Tiva First two episodes

ncislover1995 posted on Jul 26, 2010 at 07:48PM
Hey I thought I should post the first two episodes

September,21,2010-8x1 (The Spider and the Fly)
September,28,2010-8x2 (Worst Nightmare)


"Gibbs is coming back with a vengeance" (in the premiere)

- It looks like there's an Abby story coming up

- They're going to deal with the Ziva and Eli story again during this season.

- They're going to get into the origins of the characters. How they ended up at NCIS.

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1年以上前 mossheart1235 said…
Hey, that's cool! Thanks!
1年以上前 ncislover1995 said…
No problem,I's so excited for September 21 its not even funny
1年以上前 angelstr343 said…
Sounds awesome, can't wait :)
1年以上前 tivalover333 said…
big smile
LOL, I am actually counting down the days in my diary :S
1年以上前 ncislover1995 said…
LOL I am also Counting down the days 55 days 21 hours
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