time. Ziva tells him to "Be a man."

Internal Affairs: Ziva is jealous of Jardine.

Recoil: Tony tries to help Ziva through her ordeal. He's jealous of Locke. "You talk, I'll listen." "I was just gonna tussle you're hair. Sometimes it makes you smile."

Judgement Day: Tony leaning over and taking pictures of Ziva in her bikini and them driving around LA. They find Jenny and the autopsy scene. "It was inevitable."
1年以上前 soccergal39 said…
thanks you guyss :) i'll probably start it once i get a little more response. i love how thorough you were :) it makes me feel better knowing i'm not the only one who thinks that much about them!!! :P
1年以上前 Lie_to_Me_123 said…
**** SEASON 7. :D

Truth or Consequences: Tony rescuing Ziva from Somalia, even though he thought she was dead. He admits he can't live without her.

Reunion: Ziva says that Tony has always had her back, she apologises and kisses him on the cheek. Eye!Sex in the bullpen.

The Inside Man: He corrects her idiom even though he was on the phone. They share a look when "fraternization with co-workers" is mentioned.

Good Cop, Bad Cop: Elevator Scene.

Code of Conduct: Tony admits he calls Ziva "Probie" with love. She dyes his teeth blue with coffee.

Endgame: Bathroom scene. Tony is jealous of Dunham. "Like it was meant to be?"

Power Down: Tony wants to know why Ziva and McGee were leaving together.

Child's Play: Ziva gets on Tony's shoulders. Ziva wants to know wether Tony has a date for Thanksgiving.

Faith: Tony and Ziva have made a deal to not get presents for each other. She encourages him to give his Secret Santa gift to Delores and they share a look at the end.

Jetlag: Tony and Ziva shared a bed in Paris. They share a little banter at a cafe. Tony says that his favourite picture is the only one with Ziva in it.

Masquerade: Tony wants Ziva to confide in him about what happened in Somalia.

Jack Knife: Ziva knows about Tony sleeping in his chair and it giving himm knots in his back. Tony is jealous of Werth and Ziva's undercover thing and just Werth in general.

Mother's Day: Ziva knows her ring size and Tony looks uncomfortable. They travel to Arizona and Tony asks Ziva if she's hot and she says shes been told that before. She says she is going in by herself and he says they're both in.

Jursidiction: Valentine candy conversation. They watch a movie together at the end and Ziva stares at him, like she wants to say something.

Moonlighting: Just generel closeness throughout the episode. :D

Obsession: Ziva is concerned about Tony's "obsession" with Dana. "She's not just gonna walk through that door and into your life!"

Borderland: Just general closeness again. :D

Rule 51: Tony promises that he'll be there for Ziva's swearing in. "You'll still be you, Ziva, and I'll be there to hear it, I promise." They share a blanket in the plane. Invasion of the other's personal space. Ziva left staring at Tony's empty seat at her swearing in, as he's on assignment.
1年以上前 tonyziva1234 said…
**** Season 4

Shalom: Tony gets Ziva lederhosen from Germany. He worries about her when she is on the run. "We love you too." "When I need to be." Eye!sex. They would both do the same thing by trying to find the guy who set them up.

Singled Out: Tony looks at Ziva's butt and then the whole thing with Ziva dressing up as a geek.

Dead and Unburied: The ring scene. "I'm not blowing on you, again!"

Sandblast: He goes after her when they try to disarm the bomb. He looks down her shirt. "Not worth dying over... I'll remember that." "What if I said it was?"

Twisted Sister: They discover Tommy and Lisa.

Smoked: "Perhaps it is time I give in, yes?"

Driven: Sexual harassment meeting. Ziva grabs Tony in Observation. She researched Y pestis because she thinks he has the plague again.

Dead Man Walking: Ziva and Tony talk about Ziva's feelings for Roy. "You shouldn't take it as a sign of weakness."

Cover Story: Elevator scene, they talk about "Tommy and Lisa".

In the Dark: Ziva tells Tony that he is a good person.

Trojan Horse: Ziva overhears Tony telling Jeanne that he loves her.

Angel of Death: Ziva is worried about Tony because he hasn't turned up the bar and Ducky questions Ziva about it. "Ziva, it's Friday night and Tony is with his girlfriend and you are worried about him, what does that tell you?"
1年以上前 tonyziva1234 said…
**** Season 6

Agent Afloat: Ziva is worried about Tony on the ship. She wants to see him in MTAC. Tony smiles when he sees her and Gibbs. Ziva finds her bikini photos on his wall. "You get used to seeing someone everyday, talking to em, relying on em...."

Nine Lives: Ziva is going to Israel and Tony wants to know why. They spend the episode basically bantering about it. Then Tony offers Ziva one of the cushiony things to help her sleep on the plane and then he tells her to have a good trip in Hebrew. :D

Cloak: They have a moment when they are trying to hide from the guard in their war game. They have an argument in the elevator and Tony tells her he is tired of pretending and she agrees.

Road Kill: Just general closeness throughout the whole episode. Tony invites Ziva to the movies. She air guitars because of him.

Silent Night: "You ever regret... not having a wife... and kids?"

Caged: Just general closeness throughout the episode.

Knockout: Tara ships them. While Tara and Tony are in the elevator, she tells him to pick the right woman, the elevator doors open and Ziva is standing there. <3

Dead Reckoning: "Secret lovers..."

Legend (Parts 1 + 2): Arguing over Michael while McGee and Gibbs are in LA. Tony is upset when he finds out that Michael is stopping over in DC.

Semper Fidelis: Tony goes to Ziva's apartment to find Michael there. They fight and Tony shoots Michael.

Aliyah: Tony watches Ziva at the hospital and Ziva is bitter towards. They go to Tel Aviv and Tony is interrogated by Eli. He lets Ziva know that it was her father who ordered Rivkin to do what he did. They argue and Ziva pushes him to the floor. Ziva is left in Tel Aviv and Tony is upset.
1年以上前 tonyziva1234 said…
**** Season 8

Spider and the Fly: Ziva returns from Miami. They talk about tan lines and Tony smells her. "You smell like ocean and shea butter."

Short Fuse: "I find certain older men... attractive."

Royals and Loyals: Tony is jealous when Malloy starts talking to Ziva. He tries to hack into her e-mail. She accuses him of being jealous. "You're just a walking Israeli love machine." "Handle with care. Contents... priceless."

Dead Air: Ziva saves Tony from a bomb. Tony talks to McGee (vaguely) about what happened in Under Covers.

Broken Arrow: Ziva is worried about Tony because his father is back.

False Witness: Ziva tells Tony that he needs to be who he his and that is why they love him.

Ships in the Night: Just general closeness throughout the episode.

Recruited: Tony misses Ziva when she is away with Ray in Vermont. "I want Ziva back."

A Man Walks Into A Bar: Ziva wants something permanent.

Kill Screen: Just general closeness throughout the episode.

One Last Score: Closeness throughout. "Tanning hides." Ziva is wary of EJ. Tony tells Ziva that he was offered the job in Rota, even though she already knew.

Two Faced: Ray tells Tony that Ziva thinks of him as a brother. He is upset about this. Ziva finds out that Ray lied to her and she breaks it off with him. Tony finds her at a bar and they talk.

Dead Reflection: They share a croissant and they go on stakeout.

Swan Song: They hug in the elevator and he strokes her cheek.

Pyramid: He attacks Kort because he needs to find her after she is kidnapped by the P2P. He also chats with Ray.