Tiva アイコン a Week Comp! Round 8 - Tiva Eye-Sex - Open -

ziva_rocks posted on Aug 16, 2010 at 05:09PM
Well we have a graphics comp but i thought i'd do one just devoted to icons!

We'll have 4 days to submit an icon, then 3 days for the pick!
The winner will pick the next theme and get props!
Plus its all about Tiva so it should be fun!


1. 1 submittion per person.
2. New icons only
3. If the winner doesn't reply to me with a theme in 24 hours i will ask the person with the 2nd best icon!
4. Have fun!!

Round 1 is any scene from Kill Ari! link
Round 2 is any scene from Designated Target! link
Round 3 is any scene from Sandblast! link
Round 4 is any scene from Jurisdiction!


Round 1 - Dannii AKA Lie_To_Me_123
Round 2 - Jenna AKA NCIS_Addict_87
Round 3 - Jenna AKA NCIS_Addct_87
Round 4 - Danii AKA Lie_To_Me_123
Round 5 - Jenna AKA NCIS_Addict_87

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