Tiva TIVA...because:

freshfunkpride posted on Oct 08, 2010 at 11:46PM
Because Undercovers totally counted.
Because eye-sex OWNS!
Because it’s inevitable.
Because he couldn’t live without her. ♥
Because she’s his ninja.
Because McGee had to go get a Nutter Butter. :)
Because Rule 12 is overruled by Rule 51!
Because they're Lisa and Tommy.
Because they're tired of pretending.
Because they lied to Nora and McGee. ;)
Because she is his favourite picture. ♥
Because he wants to do Page 57 with her. ;)
Because he corrects her English.

Add any if I've missed them! :D

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1年以上前 TivaParaSiempre said…
Because he's always had her back, and she'll always have his.
Because he knows what she smells like (falafels, ocean and shea butter).
Because "business as usual lost all meaning" when he thought she was dead.
Because their very first conversation was about phone sex!!
Because they feel the need to be physically close to each other all the time.
Because they have amazing chemistry.
Because they can survive anything.
Because after everything - Jeanne, Rivkin, Somalia - they always come back to each other, and their bond is stronger than ever before.
1年以上前 freshfunkpride said…
Love them, Piper! :)
1年以上前 BarbaraCocaCola said…
Because he thinks her "contents....priceless"
Because everytime she's over him, that's so not his knee...